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Original vase decor: new ideas (23 photos)


Taking advantage of the simple means at your fingertips, you can create a fashionable attention-grabbing element of the interior from a plain and inconspicuous glass vase. The main thing in this case is to think through precisely what exactly should be a new thing in the house and what materials to use so that it becomes its complement.



Filling the vase

One of the easiest ways with which you can easily and quickly accomplish the decor of a vase with your own hands is to fill it with particles of different color and size. As the main material in this case, various types of cereals are suitable: buckwheat, rice or millet. To do this, pour the grits on a flat surface, protecting it with oilcloth or any other material, and completely cover the grains with different colors.

Acrylic paints are best suited for coloring cereals. It is also possible to apply paint in various ways, but the most convenient and quickest is to use a conventional sponge. Of course, the entire material protecting the surface will also be painted over, but you can be sure that the grains are completely covered with paint.

After all the cereal dries, it is necessary to install a glass or any other object that will play the role of a vessel for water necessary to preserve the freshness of flowers in a glass transparent vase. Indeed, besides the fact that a vase is an object that decorates an interior, its main purpose is to organize a place for flowers and other vegetation. In this case, the decor of the vase will be filled with layers of croup of different colors in the gap between the inner surface of the wall of the vase and the outer surface of the wall of the glass.

If the filling of the vase is not enough, then it can be further decorated with other materials:

  • lace;
  • beads or beads;
  • shells.

To ensure a more attractive appearance, all glued materials can be additionally coated with clear varnish. So this decor will acquire the additional shine inherent in any ordinary clear glass. Interesting hack ready.

This idea of ​​a vase decor includes some very simple options and methods. So a perfect example is the decoration with coarse thread - twine. In order to create an interesting thing with your own hands, you will need the vase itself, a string and PVA glue. First of all, it is necessary to glue the entire surface of the vase with glue, and then wrap it with a thread, continuously moving either from top to bottom or, conversely, from bottom to top. After that, the vase should dry well and can be used.



The same pasting can be done with other materials, such as cloth or paper. Moreover, if we consider fabric as the main decorating material, then it is necessary to choose such a look so that after the glue between the fabric and glass dries out, there are no ugly traces or stains on the fabric. A very successful option in this case can be called the use for gluing guipure. The end result will have a very gentle and elegant look and, undoubtedly, will delight the eyes of a particularly beautiful half of humanity.



To decorate a vase in decoupage technique will help an ordinary piece of paper on which there is a particular pattern or ornament.

In order to glue such a decoration on a vase, you can use ordinary PVA glue. After the glued paper dries, it must be painted over with a colorless varnish. Only in this way can a low-strength material be protected from mechanical damage and preserve the appearance of a beautiful vase for a long time.



Polymer clay decor

More time-consuming, but at the same time more noble and interesting is the decor of a vase with polymer clay. As is clear from the name, this decoration is carried out using a material such as polymer clay, which is a plastic mass, in appearance and feel resembling ordinary clay.

The durability of such a product will be ensured by the fact that polymer clay at a temperature of more than 100 degrees becomes solid, since all plasticizers that ensure its flexibility, volatilize. In order to do this operation at home, you just need to dry the finished vase in the oven.



Other decor methods

If the interior of the room is made in classical or romantic style, then to decorate it, you can use a vase decorated with flowers. To do this, you can use the usual artificial flowers that are glued to the glass with liquid nails or any other suitable glue. If, when decorating a vase, you want to show your talent as an artist, then drawing on glass with contour, acrylic or stained-glass paints will be very suitable. Also very impressive looks drawings, complemented by sparkles.



The basic rules of high-quality decor

In order for the décor created on the vase to please the eye, for a long time nothing fell off from the surface being decorated or peeled off, some rules should be remembered. The most important of them is the use of a special degreaser before decorating. In this case, the glue will have a good adhesion with an absolutely smooth surface, and even with an inadvertent mechanical impact, neither a flower nor a thread will come off the vase.