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Furniture lamps for a bright and cozy home (20 photos)


Furniture fixtures are a kind of point lighting fixtures that are used for the purpose of lighting and for decorating apartments. Miniature and easy to use allow you to use these devices anywhere: on the wall, in the doorway, directly in the furniture attributes themselves.



Where are the lamps used?

If we consider the lamps solely in terms of how justified their functionality is, we can safely say that lighting equipment will be practical and useful in the kitchen, bathroom, and partly in the darkened hallway or corridor. The rest of the furniture lamp - the subject of decor.



Embedded style luminaires

Stylistically, lamps can advantageously complement any type of interior. Perhaps the most significant difference is that in modern interior compositions, the overhead lights can not be hidden, but presented as an important element of the composition. Classic typical country or ethnic do not accept the abundance of technical innovations. Lamps in these styles can be used, but it is important to disguise them carefully.

Classic, baroque, Victorian style, Japanese, Oriental, African motifs can be made more textured and unusual, using the mortise type of illumination. The lighting devices themselves remain imperceptible, but the glow well complements the situation.

Country, Provence, Scandinavian style, interiors, reflecting the charm and comfort of the Alpine houses, and other eco-directions do not accept the abundance of technology. But the streams of light, properly spaced in the room, will be very useful.



In the interiors of hi-tech, modern, art-nouveau, pop art, postmodernism, fusion it is allowed to use a large number of lighting fixtures. Due to the additional lighting the house will become more comfortable. For example, LED lamps for the kitchen in a minimalist style will be almost the main decor, allowing to make a concise design more complete and complete.

The design of miniature fixtures is extremely simple. The device consists of the lamp itself, the wire, the housing and the switch. To enhance the power of light the inner surface of the body is made specularly reflective. A special role is played by the type and type of llama. There are such options:

  • Incandescent bulbs - inexpensive familiar to many look. Mortise lamp must be installed at a greater depth of 70 mm and deeper. During operation, such bulbs are prone to rapid heating, which is not always practical and safe;
  • Halogen-type lamps are a good option for long-term operation (over 4000 hours). With minimal energy consumption, they are able to brightly illuminate large rooms. For small rooms (kitchen, bathroom, narrow small corridor), the halogen type of lighting may turn out to be too bright;
  • Lamps with fluorescent light are distinguished by a long service life (over 6000 hours). The luminous flux can be both cold and warm. However, fans of this type of lighting there is little. Most consider the light emitted from fluorescent lamps, cold and lifeless, creating a "hospital" environment. In addition, chemical devices are unstable. The lamps contain mercury, therefore they dispose of the lamps in a special way.

Another view that is worth mentioning is xenon lamps, devices that provide bright light. They do not heat up, they serve for a long time. However, such a bright glow is appropriate only in large apartments with a solid square and high ceilings. In a small apartment, a mortise lamp with a xenon lamp will be too bright.



Perfect option

To date, the most popular type of lamps for lighting devices of various formats is LED. They do not contain any potentially unsafe components, they comply with all standards and regulations.

Mortise lamp with led-lamp exudes extremely comfortable glow, not prone to glare, flicker, does not emit ultraviolet light. The only drawback is the high cost of the product. However, during operation, the lamps fully justify their high cost.



Types of lighting

Recessed and overhead lights for furniture designs allow you to create different types of lighting. There are three main types:


The ray of light is not scattered, but directed to a specific point. Most often, a triangular or round lamp is used to illuminate a table top, a separate shelf or working surface on a plate.


To do this, use only mortise lighting, with which they play with the space and objects of decor.




Lamps do not perform any special function, but only decorate the space. Often, designers choose lamps of a certain color. Dim or just muffled glow with unusual tints allows you to create a romantic atmosphere or another mood in the apartment.