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Wallpaper in the style of Van Gogh paintings: a non-trivial plot in the interior (20 photos)


People who want to give originality to the interior of the living room, bedroom, kitchen, children's room, choose Van Gogh wallpaper as a finishing material for the walls. It can be bright, expressive, combined or contrasting, plain canvases, which should harmoniously fit into the overall decor of the room.

Van Gogh paintings on wallpaper

Paintings of the famous Dutch painter Van Gogh became the inspirational basis for creating unique wallpaper. Such finishing material for decorating walls will especially please creative people who are not afraid of experiments and are ready to emphasize the individuality of style.



On the wallpaper "Van Gogh" presents occasional or full images of the best works of the master. The collection consisted of still lifes, landscapes, as well as flower arrangements, portraits in various color shades, clearly imitating masterpieces.

Increasingly popular wallpaper "Van Gogh" for the decoration of modern premises. This is based on several advantages of finishing material.

  • A person is given a great opportunity to admire a masterpiece in his own home. These can be full pictures on wallpaper or individual fragments copied from the master's works. The collection also includes plain models that act as companions to complement the image of the room.
  • Each image is not just a beautiful picture transferred from the original. Thanks to innovative technologies, it was possible to get an excellent imitation of an old canvas on non-woven base.
  • For durability and reliability of the finishing material it is covered with a special protective composition. Therefore, the wallpaper can be washed without fear of spoiling or tearing them. This will allow you to admire the beauty of the paintings over the years.
  • Vinyl coating on the canvas allows the use of finishing material for walls with any mechanical damage.
  • An important role when choosing is played not only by the image and the combination of shades, but also by the texture of the materials. The collection includes models of medium and high density. Depending on the state of the surface to be decorated, the corresponding canvas is selected.
  • The popularity of van gogh wallpapers is in their full adaptation to any interior style. This finishing material looks great on the walls of rooms with a classic or modern orientation. He is preferred by fans of the Baroque style, Provence, vintage and many others.

But one desire to see the wallpaper "Van Gogh" in the interior of the house is not enough. It is important to know which canvases fit the interior of the living room, bedroom or kitchen, children's room.



Living Room Design Tips

For the living room, designers recommend using wallpaper with the image of flowers and greenery. It is known that various shades of green positively affect the psyche, the mood of a person, and also bring comfort and tranquility to the surrounding atmosphere. When choosing it is worth remembering that the wallpaper should be the center of attention, regardless of the chosen interior style. Therefore, preference should be given to models with a colorful, large image.

Wall, decorated with wallpaper "Van Gogh", can not be cluttered with appliances, shelves, additional accessories or furniture. Finishing material is applicable to solid walls, in the continuation of which there are no windows or doors. So the image will be more vivid and attract attention.




Bedroom Design Tips

Wallpaper "Van Gogh" in the interior of the bedroom will help to create a cozy and warm atmosphere for relaxation. On this occasion, choose a landscape, a maritime theme or a flower arrangement on the wall located at the head of the bed. In this combination of shades in the picture and textiles should be in harmony with each other.

Pictures of flowering trees in a small bedroom will look great. Wallpaper is better to stick on the wall opposite the entrance. Thus the space will seem infinite. The best option would be a picture in pastel colors with soft highlights. They bring tranquility to the overall situation and set up to rest.

It must be remembered that in the bedroom the linen should not stand out sharply and attract the eye.



Kitchen Design Tips

The best solution for the kitchen will be all sorts of still lifes. Despite the fact that the wallpaper "Van Gogh" is not subject to pollution, absorption of odors and moisture, it is inappropriate to paste over all the walls of the kitchen space. The most interesting such material looks near the dinner table. As companion wallpaper, you can choose vinyl counterparts that are highly resistant to damage and fading.

Drawing wallpaper for the kitchen should not be very catchy or gloomy. Floral images with infrequent repetitions look great. Such wallpapers should not distract the attention of households, and it is desirable to be in harmony with analogues in the general interior of the house.

Designers do not recommend the use of marine images or portraits for the kitchen. The second option is preferred only for placement in the avant-garde style.



Tips for decorating a child's room

For the children's room this option of finishing material is not entirely appropriate. The small child will not understand the pictures of the great master. However, for teenagers, the design of the walls in their own room will be very interesting. So you can instill a child's love of painting and beauty in the environment.