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Modern bedroom design 2019: fashion trends and solutions (24 photos)


“Show me your house, and I will tell you who you are” - this is how you can paraphrase the famous proverbial wisdom. Indeed, those days are long gone when the apartment was furnished with what it was possible to buy in a store. Now the choice in furniture stores is huge, the designers are ready to display any desire of the client in the interior, but many prefer to create the atmosphere on their own, replacing typical solutions with their own creativity.

Renovation of the interior can be started from one room, for example, a bedroom. It is advisable to take into account not only the popular trends in interior design in the new 2019, but also try to create an atmosphere of calm and comfort for maximum comfort and relaxation. A few tips from professional designers will help you to combine business with pleasure.



Design bedroom 2019: what to look for

The most advantageous solutions for the design of the bedroom in 2019, the designers considered the following:

  • the pursuit of minimalism and the rejection of unnecessary components of the decor in favor of an emphasis on spectacular textiles, lamps, houseplants;
  • individual elements of a deliberately rough finish: brickwork, textured plaster, or none at all;
  • following black and white colors;
  • use of natural materials: wood, leather, flax, wool, silk, cane stalks.

The room should have a lot of air. When planning your bedroom, take this motto first. Demolish partitions, remove excess furniture. Let all the free space be filled with light and air. A small room can be combined with a bathroom, a wardrobe, a study, a room for a baby, leaving the division into zones. Choosing accessories, give up the florid and overly detailed rococo in favor of cold and pure impressionism. Gilding should change laconic ethnostyle.



Even more elements of coarse, primitive decoration will give an even greater sense of freedom. Apply textured plaster to a single wall that resembles a cave's vault or leave it unpainted, just whitewash the brickwork.

Ethnic style in the design of rooms for recreation has always been a success, associating with a simple and understandable way of life of our ancestors. In 2019, an ethnic style combining fashion trends of minimalism and environmental friendliness will be superactual.



Sketch a few large strokes for the picture of the future kingdom of Morpheus, and let the rest be completed by your imagination.

  1. The handmade dream catcher on the ceiling and the carpet on the floor imitating the animal skin will create an atmosphere of the wild west.
  2. An African mask on the dresser and several bright pillows will remind you of an exciting safari.
  3. Hand painting on wood and the strict charm of white furniture will create Scandinavian coziness. Fireplace or its imitation successfully complement the atmosphere.
  4. Several shells on the dresser and striped pillows will not let you forget the sea cruise. A picture with a Mediterranean theme will add warmth and light to the setting.
  5. A woven mat on the floor and bamboo shoots on the wallpaper or in a wooden frame will decorate the bedroom in the style of oriental minimalism.
  6. A woven rug on the floor, a little vase in the shape of a milk krynka, a towel embroidered with roosters or a little Russian towel, a patchwork quilt and endless expanses all in the same wooden frame on the wall will liven up the best memories of childhood.

Try to find the floor covering that matches your style.




What furniture to prefer for bedroom interior design?

You can imagine a bed without a bedroom, but never a bedroom without a bed. In 2019, at the service of buyers, the most unusual design solutions: wooden, metal, suspended beds, round beds. Any bed will look advantageous if it fits into the overall interior. Special mention deserves the frameless bed, which creates a unique oriental atmosphere of relaxation in the room. However, this option is more suitable for young people and people with a healthy spine, the rest is better to attend to buying a bed with an orthopedic mattress.



Try to pick up lamps that are in harmony with the general style of the room. Classic night lamps on the bedside table can be replaced with wall sconces or LEDs built into the furniture. Dim spot lighting should create an atmosphere of tranquility and comfort.



Curtains for bedroom

Beautiful and tastefully decorated curtains on the windows not only solve the problem of adjusting the light in the room, but are a continuation of the interior, making up a single ensemble with it. In 2019, the vertically falling canvases of flowing fabric will remain a popular option for window design. They visually increase the height of the room, create a feeling of lightness and airiness.



Original and stylish look fasteners in the form of wide flip loops or narrow ties. Do not lose their popularity and the traditional grommets of stainless steel. Beautiful views behind the panoramic window should not be hidden behind thick curtains. Translucent tulle will solve this problem and hide you from prying eyes. Lambrequin this season should look like a decorative box without drapery to mask the fastenings of curtains.