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Restoration of plastic and wooden windows: the subtleties of work (20 photos)


The window is an integral element of any room. Thanks to him, an optimum microclimate is created in the room. If the window has become unusable, the user is faced with the question of the need to replace it. Unfortunately, the replacement of the old window with a new and modern is not always possible. Buying a new window is a costly investment. You can save the budget if you use such a service as window restoration. Today, various types of structures are subject to restoration - plastic and wood. The cost of this work is acceptable. However, it must be trusted by professionals with work experience.



Features of the restoration of wooden windows

In high-rise buildings and cottages used a variety of wooden windows. Their design can be standard or custom. As a rule, windows made of coniferous trees can serve their owner for up to forty years. In old houses, this period has long ended. In this regard, the question arises of replacing the window or its restoration.



All of the above defects can be eliminated by resorting to restoration. Such material as wood has a large number of advantages. It is resistant to the negative influence of external factors, has excellent sound and heat insulation, suitable for repair. A wooden window can give a new life by making a competent and high-quality restoration. Restoration of wooden windows do it yourself. However, if you do not have experience of similar work, it is better to turn to professionals. The restoration procedure involves the sequential implementation of the following steps:

  • Disassembly and inspection of the window. This work is recommended to carry out an advantage at a positive temperature outside the window. Work begins with an inspection of such elements as "bosses" and chopi. It is necessary to carefully remove the putty and sash. Then the glass itself is removed and the nails are carefully removed. Corners are also removed. To work must be one tree.
  • Wood cleaning. Carefully remove all old paint from wood. A chemical or thermal method is used for this purpose.
  • Conducting wood impregnation. It is necessary to soak the frames several times with linseed oil. It will prevent wood rotting.
  • Wood restoration. New wedges, dowels are being prepared. They must be made of oak or rowan.
  • Grinding, puttying and painting. Preparation of putty is carried out independently. It will be necessary to take liquid nails from sawdust in the ratio of 1 to 3. The tree is painted using oil paint.
  • The implementation of finishing and glazing. Finishing the window is based on the use of stain. This material helps to emphasize the texture of wood, giving it strength. Before mounting the window, silicone glue is put in every corner. Remnants of glue are removed with a cloth after installation.

Professional and competent work of the master helps to extend the life of a wooden window. After such work, the design looks like new.

If you have small plumbing skills, then you can do the repair of plastic windows with your own hands. Otherwise, you will need to seek professional help. Plastic windows have many advantages. They are reliable and durable. Differ in simplicity in operation. Unfortunately, over time, plastic constructions can also fail for a number of reasons. Restoration of plastic windows makes it possible to restore the design performance in the shortest possible time. Consider the features of the restoration of individual elements.



Replacing the handle

If the windows are not adjusted and not lubricated, then over time they close much worse. When a lot of effort is applied, the handle on the window may break. In this case, you will need to replace this hardware. You will need to purchase a new pen at the hardware store. Old handle dismantle. To do this, pull the upper part of the base and turn it. Under the plate there are two screws. They must be carefully unscrewed. Instead of the old handle, a new one is installed. This work is simple and does not require much effort.



Replacing the seal

The wind often penetrates the perimeter of the sash. In this case, either the operation is performed to strengthen the valves by adjusting the trunnions, or the sealing gum is replaced. Sealing gum, as you know, needs constant care. It should be washed, lubricated with silicone grease. If these measures are neglected, then the seal may cease to function properly.

It is necessary to remove the old gum and install a new one. The new seal is stacked in stages, starting with one of the corners. Gum is applied to the groove and pressed down by hand. Gum should fit smoothly, gently and without wrinkles.

Stalinist houses are popular among the population. They are distinguished by the presence of spacious rooms, large windows, thick walls. As you know, Stalin's houses were built in the 50-60 years. In this regard, the windows in these buildings have long become unusable. Restoration of Stalin's windows gives the opportunity to return them to a second life. This event involves the consistent implementation of certain works:

  • Carrying out the replacement of old glass and sealant with new ones.
  • Installation of new, modern accessories.
  • Correction of frame and sash geometry.
  • Implementation of coloring, carrying out additional warming.

Restoration of old windows can be done by hand. If you do not have certain skills, then this question is better to entrust professionals with experience. Masters will carry out the restoration based on the use of innovative technologies. In the process, components from reputable manufacturers are used. Professionals know all the specifics of Stalin's windows. In this connection, there is no doubt about the quality of the work being done. After restoration, the old structures can serve their owner for a long period of time.

Repair or restoration of antique windows may be partial or major. Features of the work carried out depend on the degree of complexity of the existing damage. Natural wood antique windows with time comes into disrepair. From the opening begins to blow, and the appearance of the window becomes unpresentable.

Repair and restoration of old wooden windows are similar types of work. They involve clearing, puttying, painting, and warming windows. All worn items that have lost their functions are replaced with new ones. The wizard determines the presence of local damage and eliminates them. Unsuitable layer of wood is cut. The plot is cleaned and dried. The hardener or preservative is applied on wood. Then putty is applied. The window is painted in the desired color.

If any part of the frame is rotten or damaged, it can be easily restored. When replacement is not considered, restoration is performed. It is made using epoxy putty for wood. If you want to increase the rigidity of the structure, then choose a putty that contains fiberglass.