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We make our own hands: crafts from plastic bottles for cottages and houses (23 photos)


At first glance, plastic bottles can seem like an ordinary and unremarkable item. In each house or apartment, these containers accumulate in large quantities. Today, a large number of various handicrafts for home, summer cottage or garden can be made from bottles. For the manufacture of such products from a person does not require any special skills and capabilities. Using simple tools that are available at hand in every home (knife, awl, wire, etc.). The main thing in this matter is to show imagination and ingenuity.



Current options for handicrafts from the garden and garden

The dacha plot is used not only for the purpose of growing diverse crops, but also for recreation. It is extremely important that the time spent at the cottage gives a lot of positive emotions. Handicrafts made from plastic bottles for the garden is a great solution. The original and beautiful landscaping of a country plot can be done with the help of plastic bottles:

  • Spectacular arbor from a plastic bottle. How to do? In this case, a plastic bottle performs a decorative function and serves as a building material. In order to build a greenhouse for flowers, it is not necessary to purchase expensive materials. The fixation of the bottles is made on a decorative or metal frame, which can be made by hand. Fixing to the frame is made on the basis of the use of an elongated wire thread, which clings to the product in the holes made on it.
  • Capacity for the cultivation of plants and flowers or a vase from a plastic bottle. It is possible to make such capacity easily and simply. It will be necessary to cut the top of the container, and make holes at the bottom. You can make an aesthetic appearance of a container by cutting it out in any original way.
  • Crafts country houses and for gardens with a view to decorating them. From the bottle you can make a large number of handicrafts: animals, plants, flowers, geometric shapes and much more. These can be roses, chamomiles, lilies of the valley, cats, dogs, crocodiles and more. To create custom crafts used bottles of various colors: white, brown, green, etc.
  • Creating a plastic flower bed for the garden. For this purpose, bottles are selected that have the same color, shape and size. If desired, the bottles can be painted in various ways. The fence of the flower bed is made by dropping the bottle to a certain depth. Such crafts from plastic bottles to give - a popular option.
  • Plastic curtain for garden arbor. This device will help in the heat to hide from prying eyes and save you from the scorching sun. The curtains made of plastic bottle caps look very impressive. The amount of material depends on the parameters of the window opening.
  • Making devices for picking apples. A hole is made in the bottle of the desired diameter. The bottle at the side of the neck is attached to the stick.
  • Container for storage of improvised tool. Such crafts with your own hands can be made easily by making holes in the bottle of the desired diameter. Crafts from plastic bottles for this type of house are widespread.



Popular options crafts for beginners

You can make crafts from plastic bottles at home. This task is able to cope anyone. Crafts from plastic bottles for beginners are varied. Consider the most popular options.

Plastic bottle pig

Making a pig from a plastic bottle with your own hands for the garden. Such crafts will decorate your suburban area. One five-liter bottle and 5-6 tars for 1.5 liters, wire, and pink paint will be required for its manufacture. Cut out a neck of 3-4 cm in depth from 5 1.5-liter bottles. Make four symmetrical holes for legs in a large bottle.



From the bottle neatly cut off the bottom. In the middle of the bottom with an awl, holes are carefully made. Two bases are fixed by attachment to each other. Such operations must be done with each cut off bottoms. Then we take the metal wire and push it through our bottoms. The finished parts of the caterpillar are connected with the help of twine. It is necessary to leave some space between the parts. This is necessary so that our caterpillar can bend. Glue eyes, smile. Paint the plastic. This type of crafts from plastic bottles are suitable for kindergarten.



Plastic bottle massage mat

It belongs to the category of useful crafts from plastic bottles. Walking on the rug every day for 15 minutes has a beneficial effect on health. Extreme traffic jams are collected on one line. You can take traffic jams smaller and bigger. Holes in traffic jams are made with the help of awls. The remaining plugs are carefully sewn to the fabric from the back. If desired, the cork can be sewn to the base in the form of a certain pattern.



Crafts from plastic bottle caps: how to make

It is also possible to make a large number of simple, original hand-made articles from traffic jams, having studied the work guide. Crafts from corks from plastic bottles today are distinguished by a rich variety. Showing imagination, you will be able to realize various ideas. From traffic jams, you can usually perform the following types of work: applications, toys, figures. The simplest version of the application can be a caterpillar. Such crafts from plastic bottles for children look original and unusual, and you can easily make them with your own hands in a short period of time. Having drawn any drawing on a sheet, you will be able to lay it out using colored corks.



Other original options for crafts

The craft "plane" from a plastic bottle will please boys. Take a half-liter bottle. We make it neatly holes for the wings. Wings can be cut out of plastic or cardboard. The propeller is made of cardboard, we make a hole in the middle and attach it to the neck. By the same principle the keel is made.