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Duplex paper wallpapers: types and technical characteristics of materials with two layers (25 photos)


Currently, the building materials market is replete with a variety of different materials for wall finishing. Among such inconceivable range duplex wallpapers stand out favorably. They greatly facilitate the process of repair and provide an opportunity to implement the most daring and original interior ideas.



Everyone knows that the concept of "duplex" means "double." Duplex wallpaper is characterized by the presence of two layers, which may differ from each other in textures and material production. Duplex wallpapers have a refined and extremely attractive appearance, they can be used in any room. These finishing materials are not susceptible to moisture and high temperatures, do not fade in direct sunlight, for a long time retain excellent aesthetic qualities. The perfect solution for kitchens and living rooms.



Speaking about the benefits of these finishing materials, it should be noted such an important moment as a variety of textures and ornaments. This allows you to bring to life any designer fantasies without compromising the aesthetic component. Duplex wallpapers will be a wonderful decoration of any room, be it a kitchen, living room, bedroom or study.

The most pleasant moment that distinguishes these materials from other ways of decorating the walls of the room is the possibility of reusable painting. This makes dual-layer wallpapers more versatile. Certain types of duplex wallpaper can be subjected to color change up to 15 times, which allows you to update the interior of the premises without much difficulty and the use of expensive materials.

Duplex wallpapers are also easy to use. Among their properties there is no ability to accumulate static electricity. Due to this, the dust on the surface of the walls does not settle, and any stain can be easily removed from the wallpaper using a damp cloth.

Noting the ever-growing popularity of duplex wallpaper, manufacturers began experimenting with a combination of textures and materials. The pursuit of excellence has generated many options that are now widely used to create ultra-modern and modern interiors, not only in city apartments, but also in spacious country houses. In addition, the search for the perfect combination allowed to invent more durable, practical and sophisticated types of double wallpaper. Let's try to understand the difference between the most common types of duplex wallpapers.




The main layer here is thick paper or interlining, an additional layer is foamed vinyl. This variety boasts a wide range of textures, colors and patterns. The most popular and sought-after this year are wallpapers that imitate stone, brickwork or wood.

As for the technical characteristics, this type of finishing materials is characterized by high rates of moisture and heat resistance. The only drawback is the fact that such wallpapers do not let the air through, which contributes to the formation of fungus and mold in rooms with a high level of humidity.



Natural fiber

The category "paper wallpaper duplex with natural fibers" includes materials based on thick paper or fleisline. To create a decor on their surface on the paper glued fibers of jute, sisal, bamboo, arrowroot. Very nice look wallpaper with thin sawn wood trunks.



This kind of paper-based wallpaper is environmentally friendly, easy to use and has a long service life. They have a positive effect on the general health of people and their emotional attitude.



On the diversity of textures

Today on the market of finishing materials there are the following types of materials:

  • Smooth duplex wallpapers. Considered themselves to be common and popular. The surface of the materials is always flat. They can be monophonic or contain drawings and ornaments.
  • Rough-grained paper wallpaper. Between the two layers of wallpaper is pressed wood chips, which creates the effect of fullness and complexity of texture. With the help of this material it is possible to imitate various reliefs. I must say that when pasting a room, it is not necessary to combine the elements of the patterns, which can significantly reduce the time and labor costs for repairing the room.
  • Corrugated wallpaper. At production of this type of finishing materials the technology of special printing is used. The game of undulating and curly folds makes the interior of the room filled. Depending on the design chosen, they can be painted in one or more colors. Texture can be distinguished using deeper shades that will be beneficial to highlight and emphasize the complexity of the surface.
  • Embossed duplex wallpaper. This effect is achieved by rolling relief on two interconnected paper layers. There are materials on sale that can be painted in any shade, and there are ready-made solutions for those who are not used to wasting time painting walls.




Duplex wall covering technology

  1. Prepare the walls, removing all cracks and irregularities, dust and accumulated dirt.
  2. Treat the surface with a primer.
  3. Make sure that all rolls have the same serial numbers and are not distinguished by tonality.
  4. The day after the primer has been applied, proceed to the pasting process. Cut the rolls into pieces along the height of the ceiling, leaving 5 cm on both sides for allowance. Follow the rules of the integrity of the figure.
  5. Dissolve the glue and let it stand.
  6. Apply the composition to the strip and wait for it to be partially absorbed into the paper.
  7. In order that the wallpaper does not go crooked, hang a plumb near the window and start to glue the strip to the wall.
  8. Remove the bubbles. Gently move the roller or rag from the middle to the edge.
  9. Work the joints. The next part of the wallpaper should stick to the end, not overlap.
  10. Speakers trim carefully cut with a stationery knife.

Now you know how to glue wallpaper with two layers. The technology is practically no different from pasting other types of wallpaper. Therefore, if you liked the duplex, nothing can stop you from decorating your home with it.