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Curtains of beads in a modern interior: the rules of manufacture and combination (25 photos)


In order to introduce elements of luxury into the interior, it is not necessary to purchase expensive furniture or accessories: sometimes a decoration made with your own hands can dramatically change the style of the room. It is easy to assemble original decorative bead curtains at home; special skills are not needed here, just care, perseverance and patience are sufficient.



Why are ready-made factory models not popular? The answer lies in the cost of such products: often the purchase of raw materials is much cheaper, besides, the manufacturing process itself is attractive for those who like to personally implement non-ordinary design ideas. Do not forget that it is not always appropriate to use things that came off the assembly line. And why buy something that can be found in the neighbors?

To collect an elegant muslin, it is enough to purchase or find something from the following list:

  • acrylic, plastic, stone, crystal, glass, wood and bone beads;
  • decorative crystals;
  • any small objects in which holes can be made, for example, plastic toys, souvenirs, wooden bars, metal rings and spikes, nuts;
  • bugles and beads.

When introducing curtains into the interior, first of all, window openings come to mind. But in our case, the possibilities of using are extremely wide: with a skillful approach, you can effectively decorate any zone in an apartment or a country house. So, it is worth considering this:

  • the product can be installed in the doorway, which is a passage. Threads can be carefully assembled on both or one side so that they do not block the passage;
  • decoration of balcony doors, walls and niches;
  • chandelier decoration;
  • zoning of the room with curtains due to the division of large spaces into small functional areas;
  • addition of light textile curtains.

Considered models are considered to be universal, because they will be appropriate in bedrooms, bathrooms, living rooms, kitchens.



When choosing a harmonious color solution, it is necessary to take into account not only the compatibility of shades, but also the specificity of the room:

  • in low-lit northern rooms it is better to use warm tones, in particular, beige, orange, golden, green;
  • it is better to decorate the nursery with a joyous scale, for example, with red, azure, yellow tassels;
  • if the household is annoyed by excessive illumination in the southern rooms, it is better to turn to cold shades - purple, blue, purple.

If you want to make interior curtains of beads with the effect of flowing water, designers recommend using transparent components of unequal diameter, as well as introduce drop-shaped products.



Rules care interior composition

And ready-made factory and homemade models do not need specific care, you only need to clean them from dust from time to time. If there is a strong pollution, you can use a soft cloth and a weak soap solution. The only exceptions are wooden compositions that should be cleaned with a slightly damp cloth and then a dry paper towel.



What is needed for work?

To successfully and quickly assemble the curtains of beads with your own hands, you need to perform a number of manipulations in advance:

  • measure the parameters of the opening or area on the wall, which is planned to decorate with air decorations;
  • choose the size and key characteristics, the external execution of the beads, draw a sketch, which will help to calculate the required amount of materials;
  • if you want to make a movable bead panel, you can use special schemes, for example, designed for cross-stitch embroidery;
  • decide on a convenient mounting method;
  • purchase materials with a margin in case of loss or marriage.

In order for the curtains to hang evenly, at the end of each element it is worthwhile to provide a small weight, for example, a bead larger or of the same size, but from a different material. Usually for stringing buy fishing line, the parameters of which depend on the nature of the selected material: the more complex the composition, the harder it will turn out. Silk or nylon threads, braided cords, bast, elastic, metal wire can serve as an excellent basis.



How to make and fix?

When thinking about how to make curtains of beads, first of all, you need to choose the most convenient way to fix the structure in a window or doorway. In particular, it can be a cornice in combination with special curtain rings. You can often find slats with holes through which the fishing line is subsequently passed. If you want to fasten each finished thread separately, it is better to hammer in a small office stationery carnations with beautiful hats. The first method is considered the most mobile - in this case, the curtain can be quickly removed and moved to a more convenient place.



As an example, we can take a rack and pinion joint and on its basis consider the stages of product assembly:

  • the rail for models mounted on the door should be 10 centimeters wide by aperture. The distance between the holes should be 1.5 times the diameter of the largest bead used. The distance from the edges of the frame is 5-6 cm;
  • in order to make the drawing accurate, it is necessary to make a sketch in advance with the marking of colors, the order of the beads and the distance between them;
  • cut a piece of fishing line of the required length, moreover if looped or knotted fastening of parts is used, there should be an allowance of at least 60 cm;
  • the curtain thread assembly should be started from the bottom, that is, the weight should be strung first, then follow the chosen scheme;
  • as you fill the line attached to the rail, at the end of the composition is mounted in the opening.

Bead curtains are an original addition that can successfully fit into the premises of any style. Extensive colors, a rich selection of textures and materials allow to skillfully emphasize both minimalistic and luxurious royal interior.



In order to use the unique bead curtains in the interior, it is worthwhile to personally make them - for this you need only free time, a beautiful sketch and inexpensive materials. The unique composition will delight the masters and the household for years!