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Storage room design: 6 ideas of space organization (52 photos)


Most people, becoming full owners of the new living space, tend to immediately make repairs and equip an apartment to your taste. To expand the space, walls and niches are destroyed. Such an important and multifunctional room as a storeroom is being demolished. In the future, many regret their decision. In the process of life, we "overgrow" things, clothes, dishes and other important little things that after some time simply cease to fit in the closet. We have to litter the balconies, build niches and buy cabinets with mezzanines. But all this could all fit in the pantry. For those who have decided to save this room, we have prepared an article about the competent design of such an important room.






Nothing Replaceable Pantry

It is difficult to say that this room is absolutely useless in everyday life. It can store seasonal items (skis, skates, bicycles), it serves as a food store, it can be easily turned into a dressing room. Most often, it has the appearance of chaotic "mountains" in which kitchen utensils interspersed with rollers and old winter down jackets have been gathering dust for years. In order for things not to turn into a sort of city dump, it is necessary to carefully consider the design of the storage room. And if the presence of this room is not provided by the layout of the apartment, you can begin its creation with the construction of walls.








Where to build a storage system?

Those who are not lucky to have a finished room, you can make it yourself.

  • An excellent solution would be to block off a small part of a long corridor.
  • In the Khrushchev can allocate space between the rooms, because there during the construction often left room for niches.
  • If the kitchen is large, you can build walls in one of the corners. It is enough to install two plasterboard walls and a door.
  • Planning to make a pantry out of the pantry? Allocate a place in the bedroom or in the hallway.

The most inconvenient option is to create a pantry above the door. Usually the owners of small apartments in panel houses come to such a decision. If you are going to create such a storage place, do it better in the kitchen. There it is more convenient to store blanks for the winter.





As a pantry can serve as a spacious wardrobe. It can be put in the hallway. A large number of shelves will help to place things of any size and shape without harm to the rest of the space and the design of the room.

Getting Started to Repair

Before you pick up a puncher and a hammer, sit at the table and draw a plan for the future design. And for this you need to know exactly what you will store in this room. If it serves as a warehouse of tools, kitchen appliances, dishes and food, then you should take care of the large number of shelves in the room. Considering the plan of the dressing room, pay attention to the organization of the space for long things that will hang on the hangers and compartments for storing shoes. In this and in another case, it is not necessary to ignore such important points as ventilation and lighting.

  • In whatever part of the apartment there is a storage room, be it a kitchen or a bedroom, the design of this small room should be a continuation of the general style.
  • In order not to return to restoration work every year, use only durable materials for decorating the room. For example, plastic panels may be the best solution. Unlike paint or plaster, they can maintain an aesthetic appearance for several years.
  • The floor should be non-slip, otherwise there is a risk of slipping and falling, which can adversely affect your health, given the size of the room and things that can be stored in it.
  • As for the doors, then you should pay attention to the sliding system. Swing doors require a large amount of free space than, for example, a Khrushchev boast.









Room arrangement rules

The storage room in the apartment, the design of which you are going to work through, must bear the functional load and meet all the requirements for storage systems. It is from this criterion that the interior of a small room should take shape.

For the convenience of storing various things should divide the room into sections. You need to use every centimeter, because usually in city apartments, especially in Khrushchev houses, the area of ​​this room is negligible.










In Khrushchev houses it is very difficult to put bulky closets, so as much as possible you should put the maximum amount of things in the storeroom. Top shelves take away what to use extremely rarely. These can be things that you haven’t been wearing for years, stacks of magazines and newspaper files, boxes of family photos, and any other things. In the wardrobe, the upper shelves will hold suitcases and travel bags, blankets for cottages and extra blankets.

The stores now sell a lot of options for shelving, but if the pantry has a non-standard form, furniture for it can be made to order. It is even better, because then you can arrange the shelves as you need it.



Interesting pantry design options

There are several interesting ideas on how to make a real oasis of useful and necessary things inside this small room.


If the pantry will serve you as a dressing room, set everything necessary for storing things in it so that shirts do not hesitate and shoes do not lose shape. Rods, hangers, shelves for bags, compartments for underwear, shoe cabinets and sliding sections for jewelry - every piece of furniture must be involved.



Hut reading room

There is very little space in the Khrushchev houses, and for solitude sometimes it is necessary to resort to non-standard solutions. Reading lovers can make their own library in the storeroom, on the shelves of which you can always find your favorite book or magazine. If space permits, put a small table or rack with a lamp and a comfortable chair here. What is not a place to spend free time alone with a book?



Mini cabinet

As noted earlier in the Khrushchev and other houses of typical Soviet buildings, it is extremely difficult to find a place to work, especially if you have a noisy family and small children. A small office can be equipped in the pantry, putting there all the necessary equipment. Of course, there is little space, but for a table, a chair and several shelves of a spacious room it is not necessary.