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Children's sandbox to give: how to make and fill yourself (20 photos)


Vacation in a country house is loved by all family members. Adults rest there from heavy everyday life, enjoying the fresh air. When they get bored of lazing around, they will find a useful occupation in the garden. And what should children do at this time?



To the kids did not miss, you need to build a playground for them. You can start building from the sandbox. It’s easy to do it yourself, but the benefits of playing with sand are enormous. The child develops sensory perception and creative thinking. Of course, you can just buy a sandbox, but we offer to build a sandbox yourself. Moreover, it is very easy to do.

It is necessary to create children's sandboxes for summer cottage, based on several principles of placement:


Think about the location in advance. You need to choose a flat platform where the children's sandbox will not impede movement around the yard. At the same time, she should be in the field of view of the parents so that the children are not left unattended.


Sandbox for children - a place where kids often spend more than one hour. The child should not overheat in direct sunlight. Therefore it is worth thinking about creating a shadow. It can be a shade from a tree, a canopy or an umbrella.



Hygienic requirements

In order not to waste extra efforts on the implementation of the preceding paragraph, some have a place to play under spreading trees or tall bushes. This is not worth doing, because it will regularly have to remove fallen leaves.

How to choose a place you already know, now let's talk about how to make a sandbox in the country with their own hands.

How to make a sandbox yourself?

Sandbox to give your own hands - an inexpensive way to improve the playing area for kids in the country. The choice of material depends solely on the preferences and financial capabilities of the owners. If you do not want to buy ready-made wooden or plastic sandboxes, you can make them yourself.

When choosing a material, it should be borne in mind that wood is the cheapest way to make a sandbox. Such models are stationary and durable, with proper care, they will last more than one season. The disadvantages include the fact that the wooden sandboxes for summer cottages cannot be removed for the winter. In addition, they will have to tint each season, if you want to see on your country site a bright element of the playground.

Plastic sandboxes are usually bought ready-made in stores, but they can also be made independently. Purchased plastic sandboxes are usually small in size. Only kids will enjoy playing in such a tiny capacity. Older children will want more space. You can make a more spacious sandbox from plastic parts. Multicolored elements look good and attract the attention of children with its rich color. They do not lose their brightness in the sun and do not deteriorate when exposed to precipitation.

Sandbox size

Children's sandboxes for giving can be any dimensions. The size is usually chosen based on the age and number of children. A common option is a square sandbox with sides of 1.5 m. This will be enough for a couple of children from 3 years old to play. Moreover, such a compact model does not require much space on the site. For one child or two children up to 3 years old, a meter in diameter is enough.

The option with boards of 1.5 meters is good and its efficiency. It will take only 2 boards of 6 meters. In this case there will be a minimum of trimmings. The universal height of the sides is 2 boards (approximately 25 centimeters). This will be enough to keep the sand from spilling out. And the baby will be able to independently climb into the sandbox. The recommended sand layer ranges from 10 to 15 cm.



Preparation of the base for the sandbox

The construction of the sandbox should begin with the preparation of the place where the structure will be installed. With the help of a tape measure, a cord and four pegs, the perimeter of the sandbox is marked. A layer of earth is removed inside the fence, the depth of the pit is 25–30 cm. A removed fertile layer may be useful in a vegetable garden or garden plot. At this point you can finish the preparatory stage, but in this case the sandbox for the summer house will eventually become dirty. The sand will mix with the ground and lose its original appearance. In the mud, children do not want to play.

Geotextile or agrofibre may be the base that will prevent land and sand from mixing. These modern materials pass moisture well, therefore after a rain the accumulated water will go to the ground. For the base also use plywood (having previously made drainage holes in the sheets) and even plastic wrap. But the latter option is not so good, because water will accumulate in the structure due to its tightness. The base is placed on the bottom of the pit, which is sprinkled with sand (layer 5 cm).

Sandbox making

First you need to prepare the bars (size 45 × 5x5 cm). It will take 4 pieces: they will be located at the corners of the structure. Also need 4 boards. For an average sandbox the size of a board is 150 × 30 × 2.5 cm. If there are no wide boards, you can take a few narrow ones. If you want a sandbox made with side-seats, you need 4 more boards.

The surface is carefully treated so that there are no sticking chips left. You do not want to pull the splinters? You can grind the boards with a grinder or an electric drill with a special nozzle. Children's sandboxes to give stand directly on the ground. To protect the product from rotting and fungus formation, it is necessary to treat the boards and bars with an antiseptic.

Why do you need a cover?

Cover for the sandbox - an attribute that is not necessary to add, but very desirable. It will protect the contents from rain. Also, you do not have to constantly remove foliage or “surprises” from pets from the sandbox with a lid, because they will not be able to use the sandbox as a toilet tray. Often lids are made of doors hinged. To open their child can even without the help of parents. If to build a cover there is no opportunity or desire, get an awning or a dense film.

When the sandbox for giving is ready, you need to do its filling. Many companies produce and sell sand, but not all bulk material is suitable for games. It is strictly prohibited to use construction sand for children's sandboxes! At the sites most often used the following types of sand:

  • Career;
  • River;
  • Quartz.

We will tell you more about each of them.

Choosing sand, you need to pay attention not only to its origin. No less important are the quality, composition, uniformity, purity, size of the grains of sand.

We recommend to buy sand in hardware stores. There you can definitely ask for a certificate that will indicate the quality of the product.

It is cheaper to purchase bulk material on the market. If you search, then there you can find a good option. The most budgetary way to get sand to the country is to self-dig around water bodies, and then clean and calcine.

Buy quality sand - only half the battle. After that, you should be puzzled with proper care. So you will extend the life of the sand and ensure the safety of the child who will play with him.

If you have made a children's sandbox yourself, guided by our recommendations, then the place for playing with sand will be safely fenced off. So you will avoid the ingress of debris from the environment, as well as reduce the rate of volatilization of sand. Marking a sandbox in the green area, you will reduce the amount of dust that falls into the sand, if there is bare ground around.