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Curtains "day-night": popular options for performance (20 photos)


Rolled curtains "day-night" is a simple sun-protection design, which has a modern appearance and is very convenient to use both day and night, in contrast to all the usual curtains.



These blinds are designed in such a way that alternating light and dark stripes alternating between them allow you to control the amount of light entering the room. So during very sunny days and at night the curtain can be made completely opaque, and in inclement weather, on the contrary, leave as much space as possible for the passage of light on it. This property is achieved through the use of a double cloth fabric, located on a special design, which allows without special difficulties to shift these webs relative to each other.



Type of main structure

Today, day-night curtains, which are also called fabric blinds, can be made in two basic versions for the design:

  • in the open roll form, in which the folding canvas will not be hidden from the eyes;
  • in a cassette roll form, in which the curtain will retract into a special protective box when it closes.

Both in the first and in the second embodiment, the fabric cloth is fixed on the shaft and hangs down to the sill itself. In the lower part of the web, a weighting tube is placed across the entire width of the fabric, which, when the blind is wrapped around the web during rotation of the main shaft, also rotates. Using this principle, the canvas curtains move, and the double day-night blinds open or close. The mechanism of rotation of the shaft in this design is also very simple and similar to that used in conventional sash models. Open and cassette blinds are controlled by a chain.

Day-night blinds can be made of various materials. So in most cases, blinds are made of silk, flax, cotton and various synthetic types of fabric. In this case we are talking about the opaque part of the curtains. The advantage of natural materials is their environmental friendliness and safety for humans. Such blinds "zebra" without a doubt can be used in children's rooms and bedrooms. Synthetic materials are more durable and wear-resistant, which allows to increase their service life several times. These types of roller blinds are more suitable for office space or living rooms in an apartment.

Transparent stripes that have day-night roller blinds are made from ordinary mesh material. It is similar in execution to the usual for all white or colored tulle. These elements can be made both with a pattern and without it.




Installation of rolled curtains

Fasten the blinds "day-night" on the plastic windows can be in several ways. The first of these involves attaching small-sized and lightweight structures to the window frame using double-sided tape, which has an increased level of adhesion. The fastening of such rollers of sufficiently large dimensions is carried out to the vertical or horizontal internal parts of the window opening. To do this, you can use both aluminum and plastic plates that are attached to the base with self-tapping screws.



Usually the question of how to hang this roller blind, even a not very experienced person will not arise. Installation instructions and all necessary details come with them. If there is no confidence in the correctness and quality of self-assembly, then the manufacturer’s employees can perform this service at an additional cost.



Curtains-pleated "day-night"

A little different from the usual version of the design have blinds, pleated "day-night." In this case, the system consists of three profiles made of anodized aluminum with cloths located between them. When lowering or raising the curtains, the fabric folds into the folds that were specially created during the manufacture, ultimately forming an "accordion".



Distinctive features of this version of blinds on the windows is their neater appearance, since in the assembled state they occupy no more than five centimeters, which is almost imperceptible against the background of the window construction. In addition, this option sun protection design is suitable for the design of windows of absolutely any shape, including the arched or trapezoidal shape. Such curtains blinds are modern and practical to use. They make the appearance of the window more interesting and at the same time allow you to control the amount of light entering the room.



You can install day-night curtains-pleats in exactly the same way as roller blinds using double-sided tape or metal and plastic plates. In this case, a chain, a cord or a special pen can be used as a mechanism for controlling the rollers. The choice of this or that method depends on where the curtains were mounted.