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Decorating the children's table and room: make the holiday brighter! (52 pictures)


Children have a special relationship to holidays. They are happy to participate in the celebration, and in the process of preparing for it. Sometimes they create a positive mood and an atmosphere of joy and happiness.















The design of the children's table should not be an independent part of the festive interior of the room, but its continuation. Simply put, before you start decorating the dining area for children, carefully consider the issue of decorating the room. The first step in creating a festive mood is the selection of a suitable theme. It should correspond to the age of the invited guests and the interests of the birthday man.










Decorating a party

No ideas for decorating the table for children's birthday? Draw inspiration from animated films, fairy tales or computer games. Here are a few guidelines for choosing the decor for the celebration of your favorite children:

  • Girl's birthday should not be without Disney princesses, Barbies, fairies and other cartoon characters. Boys love superheroes, transformers and cars. If the celebration will be younger children, you can arrange a pirate show, a show of soap bubbles and clown performances. Based on the chosen subject and ideas are born decorating the table.
  • Children's feast can be arranged in the open air. Choose a suitable place in the garden and decorate the trees with garlands, balloons, ribbons and paper lanterns. Such a children's holiday will be remembered by all the guests!
  • What kid doesn't like balloons? They can be inflated with helium and lifted into the ceiling, a trap can be made above the table for the balls that can be released at the moment the cake is served, tied to chairs or you can decorate the dining area with bouquets of balloons. Be prepared for the fact that at the end of the evening "bang-bachs" will start to be heard, loud cries of fear and pleasure. If there are adults on the holiday, the air slaughter can irritate their ears, so this permanent attribute of children's birthday can be eliminated by replacing it with pom-poms made of plastic bags or corrugated paper.
  • Above the table you can hang out hand-made garlands of cardboard, colored paper or pieces of cloth. They can be distinguished and a zone for games, so that children's entertainment does not prevent adults from enjoying the holiday.
  • The birthday table setting for children can be complemented with fun caps, clown noses, wigs or masks. Each child, having found his place, will put on a festive attribute and fun, and defiantly congratulate your child on the anniversary.
  • Each place should be assigned to a specific person. On the dishes, put the name plates or lay out the appropriate napkins. A great idea would be to place on the table beautiful cards with felt-tip pens, on which the children will be able not only to sign their names, but also leave a few kind words to the birthday boy.
  • Table setting can be made more original and interesting, if you divide it into a zone of girls and a zone of boys. Then one half of the table can be decorated with “brutal” men's decor, and the other with cute pink bows and ponies. Based on this design, you can also think up games for children, arranging various battles and competitions between boys and girls.




Recommendations for the correct decoration of the table

Starting the setting of the children's table, remember the main thing: the safety of children above all! Children are too active, and the presence of potentially dangerous objects on the table can increase the risk of injury and burns.

Inspect the room where the holiday will be held. It is inappropriate to install a massive table in a small room, better allocate more space for games and dancing. Place it away from the entertainment area, otherwise children may touch sharp corners and chairs, which inevitably leads to the formation of bruises and scratches.



When the area of ​​the room does not allow to arrange a full-scale feast, it is worth thinking about the buffet table for his birthday. For a big birthday cake, take a separate space.

Celebration in the dark suggests the presence of high-quality lighting in the room. Complement the interior with garlands and reflective balls, and in the evening you can arrange a disco.

Cloth on the table better to firmly secure. A child who has played out can pull all the dishes to the floor.









Do not use traumatic items for the buffet. Do not put burning candles on the table, exclude products that need to be cut with a knife from the menu.

By the choice of tablecloth fit with all seriousness. No need to use for the design of the children's table oilcloth with the image of cartoon characters - it will distract attention from the bright dishes.

If you do not know how to decorate the dining area most interesting and original, we can share one idea: as a tablecloth, use special paper on which your children can draw and write congratulations to the hero of the day.




The color palette of this unchanging table attribute must be chosen on the basis of the shades of the tablecloth or oilcloth. Typically, children do not use cloth napkins, so it is advisable to use paper options. There are a lot of ideas for making napkins, the most popular option is to cut animals or fish from them or make origami.




Bright dishes can play a major role in the ensemble of the decor for the table. If you plan to spend a holiday in nature, take on a picnic colorful plastic or cardboard disposable dishes, colorful forks and spoons. Celebration in the room will not tolerate such a neighborhood, so for a sweet table at the event it is better to use glass devices with the image of your favorite characters.

Drinks poured into glasses will look inconspicuous without tubules and decorative umbrellas. You can use pieces of fruit, strawberries, plastic or silicone holders with funny animals. Simple glass glasses can be wound with satin ribbons, glue bows and butterflies of beads or beads.



Choose a decor depending on the holiday

Everyone knows how to arrange a children's table for the New Year. Here you can use the figures of Santa Claus, Christmas candy, Christmas tree branches. Tangerines, napkins in the form of socks for gifts, snowflakes - all this is appropriate in the decor of the New Year's table.




For birthdays, it is better to order numbers-age, which can be glued to the chopsticks and decorate with them vases with sweets and chocolates. Decorate the table with fruit branches, flower bouquets of lollipops and even your birthday toys. For example, a truck body can serve as a plate for sweets, and a canape of fruit can be laid out in a cart. Do not be afraid to experiment, any non-standard solution will be perceived by children with enthusiasm and surprise.

If everything should be restrained and elegant on an adult table, a riot of colors and forms reigns in the children's dining area. You can make funny animals from fruit, make rice or mashed potatoes, build houses and towers, arrange salads in the form of fish and other sea creatures. Candies can be represented as flowers in a large bouquet of colored paper or cardboard. By the way, focus on sandwiches, canapes and tartlets. Children usually do not like to sit at the table for a long time, so it is better to put those dishes that you can take with your hands, quickly eat and run away with them again to the entertainment zone.