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Aquarium in the wall - homemade exotic (24 photos)


For many today, aquariums have become an indispensable attribute of a modern apartment. Some are trying to establish a massive aquarium in the living room of a large apartment, others breed fish in improvised tanks.

One of the most non-standard solutions can be an aquarium in the wall between the rooms. To implement it you need to consider some subtleties:

  • configuration and volume of the aquarium;
  • aesthetic characteristics;
  • Features care for a particular type of fish.



We plan to install

Do self installation or invite a professional? To begin, you will need to schematically depict the interior of the room in which the aquarium will be installed in the wall, with this new detail. Then you can plan what part of the work you can do yourself, and in what matters you need professional advice or assistance.

The easiest way to install a rectangular or square water tank for fish in the wall. In this case, the side parts of the aquarium can be discharged to the outside or be integral with the wall.

For a smooth contour better fit aquariums with rounded-convex sidewalls. The combination of round shapes with pastel walls will give the room a romance. Ideal for a bedroom or rest room. Wall-mounted aquarium with blunt protrusions without rounding will look good in a modern interior with clear straight lines and geometric shapes.



A flat aquarium on the wall should be commensurate with the area of ​​the room and its setting. Too large aquarium will bulge and attract excessive attention of guests. So it should not be. In a small room with low ceilings is more appropriate to put small aquariums. A colorful aquarium can suppress a cozy atmosphere in a small room and act irritatingly.

However, there are exceptions. For example, in a poorly lit room, a hanging aquarium on a wall with light can be an additional “window”. The aquarium is decorated in the form of a window in the style of minimalism. Internal lighting in it should be of high quality, beneficial effect on the livelihoods of the inhabitants of the aquarium.

Before starting the installation, carefully consider all the details. Usually the aquarium is built in such a way that it can be seen as much as possible from any corner of the room. Make sure that the wall under the aquarium is free, not overloaded with details. Best of all, wall aquariums in the center of the wall look like paintings.



In the apartment, designed for the studio, you can find the reservoir and a more interesting place - in a partial partition without a door. Thanks to the built-in aquarium, the partition will look original, and the apartment itself will be filled with some mystery, fabulousness. In this case, it is better to mount the wall aquarium not in the center, but on the edge, directly into the front part, using fasteners. This arrangement will give the room a unity of style, and at the same time a clear zoning line will be traced.



Interior design of the built-in aquarium

Selecting living creatures, vegetation and accessories in a wall aquarium, you should consider the design features and the size of the tank.

In the first place should be a color combination. If you do not want the next room to look through the aquarium water, place a partition in the center, leaving a hole for the fish. Instead of a partition, you can skillfully close the middle of a small aquarium with ornamental algae.

How to make an aquarium so that the next room can be viewed? In this case, the design of the aquarium should be low-key, neutral, suitable for the color palette for both rooms. The number of fish, decorations and vegetation can be changed, supplemented depending on your preferences.




As for the care of the aquarium, the wall-mounted aquarium has a peculiarity consisting in free access to the reservoir. Getting an aquarium out of a niche is not always convenient, so you need to think about this point in advance. Most often, leave an open space above one of the sides of the aquarium. You can disguise a niche with any wall decor (panels, blinds, a dramatic curtain).




Technical points

If none of your households is familiar with the installation technique and does not know how to hang an artificial aquarium on the wall, it is better to order the service to professionals. You can not only spoil the wall and accessories, but also make the redevelopment of your apartment differently than you dreamed. It is better to show a sketch of the wall with the designer’s built-in aquarium, to tell about your ideas and desires, and he will select for you exactly what you need. Let you have to spend a little more money, but you get a guarantee of quality.




If you still decided to install an aquarium in the wall with your own hands, you should follow the step-by-step guide:

  1. The selected partition should not be a bearing wall.
  2. It is advisable to take into account the material manufacturing wall. Even if the base is very strong, in most cases it is necessary to reinforce it in order for the construction to withstand the water tank.
  3. Carefully inspect the wiring located on the wall, seams, defects. You should leave space for the necessary communications. And it is better to immediately make the installation of lighting, sterilizer, compressor, drainage device, etc.
  4. The bottom of the surface, on which the aquarium will be placed, should be covered with a special polyisol pad. This will prevent the formation of cracks from falling on the glass of sand and pebbles.
  5. The aquarium should not exactly match the opening. If the height of the glass is 60 cm, then 2/3 of this size should be left on top for feeding the fish and cleaning the aquarium.

An aquarium built into the wall between the kitchen and the living room of a semi-circular shape can be very attractive to guests. It will be a real decoration of your home. If you want to save on installation, we advise you to perform only preparatory work yourself, and entrust installation to specialists.