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Small bedroom in the house: how to create comfort in a small room (58 photos)


A small bedroom requires extra effort to be comfortable and cozy. Its interior, as well as the design of a large bedroom, is of great importance. In a dream, a person spends a third of his life. What he feels and sees in front of him, affects the quality of sleep.







Decorating a small bedroom

The ceiling in the small bedroom should not be massive, so the elaborate suspended structures for interior design must be abandoned. A perfectly perfectly white surface will look decent. It is desirable to choose floors of light shades, at most two close tones. If you lay on the diagonal laminate or parquet, it will visually expand the boundaries of the room.

Making a small bedroom involves using a light shade on three walls, and a richer one on the fourth. On one wall, you can stick wallpaper with an outstanding perspective. Landscapes and views of the city are appropriate here. Wallpaper for a small bedroom with a picture does not have on the smallest wall in a narrow bedroom. For a visual increase in space, you can use wallpaper for a small bedroom, the design of which will be with stripes.






How to furnish a small bedroom

The interior of a small bedroom begins to be made with the selection of the compositional center. The main piece of furniture should be a bed. The furniture for the small bedroom is arranged in such a way as to leave space in the middle of the room. It is advisable not to leave a gap between the walls. Bedside tables near the bed should be above the bed.









How to arrange furniture in a small bedroom

Arrangement of furniture and layout in a small bedroom, regardless of the square or rectangular shape of the room, must comply with the following parameters:

  • The minimum width of the passage is 0.7-1 m.
  • The presence of straight passes and the minimum number of turns.
  • The distance from the bed in a small bedroom on all sides is 0.5 m.
  • If the bed is parallel to the window, then the distance between them should be at least 0.8 m.







The window is an important element of the decor in the small bedroom. For its design, you can use light curtains from taffeta, organza or muslin. Decorative textile is appropriate in the bedroom, but in a small area it is used with care.

A similar rule applies to all kinds of figurines, paintings and photographs. It is advisable to leave in sight only 2-3 most favorite or designer gizmos to create a cozy little bedroom.




Optical illusion techniques will allow to increase the area, regardless of whether you need to make repairs in a small bedroom or not. Among the popular options are:

  • mirrors;
  • glass parts;
  • gloss;
  • staging lighting.

You can use the wardrobe with a mirror facade, mirror door or a mirror on the whole wall. In the design of a small bedroom of 9 square meters. m will fit perfectly and create the desired effect a few small mirrors that visually hide the boundaries of the room. They are located opposite the window so that the light that goes makes the room more voluminous. Instead of mirrors, you can use tiles, stained glass windows and panels.

The visual lightness of the glass does not create a cluttering effect in a small bedroom. As an idea for a small bedroom, you can use glass elements of furniture - shelves, a table, etc.

For walls and ceilings, if the small bedroom is 12 square meters. m and less, you can use gloss paints. When working with gloss, the main thing is to choose calm bed colors. The surface should be perfectly smooth, as the gloss gives out all the flaws.

The modern design of a small bedroom rarely goes without glossy ceilings with proper lighting. When properly staged, it creates the impression of infinite space.




The most popular styles of small bedroom:

  • modern;
  • classical;
  • Provence;
  • loft;
  • minimalism;
  • Scandinavian.

The design of a small bedroom in a modern style combines the clarity of lines, calm colors and the presence of only functional details. Lamps should be spotted, walls in a gray-white scale, and the floor in discreet colors. The small bedroom in modern style is complemented by silk bedding.

The bedroom in classic style borders on luxury. It combines stucco, pink and peach tones and a crystal chandelier. In the small bedroom, the headboard of the bed is chosen with white leather upholstery. Curtains sew from satin or velvet.






Pastel colors help to plunge into the style of southern France. Printed cotton fabrics are relevant for a small bedroom in Provence style. The presence of ornaments in the form of cells, flowers and peas, embroidered with their own hands. The furniture is simple, no frills.

The small loft-style bedroom is characterized by a lack of decoration, large windows and high ceilings. A brickwork can be placed on the walls, and a sleeping place without legs is placed on the floor without finishing. The bedroom loft resembles the haven of a freelance artist.

The design ideas of a small bedroom in the style of minimalism are great for such a room. Smooth surfaces, lack of decoration and furniture with clear borders. The interior is allowed a maximum of two color accents.

The coolness and transparency of the Scandinavian style is displayed in various shades of white. Beautiful will look bedroom set for a small bedroom. This design is appropriate only in a warm climate in the room on the south side of the house.




Often, the design of a small bedroom in Khrushchev has to be equipped without natural light. From the gloom of the room can save a false window or glass partition.

The modern design of a small bedroom without a window is often complemented by a false window. To do this, the walls in the small bedroom are mounted with a wooden frame, the parameters resembling a real window. You can fill it with photos, a mirror, a picture of the landscape, etc. For greater likelihood, use the backlight.






A small bedroom without a window looks good with a glass partition. It will divide the space into zones, while leaving it as one. Drawing on the glass and the refraction of light beautifully hide the objects behind the partition.

When arranging a small bedroom, it is important that it was comfortable to be in it by the owners of the room. Compliance with simple rules will help to achieve a comfortable atmosphere and stylish design.