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Rug of pompons: original comfort with their own hands (24 photos)


Needlework does not require large expenditures, and a self-made rug from pompons is proof of that. The product can be of any size and geometric shapes (square, rectangular, round, oval, triangular, figured). A lush and soft rug that looks like an animal, for example, a sheep, a leopard, a bear, a fox, a bunny, etc., looks very original. The choice of variant depends on the style of the interior and the personal wishes of the performer.



In addition to its direct purpose, the product performs a decorative function and fits perfectly into the interior of any room. This may be an entrance hall, bedroom, cozy attic, furnished loggia or balcony. The original textile carpet can be laid on the terrace and in the bathroom or used as a cape for a chair, armchair or sofa. The product, soft and nice on the touch, will perfectly look at a crib.

If you decide to make a rug with your own hands, you will need the following materials:

  • Thick yarn (synthetic, wool, acrylic or cotton). It is also not necessary for the yarn to be new; threads from loose clothes are quite suitable.
  • Garbage bags of different colors can also be used to create balls-pompons.



Before you begin to work you need to prepare the tools and accessories. At hand should be:

  • Scissors;
  • Cardboard or thick paper - for the template;
  • Pencil or pen;
  • Crochet hook for pulling threads through the base;
  • Large needle ("gypsy") - for sewing ready pompons to the base;
  • The base material is a textile (construction) mesh or tapestry canvas.

This is a standard set of tools and is not required. Those who decide to make a soft mat on their own can use the tools and accessories at their own discretion and from what is available.



The process of making rugs from pompons

Before you make a rug of pompons, you need to develop a sketch, on the basis of which approximate calculations of the material are made. Be sure to determine the basis of the rug and material for pomponchikov. If you need good-quality bedding on the floor, then as a base it is better to use tapestry cloth, which has a good density compared to textile mesh.

Wool Carpet

To create such a product is taken pattern consisting of two circles with a hole. The larger the hole diameter, the tighter the pomponchs will turn out, as the required number of threads increases. The thread winding procedure is quite simple:

  • When each row is applied, the thread is pulled through the hole.
  • When the ring is completely wrapped, in the upper part (between two circles) the threads are cut with scissors.
  • The cardboard circles are slightly moved away from each other, and the winding is tightened in a separate thread along the center. After that, the cardboard is removed, and the pompon gets a spherical shape.

You can make a fluffy children's rug from pompons with your own hands, using other devices for winding. For example, the threads are wound on the fingers, a special tube, and even on the cutlery - a fork. It is unprincipled what method will be applied, the main thing is that in the end you get neat pompoms.



There is a quick way to make balls of wool. This will require a kitchen stool or chair, which is turned upside down and used to wind the thread. The winding principle is very simple:

  • The thread is tied to the leg (fixed). You can wind two, three and four supports, depending on how much you need to get right away.
  • After the winding procedure is completed at the same distance, winding is tied up with separate pieces of threads.
  • Before you cut the yarn with scissors into separate pieces, you should determine the division point (visually or with a ruler).




Carpet of trash bags

You need to stock up on several packs of bags of different colors, the amount depends on the size of the mat and the diameter of the balls. The fixtures are identical to those used to create pomponchs from wool threads. Such a product is lightweight and gives good care - hand washing in soapy water from detergent allows you to return the original appearance.




Pompon mount to the base

On a piece of a certain size, cut from a construction grid or tapestry cloth, marks are made where the fluffy balls will be attached. Their location should be symmetrical and at the same distance from each other, which depends on the size of the pompons. Their fixation is carried out from the wrong side - the threads stretched through the base must be tied with a strong knot. It is much easier to mount the balls on a grid with large holes.



Choose the color of the balls-pompons can be under the interior of the room. It can be both monophonic products, and the bright multi-colored rugs pleasing the eye with the variety of shades. After filling the entire warp, the ends of the threads on the wrong side are cut off. It is advisable to hide numerous nodules. For this you can use a thin, but thick cotton fabric.



If the appearance of the rug turned out to be not very neat or the product itself seems incomplete, then it would be advisable to make an edging out of textiles or tie a strip of edging from the same yarn as the pom-poms.



It is very interesting and exciting to make a rug from pompons, and making such a product yourself is not difficult. It should also be noted that the cost of purchasing materials is minimal, and the result is an excellent product that can be used for various purposes.