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Criteria for choosing a mini-oven: appliances for home and garden


The device is very similar in appearance and dimensions to the usual microwave, but there are cardinal functional differences: the mini-oven works through the use of infrared rays, while the second type of equipment is based on microwave radiation. The considered category of equipment is a compact electric ovens equipped with additional modes of toaster, defrosting, grill.

When deciding how to choose a mini-oven, first of all they are guided by the working volume, the range of which is quite extensive - from 8.5 to 40 liters. The most popular positions are 21 and 28 liters. A small desktop mini-oven, the volume of which does not exceed 12.5 liters, is optimal for preparing several servings of hot sandwiches, heating food. Medium and large copies will allow you to fully prepare pastries, main dishes.

The volume shows how much food can be made in one cycle of work, and the bigger it is, the larger the device. Many prefer embedded lines, but, firstly, they are more expensive, and secondly, their choice is made at the design stage of the kitchen, which is not always convenient. According to authoritative ratings and reviews for two people, a 10-liter model is enough; for three, a 12-20 liter equipment will suit; a family of 5-6 people will satisfy a 30-liter device.

The standard width of the case does not exceed 60 cm, moreover, you can find options for which this indicator can be 90, 45 and 75 cm (in descending order of popularity).

The coating is responsible for the ease of maintenance and operational life of the equipment. In a mini-oven with a microwave, they introduce a surface that is not afraid of high temperatures, intense mechanical impact, and contact with aggressive detergents. It is better to purchase that desktop mini-oven for the house, in the marking of which the Durastone coating is indicated.

Equipment power parameters

This parameter is inextricably linked with the size of the built-in or stationary equipment, the power of kitchen models varies in the range of 650-2200 watts. In particular, the power of a 10-liter stove does not exceed 700–800 W, a 20-liter stove is 1600–1800 W, and a 30-liter stove starts at 2000 W. The higher this characteristic, the faster the equipment warms up, at the same time the price of the model and its level of energy consumption increase. In the tops and ratings always include instances with a performance of 1500 W, this is a convenient summer variations, which it is advisable to purchase for the home.

It should be borne in mind that not all selected furnaces are suitable for the wiring used, if the latter has not been changed for a long time, it is better to explore the range of mini-ovens with a capacity of 1000 watts.

A mini-oven for gardening usually has one or two heating mechanisms. In the second case, the functionality is significantly expanded, the ovens are baked in several modes.

The following heating scenarios are provided:

  • electric oven (when lower and upper heat is used) - 2 heating elements are activated. The option is good when you need to bake meat, fish, vegetables;
  • delicate mode - in this case, users choose the lower heat, optimal for the preparation of confectionery, chicken legs and wings;
  • grill or active top heat - an electric mini-oven allows you to quickly cook biscuits, a variety of dough, toast.

Additional features are usually provided:

  • roasting;
  • fast heating;
  • baking.

In the reviews of technology it is mentioned that the more modes, the easier it is to prepare specific dishes, the wider the range of the latter. Accordingly, the cost of equipment is also higher compared with the primitive options.

The convection mini-oven is equipped with a compact fan, which is necessary for even distribution of air through the internal cavity. As a result, the dish is baked much faster. As a rule, a mini-oven with grill and convection has only one heating element.

Advanced ovens with convection may have two different modes of operation of the fan, due to which you can bake two different dishes at the same time. Air acceleration is necessary for the full preparation of vegetables, fruits, mushrooms, pastry flour.

Options for controlling and opening the door

If you do not know how to choose a mini-oven, please note that there are two types of control: electronic and mechanical. In the first case, the adjustment is performed with a simple touch. The touch panel is easy to clean, these models stand out a high price. Mechanical furnaces are controlled by rotary switches, they are most common due to ease of use.

In addition to directly baking equipment can be equipped with a defrost function. In addition, separate models provide two optional modes: deep and normal defrosting. This possibility is especially relevant when you need to prepare pre-frozen food in a short time.

The heating mode helps to bring the temperature of ready-made dishes to acceptable levels with minimal energy consumption.

This category of kitchen equipment may have telescopic or lattice guides baking. In the first case, the sheet independently extends when the door is opened, which minimizes the risk of burns. To prepare a variety of dishes in the kit includes trellis coasters, flat and deep trays. Manufacturers also offer:

  • door lock - a kind of protection against children;
  • internal lighting;
  • spit is a durable rotating rod designed for roasting fish, poultry, large pieces of meat. The dish is cooked evenly and covered with a golden crust on all sides;
  • thermostat - allows users to manually set the optimum temperature in accordance with the selected recipe;
  • pizza and lasagna;
  • removable top cover - a brazier is formed from the furnace, which functions due to the lower heating element;
  • the heat-insulating overlay on a door which excludes burns at a touch.



Kitchen stoves topping the profile ratings may also have:

  • high temperature or steam self-cleaning;
  • removable tray mounted on the bottom, it is needed to collect the resulting juices and crumbs;
  • grill helps to achieve crisp on the dishes;
  • timer, including augmented with a sound signal;
  • electric burners, significantly expanding the functionality of the equipment;
  • metal detector that prevents the inclusion of technology in the presence of metal objects or dishes in the cavity.



Recommendations for choosing a mini-oven

When deciding which equipment is better to buy, first of all, products with an impeccable reputation of brands should be considered: Panasonic, Delonghi, Ariete. Directly during the selection, you need to make sure that the model is stable, the sheets must fall securely into the grooves - this prevents accidental overturning of the baking sheets or the oven as a whole. It is desirable that the length of the cord allows you to plug the device directly into an outlet, and not into an extension cord - this reduces the likelihood of fire.