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Baby bed with sides: safety and sweet sleep (23 photos)


Choosing a children's bed, parents pay attention to the environmental friendliness, size, design and safety of the product. Safety is ensured by special bumpers, which are equipped with cots for newborns, and beds for older children. In order for the child’s sleep to be sweet, it is important to choose the right bed with sides that will fit the child’s age and sex.

Why do we need bumpers for a children's bed?

High barriers in the crib for a baby are necessary not only as a security measure, but also for support when he begins to get up and learns to walk. From the age of two, the cot is used only for the rest of the child, and for games the kids need more space. From the age of three, according to experts, the baby needs a more “adult” product, which can be a baby bed with sides.



Availability of bumpers for a children's bed is really necessary, even if it is a children's air bed. And this can explain the importance of this element of the bed:

  • It creates complete safety for the child. If the baby is sleeping restlessly, then the bumpers will protect it from falls and injuries. It is especially important that a bunk bed be equipped with high sides, since the risk to the child is too great to fall down from a great height and cause considerable harm to himself.
  • Full and comfortable sleep is provided. Thanks to the sides of the bed will not "move out" mattress, pillow and blanket.
  • Ensuring the earliest falling asleep child. The sides create an enclosed space that allows children not to be distracted by external stimuli from immersion in sleep.
  • There is an opportunity to create a whole ritual of falling asleep for the baby, hanging on the sides of any pictures. For example, a child can tell about his desires to the bear in the picture that is attached to the rim.

Some sides, which are equipped with children's beds from 2 years old, are made in such a way that it is possible to use them as a shelf. On it you can arrange books for reading before bedtime or toys, without which the child cannot fall asleep.



What are the bumpers for cots?

Beds can be fixed and removable. In terms of safety, the fixed bumps, which are part of the whole structure, are better. Such barriers can be small, protruding above the mattress by only about 5 centimeters, and can be much higher, but not more than the middle of the length of the bed.

Removable bumpers that have a protective function are mounted in specially designed niches or screwed to the bed. It is better to buy cots with removable sides in case the berth increases and in the future it is planned to remove the barrier for the grown-up child.

Also protective sides are made of various materials. It can be soft, hard or soft sides, but on a hard basis. Soft fences are a fabric base, inside which foam rubber is inserted. A baby bed with soft sides is made in the form of a sleeping place for babies up to 1.5 years old - the boards in such beds protect the child from impacts, but often these boards perform a decorative, rather than a protective function.

Solid fences are made of the same material from which the base of the bed is made - it can be wood, metal or plastic. For better ventilation, solid sides are made not solid, but figured or from slats.

The minus of hard sides is that the child can hit, so the most compromise option for security and comfort is considered to be a bed in which soft sides with a solid base. Such fences are made of the material from which the bed was made, and on top they are covered with a fabric filled with foam rubber.



All cots are divided by age and sex of the child. They come in different shapes, sizes and colors. Here are some crib with limiting devices offered in furniture stores today.

Bed nursery with a side

It is a classic version designed for children from birth to the age of three. Fences in such a product are high slats, on which with the help of velcro or ties fasten soft bumpers. In addition to ensuring the safety of the baby, such boards also perform the function of protection against drafts. When a child gets older, you can remove a few racks so that he can climb on his bed himself.



Themed bed

These beds are made for older children (those who have already turned 3 years or more) and are made depending on the sex of the child. These can be ships, cars, airplanes for boys or pink houses, hares, flowers for girls. Most often such designs are presented by single beds with two sides. Borders in such products act not only as limiters, but also as additional decorating elements. There are such beds with drawers where you can put any children's things and toys.

Bunk bed with sides

This option is more suitable for families with two children. The second tier is designed for a teenager, and the youngest child will sleep on the first tier, which can also be with high bumpers to provide protection.



Loft bed

This version has an original design and high functionality. It is ideal for small apartments where it is important to rationally locate areas for study, sleep and games. The second floor of the structure is made in the form of a bed, and the first floor can have a different filling. For example, it can be a children's sofa bed with sides, where on the first tier there is a beautiful sofa on which you can watch TV, and the second floor is a full bed, which must be with a restraint to prevent a child falling from a height.


Such products are able to turn into another piece of furniture. For example, the assembled design is made in the form of a cabinet, and when unfolded it turns out a teenage bed with sides. Or retractable bed hides inside a special podium, the surface of which can be used for games. This design allows you to efficiently use the space available in the apartment, while it looks original and stylish.



Sliding bed

It is also a variant of the transformer, when the bed of a newborn can turn into a more adult bed, which is equipped with boards, lowered by half or removed completely. Such a "growing" version of a sliding bed allows you to save money by purchasing a bed for the child for many years to come. Sliding beds can be completely wooden or made of solid wood in combination with soft materials.

Roll out bed

Another type of transformers that saves space. This design includes two beds, one of which extends. Roll-out beds for girls and boys from the array - the original design, which is optimal to acquire for children, in which children live one year of birth or with a significant difference in age.

Sliding bed, themed baby bed from 3 years with sides, bunk teen beds - the choice should be right, which will be the key to a full comfortable rest of the child.

How to choose a children's bed with a fence?

When choosing a cot for boys or girls with sides, it is important to pay attention to the following nuances:

  • The product must be made of natural, environmentally friendly materials. It is best to buy a bed made of an array for children, despite the fact that this design is not cheap.
  • Wooden construction with drawers and side should not be coated with varnish or paint. It is better if the bed is polished wood.
  • The bed must be well ventilated, which is ensured by the rack construction. It is better to choose the bottom not continuous, but with lamels.
  • There should be no sharp corners in the piece of furniture for children. It is better if all wooden surfaces are covered with silicone linings.
  • The bed should be firmly fixed.
  • Mounts at the construction should be strong and reliable, so that the sleeping place is safe for the child.
  • The design and color of the bed with a side should contribute to the earliest possible sleep.
  • The bed should be of a size suitable for the baby’s age.

If the nursery is small in size, then the design functionality is very important. Well, if the bed will be equipped with drawers that can be rolled out, or will be made in the form of an attic bed with a pull-out table below.

When choosing a bed for a child, it is better to prefer soft sides made on a solid basis - they will not allow the child to bump, and besides, they will last longer.



Baby bed with sides with their own hands: the benefits

Since children's furniture from natural wood is expensive, you can make a bed with bumpers for the child with their own hands. Creating a crib in-house in comparison with the purchase option has the following advantages:

  • the ability to create an exclusive model that, with its size and design, will fit perfectly into the interior of the room;
  • confidence in the high quality of the design - you can be completely sure that the bottom of the bed will not break and the sides will not fall off;
  • the ability to create a design in accordance with the height and weight of the child (the length of the bed should be about 20 centimeters more than the height of the child);
  • the pleasure of creating a crib - you can bring a child to work and spend time together.

To create a crib with your own hands, you need to select the necessary materials, tools and develop a drawing of the original product. After that, you can proceed directly to the manufacture of structures that will be to the liking of the child and will ensure him a safe sleep.



Materials and tools for creating a children's bed

Before buying the necessary materials and tools, it is important to consider the entire process of creating furniture. It is better to perform works not at home, because in the process a lot of sawdust and dust will be obtained, which is very difficult to get rid of.

From materials you need to buy furniture panels made of solid wood, aluminum corners, self-tapping screws of various sizes, castors for retractable drawers, a lattice base for a berth (you can use a sheet of good plywood). Of the tools required grinder, drill, electric jigsaw. For processing of corners and cuts an emery paper is required, and for a finished baby bed it is necessary to choose a high-quality mattress - it is better if it is orthopedic. To match the size of the bed and the mattress, it is better to first purchase a mattress, and only then proceed to the design.

After determining the size and appearance of the bed you need to make a drawing of the product. It is better to choose ready-made bed drawings with step-by-step photos from the Internet that will help you quickly create an optimal design. The process of making a children's bed with sides is carried out in the following sequence:

  1. On the boards of the array is marking using a slate pencil (in the case of incorrectly lined lines, it can be washed with detergent). The sides and headboard are marked.
  2. Jigsaw cut all the details for the bed. The cut edges are sealed with paper tape.
  3. With the help of improvised means (for example, glasses) complex elements are drawn on the headboard and sides.
  4. Along the length of the enclosing corners, aluminum corners are cut, in which holes for self-tapping screws are then drilled.
  5. The corners are screwed to the bottom of the sides so that the base of the berth is located on them. At the same time, the corners will increase the strength of the product.
  6. Made decorative holes are processed with sandpaper. You also need to go with sandpaper on sharp corners.
  7. All details of a bed are fastened. Self-tapping screws are used for this, but it is much better to use special ties for these purposes.
  8. Drawers are assembled. The best option is a product with two drawers: one folds bedding, and the other - toys.

If desired, perform small legs for the bed. The mattress is laid on the finished construction - the piece of children's furniture is ready and can be "tested" by the child. Cutting materials can not be done at home, and ordered in the store where these materials will be purchased. The main thing is to provide all the necessary measurements of the necessary parts.