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Well in the country: modern design and arrangement ideas (27 photos)


In people far from agriculture and not having dachas, a well on the site is associated only with an ancient structure in an abandoned village. However, modern wells in the garden have a very presentable appearance. They are installed in different ways, and the purpose of these buildings is not limited to obtaining water.



The drainage well at the site is part of the drainage structure. Such communications are used in cottages with high groundwater flow or on soils that trap liquid (loam). Drainage wiring helps to remove excess water from the ground and prevent debate of plant root systems. Plastic wells for giving are mounted on the upper parts of the system and used to monitor the full-fledged work of communications.



Before choosing a place for a well, it is taken into account that it should be near the water consumption zone, but no closer than 5 meters to the house, and also at a considerable distance from garbage, manure heaps or compost pits. On sloping areas, a well is placed above the sources of pollution.

The arrangement of the well at the summer cottage is best done at the end of winter or at the end of summer. In winter, of course, it is harder to carry out work, but it happens that this is the only suitable time.

There are several technologies how to build a well at the dacha.

This technology is recommended for areas with dense ground.

A shaft for installing concrete rings is excavated to the required depth (to the aquifer) immediately, from beginning to end. Moreover, its diameter should be 10-15 cm larger than that of reinforced concrete rings that form the walls of the well. Rings are alternately lowered into the excavated shaft with a winch. For reliability, parts are carefully fastened together. Rings should be fastened with brackets to minimize possible horizontal and vertical shifts of elements. This is a mandatory requirement if the well in the country will be equipped on sandy lands.



After installation, the seams must be closed up. The joints in the upper two-thirds of the structure are sealed with sealants (cement mortar, liquid glass or hydraulic seals). The functional purpose of the sealant is to protect the well from ground water ingress.

The gap between the walls of the mine and the structure is filled with coarse sand.

Advantages of the method: it is more comfortable to dig, when you meet a boulder, you can dig a stone, fasten it with ropes and pull it to the surface.



Disadvantages: requires special equipment (cable, block, tripod, winch). When digging up the earth, the diameter of the pit is laid larger than the ring parameter. After installing the design, the gap between the walls of the earth and the rings is filled with another soil, which can later move. This can lead to the displacement of the rings and the destruction of the well. Since there is a high probability of shedding the walls of the mine, it is recommended that all rings be installed within 3 days.

Experts call this method "in the ring". It is advisable to use it on loose soils (gravel, sand), as the walls of the mine in the process of work will shift and crumble. How to dig a well yourself? The sequence of work is simple.

The top layer of the earth is removed according to the size of the diameter of the reinforced concrete ring. Next, you need to dig a hole to a depth of 15 cm to 2 meters (as far as the ground allows). A ring is carefully inserted into the recess. Subsequent lows into the ground are made inside the rings (which will be lowered under their own weight). Upon reaching the aquifer, the last concrete element is installed, which is not completely buried. The boundaries of adjacent rings are treated in the same way as in the open method - insulation and sealing.

The final stage in any method of assembling the structure - design wells. This is the most creative and creative process. For a harmonious combination of facilities with the space of the site is recommended to choose a decor that fits to the exterior of the house.

How to decorate a well in the country, each owner decides for himself, but we should not forget that one of the purposes of the house for the well is to protect the water supplies from precipitation and insects from debris caused by the wind.



Making a well in the country with their own hands can be implemented in any style. To do this, use the appropriate materials and include your own sense of style and imagination:

  • Rural motifs perfectly highlight the decor of stone / wood. The above-ground part of the structure (cap) is made of solid logs in the form of a canopy (house). The magnificent log house imitation is a quadrangular or hexagonal small house for a well. And wood is better to do only the lower part of the rack. And the roof itself is made of a material of the same type with a house covering. A cobblestone platform around the top of the head will complete the refining of the site and facilitate the withdrawal of water. For convenience, the transfusion of water in the bucket can be installed low bench. If the surrounding place is further landscaped with “village” flowers (petunias, marigolds), then you will get a cozy and well-equipped relaxation zone;
  • finishing wells in the country with a Japanese character involves the use of natural wood, large stones. The eastern character of the design will give a special shape of the roof - hipped with raised corners at the edges. To make the roof similarly will help soft tile. Beautiful evergreens (mountain pine, juniper, thuja) will support the Japanese mood;
  • How to equip a well in the country, built in a modern style? Easy and simple, it is enough to give modernity to individual elements of the structure. The concrete ring of the tip can be decorated with tiles, the roof can be attached from polycarbonate. Forged stands for gates and roofs will look unusual.

Sometimes there are cottages where the house is designed and decorated in the Russian style, and the landscape design of the site adheres to the Japanese direction. How to choose the decor? In such cases, you should start from the location of the well: at close proximity to the house, choose a house for the well, organically complementing the main structure. If the well is "lost" on the site - create a well design on the site that fits into the landscape.

Not all cottages or houses need an additional / spare source of water supply, but many lovers of country rest would like to have a decorative well on the site as an essential attribute of a rural unhurried and comfortable lifestyle.



Before installing such a design, it is desirable to determine where the location is suitable for it. And it is desirable to immediately select the style of the elements and details of the structure.

Decorative well does not provide for the presence within the natural source of water, but you should not be limited solely to the decorative function. Under the house for the well, you can hide any communications / hatches, a container for collecting rainwater.

A great idea is to equip the decorative design with night lighting, which can be part of the lighting system of the site. Or as an option to make a decorative well an independent, interesting, illuminated at night object.



In order for the well in the garden plot to have a harmonious look, it must support the stylistic features of the garden. In this case, a win-win is to arrange a well at the dacha from building materials left after the construction of the main house or some buildings.

In principle, there are absolutely no restrictions on the use of the decor. Both old tires and noble stone masonry in medieval style look creative.

Luxurious idea - the use of wells for arranging flower beds. Compact structures will decorate low flowers, and climbing plants will perfectly complement solid decorative wells.



How to determine which is better: a well or a well

Own source of water on the site - the natural desire of any summer resident. Modern technological methods offer two variants of dream performance: a well or a well. Only by weighing the pros and cons, you can get a rough idea of ​​these structures and decide what to choose.