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Chair-bed: saving space without losing comfort (20 photos)


Lack of space in limited space can be easily avoided, it is enough to put an ergonomic chair-bed in the room. This class of products is designed for daily unfolding, so it can be considered as a complete area for overnight stay and rest. When assembled, the models occupy a minimum of space, and in the unfolded they turn into real beds, even their transportation during the move will not cause problems.



Specific use of furniture-transformer

Multifunctional products are usually operated in the following conditions:

  • in the children's rooms. It is noteworthy that the folding chair-bed is designed for parents due to its large size. A high-quality and safe transformation mechanism is responsible for a long working life, a large assortment of bright models with playful and animated motifs will delight any child. As the parts responsible for unfolding are subject to wear, the strength of the fixings should be a key selection criterion. It is desirable that the furniture as a whole be lightweight, so that the child can cope with the mechanism himself;
  • in residential areas where such furniture will be operated by adults as the main place to sleep. For example, in a rented or own small apartment-hotel. The most comfortable chair-bed with an orthopedic mattress (the latter is attached to the base with rubber bands).

The wealth of colors and textures presented in the core market can satisfy even the most specific needs.

All the models of budget models are made of chipboard, here it is important to pay attention to the usefulness of plate processing. Ideally, these are impregnations that prevent the damaging effects of insects and moisture, veneering (pasting thin sheets of wood), lamination (film application).

Chairs on the basis of wooden boards and planks have an impressive operational resource, but they are afraid of strong mechanical stress. Softwood used is thuja, linden, pine, spruce, aspen, hard and medium - oak, birch, hornbeam, beech, elm, maple.

Metal pipes - light and aesthetic material; powder paints, varied in color and structure, prevent the occurrence of corrosion. From the operational point of view, this is an ideal option, besides, it is easier to remove and wash the covers from the metal frame. When choosing, it is worth making sure that the steel is thick (this indicator should exceed 2 mm).



There are also combined rulers, for example, wood with an array or metal with wood - they absorb the advantages of all components.

Choosing a chair-bed for daily use, it is worth bearing in mind that upholstery is the key to long and comfortable operation. Manufacturers offer a wide range of:

  • Flock is the best option, it has good thermal and practical properties, it is light, fireproof, durable. The cost of such seats varies depending on the texture and composition of the flock;
  • artificial or genuine leather is used for the production of an elite model range. It is durable, not afraid of pollution, expensive, elastic and fashionable variations;
  • synthetic and natural chenille - has a volumetric non-uniform texture due to its use in the manufacture of transverse and longitudinal spiral filaments;
  • Velor - durable and elastic, smooth and uniform, it is customary to use it for finishing furniture items that are subjected to intensive use;
  • Jacquard and tapestry differ in a small operational resource, they lose their original appearance in 1-3 years;
  • cotton beds are often bought for children because this upholstery is hypoallergenic. However, stains are poorly removed from it, the fiber is rather short-lived.



Possible internal content

The budgetary filler for the chair is an elastic polyurethane foam, it has a short service life. It will not work in the event that the daily operation of a berth is provided for, especially if it is laid not with a whole cloth, but with pieces. Cheap material compresses quickly, the product will lose shape.

More expensive periotek and latex for a long time retain the original elasticity, such models have excellent support and ergonomic properties.

Most models have springless filler - it is strong and durable, but not very soft. Such furniture is intended for active use and is not afraid of intense mechanical and force impact.



Overview of unfolding mechanisms

In the profile market you can find the following variations:

  • book - beds with a traditional, simplest mechanism, for unfolding they need to be set aside from the wall and slightly bent;
  • roll-out model requires extensive free space, it is a popular chair-bed with a box for linen;
  • French or American clamshell - the most reliable, but provides for a complex process of transformation;
  • Eurobook - even folded has large dimensions, but very comfortable to sleep;
  • Dolphin - consists of three parts, in the position of the chair is a fairly high design.

In order for the new seat to fit perfectly into the interior, it is recommended to initially measure the space reserved for it, then decide on the priority type of construction and upholstery.



Today, the usual chair-bed with armrests goes into the background - it is gradually being supplanted by minimalist models, the main focus of which is the comfort of sleep. Manufacturers in the development of new lines discard unnecessary decorative parts and structural elements. Against this background, in particular, bean bags with a very compacted base and products devoid of armrests are gaining popularity.



When choosing a chair-bed with or without armrests, you should carefully inspect the products, make sure the upholstery is elastic and flexible, check the reliability of the transforming elements and their usability, find out the recommendations for use established by the manufacturer. Practical models equipped with a spacious box are in great demand - it is convenient to store bed linen and other textiles in it.




The chair-bed is a unique design that attracts usability, functionality and high practicality. A modern mechanism allows you to fold the seat in just a few seconds and transform it back into a sleeping place, even for people with a fragile physique. This production allows to save a useful place in the room.