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Crafts from napkins: a spectacular decor for lovers of romance (20 photos)


Decorating your home is a special pleasure. To create a cozy and romantic decoration with your own hands, you need quite a bit: the usual household accessories, fantasy, inspiration and the desire to create something beautiful. From the most ordinary wipes, sometimes real masterpieces are produced, exuding homemade warmth and tenderness.



Decent decor for a lush table

Crafts with napkins do it yourself as a kind of decor for a festive table. The work will be exciting for adults as well as interesting and informative for children. So, to make a spectacular flower, you must follow the following algorithm:

  1. The napkin is unfolded, folding flat on the work surface;
  2. Every corner is turned towards the center of the napkin. Thus obtaining something like an envelope;
  3. Now the corners are laid to themselves. It turns out three-dimensional figure. The algorithm is repeated again;
  4. Now turn the workpiece so that the bottom canvas is at the top;
  5. From this side, the corners are again turned to the center several times;
  6. One of the corners is folded inward, and the bottom layer is gently drawn in order to give the shape of a flower to the blank;
  7. So four petals are formed;
  8. For the flower prepare the base and place on the table.

To create a decor of paper or napkins, it is better to choose initially bright blanks. It is also important to take into account the stylist who dominates the gala event.

Crafts made from paper napkins sometimes require the use of various auxiliary elements. In the kitchen of any housewife there is a can, where peas or sweet corn was stored. It is this container that will become the basis for a future spectacular vase.



DIY decoration will decorate any apartment. Before you make such an interesting element, you must prepare all the necessary elements:

  • Bank of peas;
  • Napkins of different colors;
  • Paper towels with a beautiful "relief" pattern;
  • Glue;
  • Scissors;
  • Pencil or marker;
  • Knife.

Crafts made from napkins and cans will take more time and effort, but the effect is worth it. All you need to process three banks. Two of them need to cut the bottom, forming cylinders. The third can remains unchanged.



Lily of napkins

Classic roses and naive daisies are the most popular motifs in modern design. However, for lovers of more original solutions can be offered to make elegant lilies.

Flowers originally make out a festive table. You can make not only the decor, but also a fully functional attribute at a festive feast. It is very easy to make a lily napkin.

Due to the different shape, the finished billet is used as a stand for cakes, meringues, small buns. A very small child can make a lily. A napkin of white, yellow or purple color is placed on the table and each corner is folded to the center, forming a wide core.

Multi-layered napkin flowers are the most popular trend of the last days. Simple and easy-to-use napkins are the ideal material for this purpose.

The spectacular wall decor is a dandelion panel. Work need to step by step. The result will be a real picture with a three-dimensional image. On the working canvas stick a few green, emerald or lime napkins. Better if they are a bit crumpled.

One of the easiest ways to make a flower craft is to make carnations from napkins. It is necessary to choose a three-layered napkin of scarlet or purple color. Billet folded accordion. In the center they tie a cloth with thin wire. The edges of the "accordion" gently raise, gradually forming a bud.

In fact, the flower itself is ready. It is fixed on pre-prepared stalks and placed in a vase. The composition of paper carnations in the vase decorated according to the same principle looks organic.

Roses from napkins can be both the main decor and play the role of decorative elements to create more complex in structure of installations. There are a huge number of different techniques for creating such popular colors: from primitive algorithms like “disheveled dandelions” to multi-layered and geometrically designed origami compositions.