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Crafts from stones: original ideas for lovers of home creativity (25 photos)


Crafts made of stones will decorate the interior of a city apartment and a country site. With the help of interesting ideas, you can take the child for a long time, preparing interesting compositions in kindergarten or school. Stone is a universal material for handicrafts, affordable and easy to use.


The idea of ​​a relatively interesting crafts made of stones for children most often arises after the next holiday on the seashore. Beautiful and unusual pebbles scattered along the shore, initially collected as souvenirs.



Indeed, these elements store the warmth of the maritime countries and cause nostalgia for a wonderful holiday. Sooner or later, from the river or sea "raw materials" I want to do something more interesting and unusual. To start work it is necessary to arm with auxiliary materials. Most often there is a need for such attributes:

  • Paints;
  • Glue;
  • Plasticine;
  • Polymer clay.

Depending on the concept of sea stone crafts, you may need a stand or base to create a specific installation. The simplest and win-win idea is to create decorative magnets on the fridge. On one side, a magnet is attached to the pebble, and on the other side they are painted with paints.

If the stone elements are decorated for children, the bizarre natural shape is beaten so that in the end it was possible to get some kind of fairytale hero. For example, a square, flattened stone is painted with yellow paint, and a face and pants are painted, like Bob’s Square Pants.

Figures of cats or dogs always look safe. If there are many small natural stones in the house, they are also painted yellow. Having drawn small details, it is possible to get a whole brood of small chickens, which chaotically "scattered" on the surface of the refrigerator door.



The second life of an empty bottle

From seashells and stones you get excellent decor for frames, boxes or flowerpots with flowers. Very small pebbles suitable for decorating bottles. Natural material is sometimes pre-stained, giving it an artificial original color. You can take the simplest bottle of wine, completely overlaying the walls with improvised decor. There can not do without small shells, beads, artificial pearls, sea ropes.

By the way, with the help of a spectacular nautical-style rope, a large oblong stone can be tied to a bottle, a pot, or another decorated container. This decor looks rude, but very impressive and stylish.

If in the house empty glassware was lying around, you can make an interesting shape for the candles from it. This craft is often used as an extraordinary candlestick. Shells and sea stones are poured into tara, decorated with small fish figures and any other decor that matches the concept and style.

River stones

You can create at least creative installations from river stone. Most often cobblestones are used for unusual compositions in eco style. From such available materials it is convenient to create crafts for the garden.



Unusual picture

The eco-style interior is complemented by an unusual installation of pebbles. You need to find a solid foundation. The frame is better to choose a minimalist style. For example, from unpainted wood.

First, prepare the base of the future picture. On the canvas paint a green meadow with large fat strokes, smoothly turning into a blue or turquoise sky. Then from the edge of the green leaf form large stems, leaving to the sky itself.



Now it is the turn of the decor stones. It will take the smallest pebbles. Desirable oval or round shape. Some of them are painted in green, emerald green, olive color. The second half in delicate floral tones. It is important for the decor to select elements of natural origin. Artificial pearls or beads will be out of place.

Now from small pebbles form green leaves on the bottom of the painted stems. The tops of improvised flowers are decorated with inflorescences. Imitations of daisies, cornflowers and other wild flowers look organic.

The sky can be complemented by the sun, made of large colored cobblestone. Cute and unusual children's crafts are ready. The volume picture will become the real decoration in any room.



Rugs, coasters, decorative eco-trays

Crafts made of shells or decorative stones can not only decorate the interior or become the subject of admiration in kindergarten, but also bring tangible benefits. Napkins are used as a stand for flowerpots with flowers, for candles or a kettle in the kitchen.

Rugs are made and decorated in a similar way, but used as a regular rug, located near the door. However, it is necessary to step on it with clean feet. Some of these stone crafts are used as a natural eco-massager for the feet.



It is very easy to make a stylish and effective attribute. As a base fit a piece of linoleum, carpet or any durable, strong textiles. The most convenient way is to use a hot glue gun.

Pebbles are laid in any order that is acceptable to create a composition. For example, crafts can be decorated with imitation of large and small feet. Before sticking out the details, they draw something like a sketch on the canvas in order to find out how to properly position the pebbles.

Crafts from shells or pebbles can be bright, unusual, emitting positive. Cobblestones can be used to work in the style of decoupage. This technique is very popular for the decoration of furniture, accessories, dishes, various working surfaces.



To create a creative masterpiece you will need the following attributes:

  • One or more large flat stones;
  • Bright napkins or other elements with a beautiful pattern (three-layer);
  • White water-based paint;
  • White glue;
  • Paints of different colors;
  • Glossy varnish.

So, the stone is covered with white "water emulsion". From napkins cut out the image necessary for decoration. The resulting element is applied to the stone and glued to the canvas with PVA glue.
Now stone crafts should dry out. As soon as the surface to be decorated becomes completely dry, the background is painted with acrylic paints. There are no taboos and restrictions here. You can experiment as you like, using the maximum of all kinds of decorative techniques.



Decorations for landscape compositions

Considering the stone as the main material for creating unusual installations, it is worth mentioning the compositions for the garden. At the cottage, cobblestones in any form can be used simply in unlimited quantities.



Creative artists and craftsmen create garden paths, form fountains, enrich the design of terraces, platforms near gazebos or even construct unusual garden furniture. It all depends on how much and what kind of material is at hand. For country house you can create beautiful installations, decorating the shelves in the house with pretty knick-knacks.



Sometimes it is not necessary to search for unusual ideas for a long time, plan and prepare all the necessary elements. It is enough to pick up pebbles or shells, and ideas in the head are born by themselves. It is only necessary to timely implement all the ideas.