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Wenge color hall: popular style solutions (20 photos)


The wenge color hallway is the perfect solution for the design of a classic or modern style room. The color of wenge is unique because it does not have a precise definition and looks luxurious. It can be brown with golden tints, dark brown with black veins and even milky. This wood color is characterized by exquisite beauty.



Today in the consumer market there is a wide choice of furniture in the hallway under wenge. This is an analog, budget and stylish solution for your apartment or house. The rich color of the furniture gives the room respectability and style. In addition, according to psychologists, the dark color serves indoors as an additional source of comfort and coziness.



Successful solutions to the combination of wenge color in the interior

The unique color of wenge can easily fit into a wide variety of style decisions. The color of wenge gives you the opportunity to get an aristocratic design, filled with notes of modernity. Remember, choosing furniture of a given color, it is important to correctly design a design so that all its elements are consistent. The color of wenge in the interior in most cases looks quite strict, but it can be easily diluted with a large number of light shades.

The game of contrasts is a great solution. Combinations of wenge and bright, bright tones will be appropriate. In order to better reveal the depth of color, it is advisable to give preference to a variety of stylish accessories. For example, the combination of wenge and white, milky oak, transparent elegant vases on the table, golden accessories looks very elegant.

Contrasting combination of wenge and dairy oak is very popular and fashionable. The interior, made in this style, will be bright and memorable. If the hallway is small, then in terms of decorating the space it is difficult to find many options. Small wenge hallways require the rational use of free space. The combination of dark and light boards, namely wenge and milky oak, looks outside the box and original. Such a hallway of wenge with milk will be a great solution for any style choice, from classic to avant-garde.



You can add a decorative highlight to the hallway in wenge color by using colorful paintings, panels, fresh flowers, original wall clocks, etc. The combination of wenge and wicker interior elements (baskets, shoes, boxes, etc.) looks original and creative.

Please note that the use of a hallway in wenge color implies the use of a large number of natural coatings. Modern materials are allowed to use, but occasionally. It is advisable to use as rarely as possible such materials as plastic, acrylic.

Color wenge fashionable and personable. Especially designers recommend to give preference to palettes of light yellow, coffee, bleached, milky and ivory shades. Original looks wenge and bleached oak. It is also not recommended to use other wood textures. This will lead to the loss of the presentability of the luxurious color of wenge.

Special attention is paid to lighting. It is recommended to pay attention to the degree of illumination of the rooms that are adjacent to the hallway. Chandeliers are better to choose with matte shades. If the ceilings are low, the light should not be directed downwards. Visually, you can expand the space, if the lamps are installed in a row.

In the decor of the hallway in the color of wenge is often used niche. If you highlight them, the space will look unusual. The ceiling can be illuminated with spotlights or wicker shades. In the presence of a large number of mirrors in the hallway, it is necessary to use a uniform light that will not create a shadow.



Types of hallways wenge

The hallways to the corridor can be made in the most diverse style (from classic to avant-garde), so there will be no additional difficulties in choosing the right model. You can purchase narrow or wide models with a mirror, equipped with single or double doors. Versions of hallways are very convenient and functional, in which the shelves for shoes, bags, umbrellas and a wide variety of accessories are provided.

If you want to make rational use of space, then an excellent solution for your apartment will be a wenge-colored hallway. Today, wardrobes can be purchased in three types. They may be embedded. This option involves the installation of furniture in a niche. Opening and closing the doors of wenge is done with the help of rollers and guides. Very often, a wardrobe set in the area of ​​the former pantry.



The second popular option is a corner hallway-compartment. If you have unused space in the corner, then this solution is perfect. Another popular hallway is the use of radial sliding wardrobes. The front part of such a cabinet hallway is curved. Side walls can also be with rounded edges. Wardrobes are able to perfectly fit into the hallway, made in the color of wenge.

An integral element of any hallway is a bollard. Shoe cabinet as well as a hanger and a mirror plays an important role in the room. It makes it possible to arrange shoes in an orderly manner, saving the room from the house. Obuvnitsa helps unload space in the hallway, to provide the necessary conditions for storing shoes. Shoes - this is a dirty and dusty element of the wardrobe, which is advisable to keep apart from other things.



The shoebox can be open or closed in the form of a small locker. Also today you can buy this kind of shoeboxes, as slim. This is a great solution for small hallways. Such models of shoeboxes are narrow and high, equipped with folding shelves. Storing shoes in this case is carried out in a vertical position. It is preferable to choose models of shelves for shoes, in which, if desired, you can change the distance between the shelves. So you can easily store shoes of various sizes.

Curbstone in the hallway can be very diverse. You can purchase a narrow or wide model. Modern pedestal in the hallway can be with a mirror. This option is practical and comfortable to use. Mirror, hangers, combined with a shoe stand, look elegant and stylish. Also an integral element and an excellent addition to the comfort can be cabinets for the phone, with a seat or a sofa.

It is difficult to imagine any wenge hallway without a convenient and practical hanger for numerous clothes. Today hangers have a wide variety of choices. Hangers of various types are ideal for a wenge style hallway: simple and creative, hangers made of wood or metal. The hall with a combination of wenge color and wrought-iron hanger will be filled with special chic. In the hallway hangers can be floor or wall mounted.

If your choice was stopped on a hall in the style of wenge, then you will get a lot of advantages when using furniture of this color.

A characteristic feature of wenge is the presence of an unusual texture. Beautiful and embossed design helps to get the original shape and design. To each style of a hall in color of wenge you will be able without effort to pick up suitable accessories and accessories. When choosing a hallway, it is advisable to follow the following criteria:

  • The size. It is necessary to choose the size of the furniture correctly, carefully measuring the space. Parameters must match the footage and layout of the room.
  • Level of functionality The hall in color of wenge has to be not only beautiful and qualitative, but also functional. Clothing, shoes, care products and other accessories should be compactly placed in a small space. In addition, a mirror should be provided, as well as a place to sit comfortably in order to change the shoes.
  • Features configuration. A modern entrance hall may consist of a different number of modules. As a rule, the main equipment includes a wardrobe, cabinet, mirror, shelf for shoes, hanger.
  • Practical functions. Wenge furniture should be easy to maintain and maintain. The color of wenge is an advantageous solution, since dirt is less noticeable on a dark surface.
  • The quality of the furniture. If you want the headset for the hallway to serve as long as possible, it is advisable to give preference to headsets from trusted manufacturers.
  • Style decision. The purchased furniture should be suitable for the chosen design decision of the hall.
  • Cost Today, the consumer market has a wide selection of wenge-colored furniture for the hallway. In this regard, you can easily choose the option given the available budget.

A small space is extremely important to visually correct. Designers today offer a large number of ideas on how to make the room visually more comfortable with the help of a wenge-colored hallway. In this matter, it is important to truly learn how to combine dark and light colors. Consider the most popular tips to increase space:

  • We perform the ceiling and the floor in a dark color. This makes it possible to visually make the corridor more elongated, which means more.
  • Wenge color can choose any shade. If the floor and ceiling are dark, then it is preferable to choose a headset of two colors - dark and light.
  • Dilute the dark palette with bright original accents in the interior.
  • The door is desirable to choose a light palette.

In a small hallway it is important to arrange the furniture in the color of wenge. Furniture set is better to use the minimum. For comfortable operation of the hallway it will be enough to have a closet, a shelf for shoes, a mirror and a hanger.