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Spring sofas: obsolete classic or new chic (26 photos)


With the advent of sofas made of polyurethane foam, and in recent years, and new manufacturing technology called "layer cake", in which it became possible to avoid material subsidence, opinions were divided. Someone began to relate negatively to the spring block, believing that this was a waste of money and fearing horror stories from the USSR about the springs that had flown out. Someone, on the contrary, trusts only the metal filling and believes that "cheap foam" does not bear any good. Who is right? The answer is ambiguous: each in its own way.



The structure of spring sofas

A spring is an elastic element that accumulates and gives off energy during loading and its removal. Wire for the production of springs is made of bar steel.



Classic springs

When many people see this spring block, they exclaim: “Ah! It's the same folding bed!”, And having learned its bitter experience of using it (fast sagging, spring jumping out and creaking) many years ago do not consider this type of purchase. And in vain. After all, this is not a clamshell, and "Bonnel." Outwardly, the truth is very similar, but the manufacturing technology has been radically changed.

The springs began to weave continuously in a certain order; to avoid their contact, they do not creak or rub. The entire metal block consists of special biconous springs with 4 or 5 turns. They are fastened together with steel wire. At the ends of the coils, there are special locks that help avoid the spontaneous unscrewing of the spirals. Simply put, "Bonnel" consists of unique, but connected with each other springs on the metal frame.

The main advantages of these sofas are the budget price and improved reliability. They compare favorably with endurance and resistance even to decent loads.



Independent springs

What is this spring unit? It consists of a barrel shaped spring. Each such barrel is placed in its own fabric cover. All springs are protected from each other, thereby eliminating their friction against each other. This is called independent interaction. A leather sofa with such a spring block will not be spoiled by the departing coils. Springs in diameter do not exceed six centimeters. Per square meter of their products account for about 250 pieces.



In addition to springs, these sofas are supplied with soft paddings that regulate stiffness. What does this give in the complex? Uniform distribution of the load of the whole body along the perimeter, the ability to avoid overstretching of soft tissues and complete relaxation of the body. Achieve a high level of comfort for sleeping and sitting. The sofa with the independent spring block is protected from sagging, excessive fluctuations when changing positions and noise. Orthopedic sofas - this is a real bed!



It is necessary to decide for what purposes you are buying a sofa. To lie down an hour after work in front of the TV, gather a large group of friends and play the Xbox or sleep on the bed for several years? Having answered this question, you can proceed to the choice of the next item.

These are types of sofa layouts for instantly obtaining a surface for sleeping, in other words, turning the sofa into a bed. Sofas and different from the bed that they are folding. The mechanism is selected on the basis of the space of the room in which the sofa will stand, the frequency of use and the age of the person for whom it is intended (some of them may not cope with the child or grandmother).



Sofa shape

The next thing you need to decide on the type of sofa. There are several of them too:

  • Direct - the classic version, which easily fit even in a small room.
  • Corner - convenient for those who want to use every centimeter wisely and get maximum comfort for large families or fans to bring friends together. Now popular corner sofas with an independent spring unit, in which you can change the angle of the right to the left.
  • Modular - sofas of new generation. Here, fantasy knows no boundaries; you can assemble a piece of upholstered furniture from a variety of modules. Equip it with a table, bar or massage.



Design solution

In a rare dwelling today you will not meet a sofa. Still, they appeared a long time ago and have come a long way from the bench, covered with pillows, upholstered fabric with hay and horsehair inside, to that chic choice with orthopedic mattresses that we have today. And, of course, today the sofa is not only a subject of comfort, but also an interior.

With sofas with an angle, you can zone the space of a room, for example, by separating the computer zone from the seating area. A sofa set in the middle of a room can become a very stylish solution in a studio apartment. Thus, there is a delimitation of the kitchen and dining area.

The leather spring sofa not only gives solidity, but also is absolutely unpretentious in leaving. Consider this when choosing upholstery.



Visually, to preserve the airiness of the space, small straight sofas combined with armchairs will help to get rid of clutter in the living room. Compact spring sofas allow you to easily make a permutation, moving them around the room.



In the process of choosing upholstered furniture, emphasis should be placed not only on their style decision, but also on their palette. It is important to understand what your task is: to focus or, conversely, to maintain neutrality. There are some basic laws of color combinations between upholstered furniture and the rest of the furniture itself:

  • You should not choose upholstered furniture of the same shade as the walls or floors. The color should be different at least a couple of shades.
  • Accenting the couch of a bold color is the decision of a creative person. Choosing a bright spot in the room, combine the most successful shades: red with gold, pale green, yellow with ashen, blue and lilac, green with orange, yellow and pink.
  • Neutrality. In this case, the walls will already be made in any bright shades, and the furniture in neutral pastels.

Corner sofa in velvet upholstery, sofa accordion with spring block or leather spring sofa? Never mind! The main thing to approach his choice with full responsibility, so that it was so nice every time to return home. No matter how trite it sounds, comfortable rest and sleep is really a guarantee of good mood and a feeling of satisfaction.