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Bedspreads for the bedroom: a beautiful bed pack (27 photos)


The bedroom, regardless of the style should be comfortable - you can not argue with that. Glass and wood, even the most beautiful closet can not create comfort - they have other tasks, so the main burden falls on textiles. Along with the obligatory curtains, this cover is on the bed. We choose it by several parameters: texture, color, material. Some are also guided by the time of year.



The size

When choosing bedspreads for the bedroom, consider the function of this decor item: ethical and utilitarian. Even the gorgeous bedding is not customary to demonstrate to outsiders. In addition, the covered is not so quickly dirty.

The rule was unshakable for decades: the blanket on the bed in the bedroom should be in harmony with curtains or curtains. It is relevant today, although not so categorically.
Full color matching is not required, but it is desirable to avoid discord. For example, blackout curtains on the background of a light blanket look bad.



There are simple compatibility rules. They are applicable depending on the requirements of the hostess:

  • In the classic style of color bedspreads and curtains match.
  • For a less conservative interior, the harmony of the pattern of the cover and the shades of the curtains is sufficient.
  • To enliven the monochrome cover, a path is laid in the color of curtains on it.
  • The magnificent interior in any style creates a veil, matched under the wall covering. The combination of shades can be full or partial. As an example, the cover color patterns on the wallpaper.
  • Bedspread and furniture of the same color, especially if the bed is part of the headset.
  • You can choose a blanket in the range of glass stained glass wardrobe.
  • Shades of the bed cover are tied to accessories like a rug or lamp shade.

Designers have developed basic rules that help to easily choose the color of the bedspread in the bedroom:

  • In a small room, a combination of color with furniture, floor, walls is required.
  • Striped bedspreads or blankets visually expand the space.
  • A cold interior will warm up with a coating of any warm shade, for example, beige.
  • Bright, rich colors and ornaments add mood, but in the bedroom are used sparingly.
  • Neutral colors have their own rules. White background is welcome in the interior of any color. A calm gray veil organically complements the atmosphere with warm hues. A great option with gray-pearl tints.

Monochromatic light coatings are rarely used daily. Most often, white, beige or gray is laid on special occasions or as a guest version so that a person does not doubt the cleanliness of this bedding accessory.

Since the bed cover is chosen for the finished interior, the cover design is selected so that there is no dissonance.

Modern interior. Preferably a monochromatic coating of blended fabrics.



Vintage. Quilted bedspreads are organic, especially with patterns. It is not so difficult to personally manufacture quilted products using patchwork technique, that is, from patches. Such a hand-made, existing in the singular, will be a real decoration of the room and the pride of the hostess.

Romance. Flounces or ruffles are permissible if they are organic in the interior of the bedroom: it will become slightly frivolous and light. True, they will have to shake out more often, because dust is actively accumulating here.

Folk. Linen, quilted cotton or patchwork will fit into Provence or Country.

Scandinavian. Checkered in a muted range of brown, gray, beige shades.




Perhaps the most important component when choosing for the bedroom. The texture of the bedspread can not only set the tone for the entire interior design, but also drastically change its perception. At the same time, it should not contradict the existing design of the room: it is unlikely that you would like to redo everything because of a rashly bought piece of fabric.

Gloss. For a sparkling bedroom we need the same beautiful silk or satin covers.



Softness. A room with frosted walls, fluffy carpet on the floor and upholstered furniture even more comfortable will make a fur or knitted cover. If in the hot summer it seems out of place, cotton or jacquard is chosen.

The size. We select in accordance with the dimensions of the bed. On a solid double organically look the same serious thick curtains. For a compact single cover easier to fit.

In any case, the material should be chosen qualitative, especially if we are talking about allergies, the elderly or children.



Following the fashion

Those who allow only modern trends for their beloved lodge are offered several options.


Animal motifs regularly fall into the top fashion trends. They are able to stir up even the most decorum-calm interior. Repainting the walls is optional, enough bedspread, rug or small accessories.




Stylists made sure that the modern knitted coverlet was not associated with the traditional grandmother's work. The openwork soft canvas will add refinement to the bedroom, and more dense - comfort.

It is easy to pick it up in the store, but it is better to make a fashionable exclusive. It will not only decorate the bedroom, but also another blanket.




Any blanket fits without problems into the bedroom: with its presence it makes the atmosphere more comfortable and warmer.

This is an organic addition to the bedspread and interior in general. It can be beautifully folded on the bed, hidden in the closet. Or hide blanket during the day rest.



What to consider when choosing?

The bed cover we choose non-marking, badly creased, durable. This is especially true for lovers to lie on the bed during the day, not spreading it.

A practical option - bilateral models. This is actually two in one, for fans of diversity.



Coverage on a children's bed should be natural and non-marking. It is worth choosing microfiber. It is hypoallergenic, practically does not accumulate dust.

This accessory is in contact with the skin, can affect the airways, so you should not save on its quality.

Without a bedspread in the bedroom can not do. It provides intimacy, makes care of bedding less tedious. In addition to practical benefits, a well-chosen model just pleases the eye, giving the interior wholeness and completeness.