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Husband for an hour - prompt assistance and attention to detail


If you have accumulated minor household breakdowns, you need to connect new equipment or repair the old one, our offer will be very helpful. The order of departure of the expert is convenient, quickly, very simply. Husband for an hour successfully perform the operation that you have been postponing for a long time or are afraid to do it yourself.



When can not do without a universal assistant? The service is in demand among the townspeople, who find it difficult to personally take on certain categories of household work. And not only because our customers are not able to repair the stool or adjust the parameters of the TV.

A high level of employment, a banal lack of time, or the absence of the husband herself - there can be a lot of reasons, the main thing is that you can order operational assistance from specialists with a guarantee of quality, and at loyal prices.

What are the advantages of the service Master for an hour?

Competent intervention in solving problems of a domestic nature provides for the efficiency of measures and guarantees of high quality work. Turning for help to a self-taught neighbor, you risk to suffer not only from wasting time, but also from possible property damage. Having ordered a visit to the housing and utilities employee, you will have to desperately wait for a specialist who will not come soon and may look drunk or in a bad mood. Order the wizard service for an hour - this is an effective and popular way to solve everyday tasks of varying complexity.



What works does the master for an hour

Clients are provided with a wide range of services covering almost all aspects of modern life:

  1. Professional furniture assembly. The master has the necessary set of tools for high-quality assembly of furniture of any types and brands. Also, work is done on disassembling old furniture.
  2. Plumbing installation. Installation of bathtubs, sinks, shower cabins, toilet bowls, bidets, mixers is performed according to the conditions of European standards.
  3. Repair of plumbing equipment. The set of proposals includes system diagnostics of devices, troubleshooting, and disposal of faulty equipment. Order the service of the home master, if required, for example, the elimination of leaks, replacement of parts, removal of the drain or adjustment of plumbing fixtures. The specialist will help dispose of old plumbing, if the device can not be repaired.
  4. Installation of kitchen equipment. If installation of a dishwasher, gas or electric stove, washing machine and other sophisticated equipment is required, our experienced specialists will quickly and efficiently connect the device to the engineering infrastructure systems.
  5. Water heater installation and repair. Master for an hour is well versed in the features of installation of water-heating equipment of any type, entrust installation of the device to a specialist.
  6. Installation of a water filter. We will help you professionally equip the water supply system with cleaning devices of the required category, we will provide comprehensive services for working with filters.
  7. Installation of sockets and switches. The wizard will help you choose the right devices, if you are in doubt, will quickly and inexpensively install any kinds of sockets and switches.
  8. Installation of junction boxes, switchboards, fuses in the panel. Works are performed by competent specialists who have the necessary knowledge and experience, provided with special equipment and equipment.
  9. Tile installation. Clients are provided with such services as expert assistance in selecting tiles, delivery, dismantling of old finishes and surface preparation, and professional laying of tiles. Experienced specialists perform tile work of any category of complexity efficiently and quickly.
  10. Hanging pictures, curtain rods for curtains, shelves. Master for an hour comes with tools and equipment to quickly and securely install the interior elements on a dedicated surface. Order a service from us if you want to hang a picture, a mirror or a chandelier; hang a closet, TV or install blinds, mosquito net, curtain rod. If necessary, in addition to installing the eaves, a home craftsman will help to carefully hang tulle, curtains, curtains of varying complexity of execution.
  11. Repair and finishing work. If you need an expert to erect a small partition, drill holes, fill the wall, paste over the surface with wallpaper or plaster, order the wizard’s service for an hour that will perform the task taking into account all the wishes of the client.
  12. Small household repair. The husband will update the casing for an hour, beat the plinth, replace the light bulb, fix the door handles, help to fix other household problems.

If the master was called for one purpose for an hour, for example, to install a chandelier, but another process was discovered in the process of eliminating leaks in the kitchen, the client has the right to count on emergency assistance from our specialist.




How to call the master for an hour?

The answer is simple - dial our number! We will not leave the solution to your problem for later, but immediately take the employee with the proper skills and qualifications.

Do you live alone or in a purely female company and cannot cope with the repair of furniture or the banal replacement of a light bulb? Call us - we will settle everything, and you can spend your time and energy on what is really important to you!

You do not want to get dirty, look for tools or ask friends to help with the rearrangement / carrying weights or repairing / dismantling equipment? Believe me, there are people who will make it faster - order the departure of employees at a time convenient for you!