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The choice of the cabinet in the bathroom: the main types, materials, nuances (26 photos)


Bathroom - the first place in which most people go, just rising from the bed. Brush your teeth, take a shower, send natural necessities, if the bathroom is combined - and only then go to breakfast, and then go to work. And so that the result is a good mood, and not a feeling of insecurity and stagnation, you need to make sure that the bathroom always looks great. A significant role in this plays a closet in the bathroom, without which it can not do.




Purpose and main types

Wardrobe in the bathroom somehow puts most people, because without it:

  • there is no place to put cosmetics and accessories for skin care;
  • there is no place to keep hygiene items that need to be kept dry.




They store anything in cabinets: someone has a home first-aid kit in the bathroom, someone hangs up their home clothes or lay out their laundry, someone hides shower gels, soap supplies and other things that might be useful. Choose a wardrobe in the bathroom, depending on preferences and destination - there are several types of them:

  • cabinets cabinets are located under the sink;
  • wall cabinets are located above the sink;
  • cabinet cases are so high that they almost reach the ceiling;
  • Built-in cabinets are located in a niche and do not attract attention.

Each option has its advantages.



Cabinet cabinet

The floor cabinet is different from the others:

  • compactness - it takes up just enough space to place the sink conveniently on it (if the customer himself does not want to make it bigger);
  • closeness - because of the pipes located inside, the floor cabinet is always equipped with doors, behind which things placed inside are not visible.

A great solution for small bathrooms, where space is less than that required for the smallest cabinet.

In this case, the cabinet-cabinet saves space, performs an aesthetic role and allows you not to tidy things up under the bathtub or store them in the room, but to place them comfortably under the sink.






Cabinet case

Bathroom cabinet also has its advantages:

  • spaciousness - such a closet in the bathroom can easily accommodate not only a couple of bottles of shampoos, but also clothes and linen;
  • relative compactness - in spite of the fact that the pencil case is larger than the bollard, it still takes up little space and can be put into a corner.

Cabinets-cases fit perfectly into medium-sized and tall bathrooms, where there is enough space for a separate cabinet. The column can take a corner, stand next to the sink. At the same time, it almost always remains closed and no one will see what is located on the roomy shelves.



Built-in wardrobe

The wardrobe in the bathroom is not always possible to install - you need a special niche that is found in the design is not all rooms, but if there is a niche, built-in wardrobes are a great solution:

  • invisibility - if you close the cabinet with a panel to match the color of the remaining walls, an unprepared person may not notice its presence;
  • capacity - built-in cabinets are usually the most spacious of the cabinets.

In addition, a built-in wardrobe will significantly save space, especially if you make him a sliding door. Great solution for small bathrooms.



Design features

In addition to the main type of cabinet, there are additional features that are worth paying attention to.

Location in space. It is irrelevant for built-in wardrobes, since they can be placed only in the wall niche, but important for the rest. There is a corner cabinet in the bathroom, placed in a corner, a triangle, takes up little space, looks aesthetically pleasing and attractive, and there are simple cabinets that can be put in any part of the bathroom.





In addition to the shape and design features, it is also important from what material the cabinet is made. Glass bathroom cabinet according to the characteristics will be different from the cabinet of wood, and this must be considered when buying. The material for the cabinet can be:

  • Chipboard and MDF - pressed wood chips. Not very durable material, but cheap, lightweight, absolutely insensitive to moisture and has a huge range of colors. You can find a color that fits into any bathroom design.
  • Glass is a beautiful material; a glass cabinet can be a real decoration for a bathroom. In addition, a special treatment is carried out with modern glass, which makes it absolutely insensitive to mechanical stress. Maybe any form, different shades. It has only two drawbacks: it is expensive and needs constant thorough care, since every drop of water, every fingerprint, every trace of toothpaste is very clearly visible on it.
  • Natural wood is a noble, aesthetic, but not practical material. A wooden cabinet will look attractive, but will cost a lot and will need constant care, as it will be sensitive to temperature changes and high levels of humidity. A special coating that protects the material from exposure to the environment will need to be refreshed, water stains should be washed off in time, and traces of paint removed.
  • Natural stone is an expensive and heavy material, but very beautiful and durable. It is used only in the case of wardrobes, and then only for the countertop. Maybe a variety of colors, but always remains smooth.
  • Artificial stone is cheaper and lighter than real stone, but is also used only for countertops. Beautiful, diverse, well fit into the bathroom with a mirror. Insensitive to neither water nor temperature changes.
  • Plastic - is usually used in combination with other materials. Often used as a coating. Durable, lightweight, cheap, can be a variety of colors. A plastic-coated cabinet will definitely last longer than an uncoated cabinet.

The material should be chosen depending on the level of income and the desire to engage in care.



Other nuances of choice

Select a cabinet (corner cabinet in the bathroom, a column, there is no fundamental difference) is not so difficult. Having defined the look, design and material, you should pay attention to a few more things:

  • Relevance. Built-in closet in the bathroom will not look if everything else does not fit under it. A column cabinet in a small bath with a low ceiling would be ugly, just like a small cabinet will look out of place in a spacious bathroom. Mirrors help to visually enlarge the room. A large amount of furniture makes it smaller. This kind of nuances should be taken into account, and it is better to pre-plan a room in order to know for sure that as a result it will be possible to turn around.
  • Colour. Not all colors get along with each other. A scarlet cupboard column will be out of place in a bathroom made in soft pastel colors - regardless of how good its horizontal shelves are and how convenient it is to push the built-in basket out of it. A black column cabinet will be out of place among bright colors, certain shades of green among red, and perhaps white will fit everywhere - but there are few such colors. Not having an impeccable artistic taste, it is worth referring to the compatibility table and make sure that the white wardrobe, pink or yellow is suitable for the interior.

Choosing a cabinet - white, green, mounted or outdoor - the process is long, but interesting. If everything goes well and the choice is made correctly, the result can be enjoyed for many years.