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Table-sill - rationality, convenience, ingenuity (24 photos)


For most people, a windowsill is just a place for flowers. You can also grow onions on it. Well, sometimes you can put an iron or a pile of books on it. However, the owners of a small apartment, especially if she has small children in the Khrushchev house and in a family, it is difficult to provide a separate table for each family member to work or study; the idea of ​​how to make a table from a windowsill comes often enough.



Sill-table in the interior: good or not?

The answer to this question is largely dependent on how successfully it is possible to combine the function that the sill performs with the requirements in each particular case for the table being created. And also on how beautiful and comfortable its implementation will be. Below are considered the advantages and disadvantages of tables designed on the basis of window sills.



Of course, a lot of living space in this way is unlikely to save, but for those who live in Khrushchev sometimes an extra square meter is a pleasant find. Such a table can be not only another element of the interior, but also a separate computer or desk for the son of a teenager, whom he had long dreamed of.




Along with the advantages, such tables, into which window sills can be converted, create some inconveniences.

For example, the excellent illumination of such a window sill in the form of a table also has a “reverse” side: when the sun is shining in the window, there may be an excess of light, and this is the same undesirable situation as its flaw, so you have to install blinds on the window.



In most of the apartments, both in modern layout and in Khrushchev houses, the batteries are located directly under the window sills, which will contribute to more heating of the legs than at a regular table. This situation will cause some pleasant sensations, but someone may not like it. In addition, the circulation of heated air will deteriorate slightly, since the table top of this table extends a considerable distance from the window, therefore, will prevent the vertical rise of warm air coming from the battery.



In principle, it is easy to solve this problem: you need to make holes (round or oblong) in the table top near the location of the battery that will ensure free passage of warm air through them, thereby restoring the usual circulation of air masses in the room. Today, in stores you can find plastic or metal inserts for such technological holes, which will give an aesthetic look to self-made "holes."




The window sill that passes into the table has a non-standardly large width, so it will hardly be possible to use long, beautiful curtains that were previously hung. It is necessary either to shorten the curtains, or to install blinds or blinds. The last option with blinds and roller blinds in this situation looks more attractive, since such a system of dimming and convenient to use, and you can close the window without disturbing the order on the table.

The design of the window sill may be such that it requires the work of the artist to achieve the aesthetics of the created structure.

In principle, this is practically all the flaws that table-sills have.

Such structures can be installed in any room, but depending on its purpose it is chosen:

  • more simple or complicated design;
  • the material from which the table-sill is made;
  • its color and decorative design, combined with the overall style of the interior room.

Next, we consider one of the most common options for the use of tables created on the basis of window sills.



Table-sill in the kitchen

Any interior of any room involves a reasonable layout. In a small kitchen in Khrushchev it is all the more important. One of the winning solutions that is most often implemented in the kitchen is the combination of a tabletop and a window sill in such a way that the dining table becomes part of the design of the window sill.

Often the window sill (especially with a considerable width) takes up a lot of space, the functional use of which is very limited: space for plants, sometimes dishes, coffee grinders, etc. It is hardly rational to arrange an exhibition of flowers on the window and huddle on the remnants of the square. You can more competently approach the organization of the kitchen space.

Sill-table top will be appropriate not only in a small kitchen in the Khrushchev, but in the elite interior of spacious apartments with huge kitchens it can be quite comfortable kitchen table or the like of a bar counter. In this case, the tabletop can be not only made of wood, but also of PVC, and even of stone. Wooden tables, possessing natural warmth, are more pleasant to the touch, but plastic ones are easier to clean.



Table-sill folding type instead of the window sill in the kitchen of the usual will be especially convenient in the Khrushchev, because in this case, when they do not use, a little more space is released. But the corner table, which is a continuation of the window sill and occupies space from the window to the corner of the room and extending further along another wall, is suitable only for modern kitchens, for which space saving is not very relevant.



If there is sufficient width at the window sills, they can be fitted with a retractable plane, which, when extended, is an extension of this window sill, forming together with the latter a fairly full-featured dining table.

The basis of the modern tendency of room arrangement is the most useful use of each square decimeter of living space, therefore the window sill is more and more often not just a place for a home garden or flowerbed, but a working area for a person with a laptop or a desk for a schoolchild or a dining table in the kitchen.