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White interior in different styles: how versatile is white? (110 pictures)


By the white color in the design has always been an ambiguous attitude. Some designers use it as an excellent background against which any other colors will look beautiful. Other decorators do not like him because any room in which there is too much white may look like a hospital room. This can be avoided if the white color in the interior is used intelligently, dosed and know the measure.







Modern designers are increasingly using white color in their projects. In these or other interiors, we see a variety of objects and surfaces in white:

  • furniture;
  • ceiling;
  • floor;
  • walls;
  • textile;
  • lamps and chandeliers;
  • decorative accessories.

Moreover, in certain projects the decorator may adopt one point of this plan, and in others - several at once. Someone in the interior uses only white decor, and someone completely white finishing materials. In this case, the effect of a clean slate appears - the walls and the floor become the ideal backdrop for furniture and decor in any other colors. This is a good design trick, because the white color, being basic, works well with a huge number of shades. You just need to find the right combination.












And with the help of white color you can visually transform any space:

  • raise the ceiling;
  • make the room wider and more spacious;
  • place accents;
  • divide the room into semantic zones;
  • fill all the space with air;
  • refresh any interior.

Please note that this effect can be achieved not only with the help of a radical rework. If there is no time and opportunity to re-glue the wallpaper or re-laminate, you can restrict yourself to buying white upholstered furniture and a light cabinet. That will be enough too.






The complexities of white interiors

A white interior, if improperly designed and organized, can have significant drawbacks. If there is too much white in the room, it seems dull and boring. Even psychologists say that an excess of white can cause melancholy and despondency, to cause apathy.

May become annoying and oversupply of glossy white surfaces. They, like mirrors, will reflect light, from which eyes may begin to tire. But this problem is solved simply: for the interior to be comfortable and cozy, you can use different shades of white for its design. Do you think that they are not? Quite the contrary, white, like any other color, has a diverse range of shades. The most popular shades of white are:

  • Ivory;
  • snow white white;
  • pearl;
  • baked milk;
  • splashes of champagne;
  • cream;
  • smoky;
  • linen.

The range of shades is very rich, and every color, when used properly and combined, is interesting. Among this diversity, of course, you can find the best option for a particular interior. White color is universal, so it fits perfectly into any style, ranging from classic to modern directions.




If you want to create a beautiful and comfortable interior in white colors, then do not forget the simple rule: you cannot save on finishing materials. The peculiarity of white color is that it makes any, even the most insignificant, surface imperfections visible. For example, the same plastic in brown color will look good, and in white it will be cheap and miserable. The same applies to wood. If it is poorly processed, white color will underline it.

For decorating vertical surfaces it is better to abandon textured plaster. Even if you choose a shade of a bone bone, over time, dust will clog up into a drawing, and the wall will acquire an ugly gray tint. White nonwoven wallpaper in the interior will look great. They breathe, clean well, are not afraid of exposure to moisture. It all depends on their appearance, but if you decide that you will have white walls in the interior, it is better to buy washable wallpaper.

For creative, doubters of nature, the ideal interior solution will be the purchase of wallpaper for painting. If you suddenly feel bored and uncomfortable in a room with white wallpaper, you can easily repaint them several times. This is very convenient if the wallpaper will quickly become dirty. They can simply once again be covered with a layer of white paint, and they will be as new.

Use light wallpaper in the first place can be used to decorate small rooms, at least visually make them more spacious. If you paint the walls white in Khrushchev, the apartment will seem larger, and the sensations in it will be more air. This is a very simple and effective technique.









The white floor in the interior also has several advantages. He, like white walls, significantly unloads space, adding air to it. On it, dark furniture does not seem so cumbersome, there is a feeling that it is floating in the air. White flooring should be done in a room that has a dark ceiling or has decorative brown beams on it. In such an interior, the floor pulls down the room. Bright floor will be a great contrast to the bright furniture and walls. White laminate in the interior is especially recommended to lay on those who have small children or pets. On a white background are not visible spots, dust and wool.

An important detail can be a white plinth in the interior or door ivory. With the help of such plinth you can draw a clear boundary between the ceiling and walls of contrasting colors. Designers use this move to visually raise the ceiling. The choice of the door is also important. It should be of high quality and the same style as the interior. Installing a white door will also add air to the interior. Here you need to choose the right materials. It is best if the plinth and the door are made of natural wood or MDF. They should be well sanded and covered with a smooth, glossy paint that does not absorb dirt and does not attract dust. The door we use often, so it should be covered with such varnish or paint that can be easily washed.






White in a classic interior

White color was and remains in the color palette of the classic interior. This style is characterized by the presence of simple forms of furniture, inconspicuous finishing materials, and textiles of restrained colors. Designers offer dozens of ideas on how to use white in such an interior. We offer to use the most popular option. Just lay a dark brown laminate on the floor, and in white do:

  • floor;
  • ceiling;
  • all furniture;
  • lighting.

At first glance it may seem that there is too much white in such an interior. In fact, the dark floor will be a great contrast, against which the furniture and walls will seem even higher. Such a beautiful white interior is especially suitable for a country house. If you want to add some bright spots to it, put a white closet with glass doors near one of the walls, and place maroon, gold, blue or turquoise plates and glasses behind them.

To decorate the walls in a classic white interior, you can use plaster, which does not have a deep texture. This fireplace will fit well, wired with white marble. If you are afraid of getting tired of white walls, make them buff or yellow. Against this background, cabinets and a white sofa in the interior will look perfect. These recommendations can be used if you will create a classic kitchen interior in white color. The floor can be made of dark wood or stone, and the set is better to order from natural wood, covered with ivory paint. It will be a real classic.





White color in loft style

In the loft style, which appeared in the USA in the last century, white is necessarily present in large quantities. This design direction is characterized by the presence of so-called untreated surfaces: cement screed, hastily plastered walls, masonry, rough wood. Do you want a real loft in your apartment? Then do not be afraid to experiment with colors and surfaces.

White brick in the interior of the loft will be perfect and absolutely in any room. If you want a stylish interior in the kitchen, lay out one of the walls with a real or decorative brick and cover it with snow-white paint. On such a wall you need to hang all sorts of little things in contrasting colors. It can be watches, wooden shelves, photos in frames. Particularly relevant in the loft interior are hand-made items.

If you make your own loft-interior kitchen in white, adopt the popular life hacking: well wash some corrugated tin cans from pineapples, green peas or peaches and paint them with white paint. These jars will be excellent pots for artificial flowers or glasses for all sorts of kitchen trifles.

Simple wooden furniture painted with white paint will fit into the interior of a loft-style room. In the kitchen or in the living room, water-based paint or white plaster can be used to finish the walls, along which electric wires are specially designed — another sign of a real loft. There are no hard limits in this style. White can be a carpet, curtains, any light sources or just a sofa. The main thing is that you feel comfortable here.






We make the room in the style of hi-tech and minimalism

Any high-tech interior is remotely similar to the spaceship inside. Only glossy surfaces and only modern technology. In the design of modern interiors of this style white color is used very actively. The biggest fans of this "cosmic" direction in the design can make the whole interior completely in white.

Laminate, glossy ceiling, furniture of a strict form with shiny facades, a sofa and armchairs - and all dazzling white. Not everyone will like this interior of the room, but for many it will be an ideal place to relax. To create more comfort in such a snow-white room, you can use contrasting details. With glossy surfaces will be well combined with decorative items made of chrome steel. Focus on the floor - put a bright carpet with a little nap. In less categorical high-tech interiors, the use of gray is permitted. Against this dark shade of white looks more interesting and stricter.

The interior in the style of minimalism is remotely similar to the high-tech style. It is in it, as in the first case, that there are no unnecessary, unnecessary details. The only minimalism is not as categorical as high-tech, and a combination of white in the interior with other shades is allowed.

In the interior in the style of minimalism should be present only the necessary furniture, and the surface to be restrained in color. White furniture in an interior minimalism will ideally look, but that it was not lost against walls, they need to be painted in a contrast color. White in this interior will be well combined with a blue or green shade. If the floor is white, it can be covered with a carpet of various shades. However, to create a modern interior in white with bright accents, it is better to use a color scheme. She will tell you exactly what shades for minimalism style to choose, because if you make a mistake, laconic minimalism can easily turn into kitsch.




The chebbi-chic style appeared in the USA in the last century and borrowed a lot of Provence, which has been popular in Europe for many centuries, so white is used almost equally in these two directions. So, these styles are characterized by a large number of light surfaces. However, if cool white is present in minimalism and hi-tech, here are already warm shades.

For the interior of the bedroom, you can use wood panels in the color of baked milk. The floor here can be made darker by several tones, and then the room will be very comfortable. In the style of Provence and Chebbi-chic, any combination of colors is allowed, but pastel colors often prevail. If the walls are white, the furniture should be brown, olive, turquoise, yellow, pink, and in a room with white furniture, on the contrary, the walls should be colored. This is not a strict rule, but rather a recommendation. If it is guided, even a small room in the style of Provence or Chebbi-chic can be made cozy. The main thing is to find the perfect color scheme for yourself and not retreat from it.

In these styles a lot of white is present in the details: textiles, statues, dishes, small pieces of furniture; but rarely does white predominate - rather, it acts as an excellent backdrop for bright and beautiful objects.










Nautical style in white

You can create a white interior in nautical style. And here white will not complement others, namely to prevail. Incredibly stylish look will be a white bathroom in a marine style. The floor and walls are laid with white tiles. It can be textured or fully glossy, and a turquoise rim can be laid out exactly in the center of the walls and a mirror, soap box, holder for toothbrushes and other accessories can be selected under it. In such a bathroom, a simple wooden wardrobe with closed shelves will look good. It can store all bath accessories, cosmetics, towels. No need to overload such an interior with bright details - there may be two or three and no more.

The white hall in sea style will look stylishly. A warm white laminate floor is placed on the floor. It is desirable that he on the texture resembled bleached wood. Walls can also be made of melted milk or ivory. The paint needs to be selected so that when you enter this hallway, it seemed to you that the sun is constantly shining outside the walls of the house and the sea is noisy nearby. For greater effect, the walls can be decorated with seascapes, and put shells and starfishes on the shelves.

If you miss the sea, make the living room and bedroom in a nautical style. Here, as in the hallway, the walls and the floor are painted in warm white shades, and the sea mood is created with the help of bright accessories. Curtains, sofa, pillows, carpeting, paintings on the walls - all this should be in blue and blue tones. Well, if the floor will be able to find the whitewashed boards, similar to the old ship deck.

If desired, you can completely make the interior of the apartment in white and decorate it with accessories in a nautical style. The white-blue combination has a positive effect on the human psyche, helps him to relax and forget about problems. Probably for this reason, many people can watch the sea for hours.









White color in oriental interior

The richly decorated palaces of the sultans, discreet Japanese interior - and the first and second is oriental style. But white color in these cases is used in different ways. Those who want their house or apartment to look like a sheikh’s palace will have to give up the idea of ​​creating an interior in white. This direction is characterized by the use of bright, rich colors, gold, bronze and silver. Here, white can be used as a background on which a complex ornament is applied, ivory accessories can also be present and nothing more.

If you like a calm, measured east, are interested in the ancient philosophy of the land of the rising sun, then you definitely will appreciate the classic Japanese interior. The floor, walls and ceiling can be painted in a calm white color. Contrast in this case is created with the help of dark brown furniture, green bamboo in glass vases, beige linen textiles. A window in such an interior can be draped with white cotton curtains with a green pattern. Large black hieroglyphs will effectively decorate the walls. Every little thing here will be noticeable, because on a white background, all the furnishings look different.