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Signaling to give: features and types


When it comes to giving security, the owners very often turn to security systems for help. As practice shows, the imitation of the alarm for giving does not bring a positive result, so you have to protect the structure with more radical solutions. Now the range includes a wide range of devices, they differ in types and types, have different characteristics, and, of course, have their own advantages and disadvantages. In order to choose the right alarm for giving, it is necessary to take into account all the factors that will affect the final result and will be able to ensure complete safety and reliability.

First of all, the result will be affected by what the host is waiting for. Each type involves a different installation of the alarm, so when choosing, be sure to take this moment into account.


These are the simplest devices by the principle of operation, they are quite easy to install. This is an alarm for giving with a siren, which has sensors, and they record any movement in the room. You can install both in the room itself and outside it, therefore such an alarm system is suitable for the garden and the garage.

In addition to the previous main types, burglar alarms can vary in their degree of complexity, the presence of additional functions. For example, if a pet lives at the dacha, which neighbors feed from time to time, it is necessary to select special devices that have “immunity” from animals. This option allows you to ignore random movements, and will analyze the situation, processing the pixels: the dimensions of the object moving along the dacha.

An alarm can be installed to give with a video camera, the choice here will depend not only on preferences, but also on financial possibilities.

Each core in the alarm system is a control unit to which sensors for internal and external tracking are connected. Information that is collected by all devices installed on the site is able to enter this core, and then, thanks to a special algorithm, be passed on.

There are several types of sensors that can respond to a variety of changes in movement, temperature, vibration, smoke, flooding, opening doors or windows, breaking glass. Security depends on their quantity - the more, the better.

The first step is to install an alarm with such a sensor, since it is in this way that the penetration into the house is carried out. The most common acoustic sensors - is responding to the sound of broken glass.

They are installed a few meters from the window, which allows you to respond to any sounds that occur when glass is struck.

Invisible type of observation - sensor with infrared type

This option is necessary in the event that thieves can enter the premises not by means of a window or door, therefore, thanks to this sensor, the system will react to movement inside the protected place. Budget models notice any changes, and more expensive ones are able to distinguish a false signal from the true one.

There are also passive and active devices. The first type does not emit signals, but is capable of responding only to a change in temperature, the second reacts in the case of intersection of the rays.

There are two types of alarm: hidden and external. They are made from a magnet and a reed switch - a special contact that is triggered when a magnet approaches. If the windows and doors are in the closed position, the contacts are closed, and with their minimum opening, the reed switch leaves the field of the magnet, which leads to the opening of the contacts and further notifications about penetration.

Microwave sensor that captures any movement

This system is most similar to the work of microwave ovens. During movement, the object is reflected, which distinguishes it in frequency from a static object. These changes are recorded by the sensor, and then it transmits them to the control unit.

Quite often, the sensors detect false signals: movements of tree branches, cat movement, but you can sometimes adjust the sensitivity of the sensor.

This sensor is also called vibration. It is a cable that is pulled inside the fence or buried in the ground. It is characterized by a response even in the case of the most subtle tremors, so if a thief steps on a guarded area, the alarm will immediately trigger.

The most reliable result - dual sensor

This option is used in cases of possible changes in temperature conditions, which leads to the response of the infrared sensor. This model combines infrared and microwave sensors, which reduces the possibility of triggering a false alarm and increases overall efficiency.

In order for the system to work, it is necessary to simultaneously record movement and temperature changes.

There are microphones that work with any noise. Also, when they react to noise, recording is performed, one sensor can monitor several windows at once.

As you can see, protection systems are very diverse in their characteristics. Sometimes price plays a key role in the selection, but this is not the case when savings are appropriate. When choosing, you should always be guided by what result you need to get. If the cottage is among other buildings, and there are very often neighbors, autonomous systems will be appropriate. If it is possible that the dacha can be left unattended for a long time and at the same time the neighbors are also absent, refer to the console options.