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Choosing brown curtains correctly: the main combinations (24 photos)


A few centuries ago, brown curtains were a sign of wealth and luxury. They draped the windows in the royal palaces. Then bright colors replaced brown, but not for long. Today, the brown palette is back in fashion. Moreover, it is so diverse that designers can introduce this color into the interior of almost any style.

The pros and cons of such curtains

Curtains in shades of brown look really noble, but in all good measure. If this color is too much in the interior, the room will become too dark and gloomy. It is also important not to be mistaken with the size of the shades of brown shades. If they are large and massive, the room will visually decrease, and it will be uncomfortable in it. A big drawback of brown curtains is that they don't mix well with dark and cold colors. In principle, there are no restrictions, but they should be carefully combined with black, violet and blue furniture.



Brown curtains in the interior are easily combined with a huge number of warm and neutral tones, as well as with gray-white and gray-black. All shades of brown make the interior cozy, give us peace of mind, warm and help us to relax. The advantage of these curtains is that they are friendly with all kinds of wooden furniture that many people like.

It is only at first glance it seems that brown is a dark and dull color. In fact, the palette of shades is so bright and varied that everyone will find their perfect color. Brown curtains can be:

  • coffee;
  • chocolate;
  • caramel;
  • copper;
  • cream;
  • ocher or sand colors;
  • terracotta;
  • beige.

Any combination of these shades among themselves is possible, and it can even be on one canvas. For example, beige curtains with large brown colors will look good in the living room or bedroom. The same curtains in small flower suitable for kitchen and veranda. If you want to make the interior cozy and tasty, feel free to combine different shades of brown.

Coffee color looks perfect with a delicate milky tint. Also, coffee is always in harmony with soft beige color. A light brown curtains can be combined with cream, chocolate and coffee. In short, there are lots of options. You can buy a tulle of one shade, and shade curtains - another. On the windows you can hang roll brown curtains, and on the sides of the curtains, which will be darker or lighter by several tones.



Combine brown with other colors

Many shades of brown harmonize well with bright or calm blue. This combination may seem bold to someone, but, nevertheless, it will decorate almost any interior. These can be thick brown-blue striped drapes or two plain cloths - ideal for a bedroom.



For interiors in ecostyle it would be ideal to use brown with green of any shade: olive, grass or dark. This combination is created by nature itself, therefore, in the interior of such a color scheme, a person is as comfortable as possible. It is possible to find portieres of green-brown color, but remember that this combination looks better on the fabric with a small print.

The interior can also combine yellow curtains with brown. Such an interior will be truly sunny, because the yellow-brown combination gives a feeling of joy and uplifting.



If you want even more bright colors, you can combine turquoise curtains with yellow-green-blue curtains and wooden furniture.

Red, pink, burgundy, purple with shades of brown is better not to combine in one project. If you want to make a truly luxurious interior, you can purchase gold curtains. With the right choice of lighting and furniture they will become a real decoration of the room. A more discreet option - brown curtains with gold pickups, decorated with fluffy tassels.



Create the perfect interior

Curtains in brown colors will look appropriate in any room. The main thing is to choose the right tone and combine it with other colors. Brown curtains in the living room will help create the perfect atmosphere for spending time with friends and family. If the room is spacious, hang curtains with a lambrequin on the window - it always looks luxurious. For her also fit curtains with brown flowers in combination with white and milk tulle. In the interior of the living room overlooking the sunny side, you can not do without blackout curtains. You do not want a bright light to interfere with your day watching TV. Blackout curtains in the hall are simply irreplaceable.



For the kitchen, you can pick up curtains made of light fabric with an interesting pattern. The ideal kitchen option would be coffee or caramel curtains. To save space, you can use Roman blinds - they do not eat up precious space. Curtains in the kitchen should be made from natural breathable materials. Ideal - flax. It does not fade and is well washed in the car. Linen curtains are suitable for country style kitchens and Provence. The color of the curtains depends on the location of the room. If the windows face north, then you need to choose lighter tones, and dark ones are suitable for the south side. If the kitchen is spacious, blackout curtains can also be used here.



For the children's room, dark brown curtains do not fit - they reduce the space, and the child needs space. If desired, you can stay on the combined options - to combine bright colors with beige or coffee. Beige curtains will have a calming effect on the child, and bright curtains will cheer him up.



Brown gamma is ideal for a study and a bedroom. In these rooms should be comfortable and calm, so dark brown can be combined with curtains in beige and milky tones. These rooms should be protected from the sun, windows can be closed with either a Roman curtain or blackout curtains. The interior of the bedroom will look good multi-layer design. Do not be afraid to experiment - combine brown with a gray-blue gamut.




Brown curtains undeservedly underestimate, and after all this color can make any interior stylish and refined. A wide color palette, the author's design of curtains for every taste, the variety of textures and the ability to combine any tones and fabrics without restrictions and restrictions - all this makes it possible to create a unique interior in your home. The main thing is not to be afraid to combine and discover new styles.