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The ceiling of PVC panels: the main advantages (20 photos)


Ceiling decoration has always been given special attention, it is enough to recall the luxurious frescoes of ancient architects. Amazing art paintings still adorn ancient castles, temples and cathedrals. A modern designer is available a huge amount of finishing materials, allowing you to create a beautiful, practical and durable ceiling. Among the variety of products a special place is occupied by PVC panels.



Advantages and disadvantages of panels

The particular popularity of ceiling trim panels made of PVC was due to the positive quality characteristics of the material:

  • strength. PVC panels are able to withstand mechanical shocks and severe external impacts;
  • moisture resistance. Finishing material is often used for arranging rooms with a high level of humidity. For example, kitchens, bathrooms or pools;
  • security. Quality material is made from environmentally friendly materials, it is used in the room for children's games;
  • ease of assembly. Installation of PVC panels on the ceiling is carried out without prior preparation of the base - this allows you to significantly save time and money;
  • wide range of. Manufacturers offer panels of plain, striped, patterned or floral designs, imitating natural wood or brickwork;

All plastic panels can be divided into two main categories: thick wall panels and thinner ceiling panels. In addition, PVC plastic panels for the ceiling differ in the type of surface: glossy and matte. A variety of sizes of finishing material allow you to assemble the ceiling in rooms with different area.

The most versatile is white color, it can be used to create modern and classic interior styles, besides this pearl-white glossy surfaces make it possible to make a small room visually higher and more spacious.



Original two-level constructions are often used for decorating the basic bases in the hall, spacious dining room or in a studio apartment. PVC ceiling with built-in lights will help to zone a large space and separate the work area from the rest area.

For the implementation of unique design solutions and copyright projects, special PVC panels are produced with an unusual rough surface. For example, a ceiling on a loggia can be decorated with finishing materials imitating the texture of valuable wood species.



Preliminary calculation of the material

To decorate the ceiling with decorative panels, use two methods:

  • hemmed in If the base has a perfectly flat surface, then the lining is carried out using special construction glue or liquid nails. With such a finish it is technically impossible to install spotlights;
  • suspension. Significant uneven ceilings can be hidden by mounting a suspended ceiling of PVC panels. To do this, you need to install a special crate of metal profiles.



Before you install the ceiling of PVC panels with your own hands, you must correctly calculate the amount of building material:

  1. Determine the ceiling area in the bathroom or hallway by multiplying the length by the width.
  2. Given the total area, we expect the required number of panels. The dimensions of the finishing material are indicated on the packaging. To the result obtained, it is necessary to add 15-20% to fit the ceiling structure.
  3. The number of guide profile UD is determined based on the existing perimeter of the ceiling in the bathroom or living room.
  4. The carrier plane profile of the CD is designed to create a skeleton and assumes the bulk of the load, it is fixed every 40-50 cm.

In addition, you will need screws and dowels with screws to attach the profile to the walls and ceiling. Installing a two-level moisture-proof ceiling of PVC panels in the kitchen or bathroom is easy to damage the fragile plastic, so all installation work should be carried out with utmost care.

How to sheathe the ceiling with PVC panels? Before you start laying the elements of the ceiling structure, you need to lay all the necessary engineering communications. This may be wiring, Internet, telephone or ventilation systems.

After that, it is necessary to correctly calculate the dimensions and fix the batten. To create a ceiling structure, you can use several types of material: wood, metal profile.

The ceiling of the PVC panels in the bathroom is mounted using metal profiles - this will significantly extend the life of the decorative coating. Ceiling in rooms with low humidity levels can be carried out using wooden bars covered with a special composition.

The device of the ceiling structure does not require special knowledge and skills, it is enough to strictly follow the instructions:

  1. locate the level of the UD profile. Consider possible irregularities in the base of the ceiling;
  2. Drill holes for fasteners, the distance should be at least 100 cm. Cut to size and fasten the profile UD;
  3. every 50 cm install the CD profile. For its fastening to the guide profile UD, self-tapping screws are used;
  4. the edging of the ceiling is performed using a plastic L-shaped profile, it is attached around the perimeter of the room. Angles must be joined at an angle of 45 °;
  5. plastic panels are attached one by one. The panel fits securely with the previous one, and its comb is attracted to the CD and UD profiles by self-tapping screws;
  6. the last element is the hardest to insert. After the panel is cut to size, the edge of the panel is coated with glue and joined to the L-shaped profile;
  7. the ceiling structure should be completed with the installation of a decorative ceiling plinth. The fixed fillet will reliably hide all gaps between the ceiling and the wallpaper.

Creating a ceiling in the bathroom, kitchen or hallway it is necessary to take into account that the strength, appearance and durability of the structure largely depends on the quality of the selected materials.

How to make a ceiling of PVC panels, without resorting to the services of professionals? It is quite possible to have a desire and a little free time. The unique finishing material allows you to create a spectacular design of the ceiling, which for many years will be a real decoration of any interior, without requiring special operating conditions and care.

To check the quality of plastic, experts advise you to compress the end section of the panel, if it cracks or is severely deformed, it is better to abandon the purchase. High-quality plastic with pressure is slightly compressed, and then restores the original thickness.



By mounting the ceiling on the balcony of PVC panels, you can install stylish spotlights in the suspended structure - this will allow you to equip a study, workshop or a luxurious greenhouse on the glazed loggia.



How to install lighting? To do this, PVC panels need to cut holes of the appropriate diameter, this can be done with a simple stationery knife. It should be noted that the luminaires require a free space between the panels and the base base of at least 5-7 cm.