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The interior for the girl is an organic combination of the functionality of the room and the temperament of the owner (54 photos)


Creating an interior for a girl, first of all we must take into account her tastes and preferences. It is also important to use space thoughtfully. Since the functions of the room are very diverse: a place to rest, work area and a corner for receiving guests. We can not forget about the storage system, because the young fashionistas have something to hang in the closet and put it on the shelves.






Selection of main areas

In modern apartments, most often one room has to solve several problems at once. If you correctly plan the interior of a room of 12 square meters for a girl, then you can comfortably arrange a bed, a desk, a sofa for guests and it is convenient to put a wardrobe. Here are some design tips for a one-room apartment for a girl:

  • next to the door it is better to arrange storage systems for clothes / clothes and furniture for receiving guests;
  • bed set away from the door;
  • working area is more convenient to equip by the window;
  • in a studio apartment, a compact bar table with chairs becomes a dining group and at the same time visually separates the kitchen area;
  • If you wish, you can use decorative accessories (screens, curtains, shelves) for visual isolation of the bed or dressing area.

In order for the interior of the bedroom for a girl to acquire not only style, but also comfort, it is necessary to effectively and functionally use all the square meters of even a compact room.





Girl's bedroom decoration

For a comfortable rest it is preferable to install a full bed, and not a folding sofa. Even in a small room there is a place for a single bed. In a narrow room, it is advisable to put a bed along the wall, and in a spacious room you can arrange a bed with a headboard against the wall.









Guest Corner

If a girl often has guests, it is advisable to organize a special zone where she will be comfortable to communicate with friends. Most often, the guest corner is furnished with a small sofa and a pair of chairs, puffs. If large companies sometimes gather, guests can comfortably sit on a large soft carpet.

Since modern youths have a central place with a computer, you can fix a wide window sill in the window opening, which will serve as an additional bench. Just enough to put on it a few small cushion seat cushions, and then organically combine the training area and the reception area.





Usually the desk is placed near the windows in order to make the most of the natural daylight for the class. Most often you have to sit with your back to the door. Some girls feel at the same time discomfort, so it is better to put the desktop in any convenient place. How, in this case, to emphasize the working mood? Here are a few options:

  • neutral color design promotes concentration and concentration. Great idea - trim a part of the wall near the table in yellow or white;
  • since it is difficult to imagine modern youth without computer equipment, there should be enough space on the table for a laptop, textbooks, abstracts. It is advisable to choose a furniture model consisting of several modules or with drawers (for cosmetics and various trifles);
  • female students do not interfere with a small bookcase, installed next to the table. If the rack is installed across the wall, it is able to visually zone a room for a young girl. Only in this case it is necessary to select a structure without side walls. The original idea is to fix the shelves on metal pipe bases (fixed in the floor and on the ceiling).

Choosing a chair should also be taken responsibly. For comfortable work, you need a model that fixes the back and has armrests. However, a little grace to the chair does not hurt, so choose a product with bright soft upholstery or decorated with textured materials (large knitting, fur).

In the working area of ​​creative individuals useful marker metal boards. They are well suited for capturing ideas (in writing or in the form of pictures) and as a reminder board for scattered people.






Storage systems

To conveniently store multiple outfits, it is better to use a high wardrobe. The optimal depth of the product is 55-60 cm. A great idea is to install one leaf with a mirror sheet. In this case, it will be easier to choose a wardrobe and do not have to install an additional mirror. Additional storage spaces can be drawers located under the bed.




The interior design of the room for the girl necessarily takes into account the wishes of the hostess, her preferences and tastes. If the room has absolutely small sizes, then it is necessary to consult with the designer. Only a specialist will be able to correctly assess the possibilities of the premises, the interests of the girl and choose a harmonious modern design.




The interiors, made in pastel colors, create an atmosphere of relaxation and peace. For romantic natures fit styles Provence, classic, Scandinavian.

  • Provence is sunshine, soft shades that give the room a refined and delicate look. Popular colors: pale purple, light blue, sandy, blurry olive. For the walls are used wallpaper with small patterns (flowers, birds) or stripes. Windows are decorated with curtains with ruffles or more modern Roman curtains. This style welcomes textiles made of cotton, satin, linen, silk. The furniture should be of natural wood, painted in white / blue / greenish colors with elements of aging (scuffing). In the decoration of the bed and the table may be present laced decorative elements.
  • Classic suggests a luxurious, pampered modern interior room for a girl. The main colors emphasizing the airiness and magnificence of the situation: pink, beige, turquoise, pistachio, coffee, white. The chosen style does not accept contrasts, therefore there are no sharp color transitions. Beautiful furniture with elegantly curved shapes from natural wood of light shades are selected for furniture. Moreover, natural fabrics (sometimes embroidered in gold) and leather are used for furniture upholstery. Textiles are made of natural expensive fabrics: silk, satin, viscose. The material is often monophonic, but light and inconspicuous design is allowed.
  • The Scandinavian style is notable for its conciseness, minimum of decor and looks advantageous on large areas. The most acceptable colors: shades of white, sand, blue, blurry green. Moreover, the main color in the interior is white, and the room can be zoned by shades. The furniture is made of light wood. Allowed as coloring products in white base color, and the preservation of the natural wood texture. Welcome things made their own hands - a coffee table made of boards, a bedside table from a stool.

For a 20-year-old girl's room, you can pick up a small bed-podium, inside of which there are departments for storage.






Dynamic style

The use of bright design in the room design is suitable for a business girl who appreciates the order in the house. The most simple, natural and free are high-tech styles and minimalism. Distinctive features of the interior of the room for a girl in a modern style:

  • minimum items, maximum lighting;
  • free and open space;
  • almost complete absence of decorative elements;
  • furniture of regular geometric shapes, made of natural materials (minimalism) and glass, plastic (high-tech) is welcomed;
  • the color palette allows for a combination of two basic shades and one additional one - as an accent (bright red, orange, blue, yellow tones). Common colors: black, white, gray, brown / coffee (minimalist);
  • in the decoration of the surfaces are used coarse natural materials (brick, concrete, plaster, stone).

So that the two-color setting for girls does not look dull and dull, designers recommend using different textures of the same shade. Also dilute the severity of the situation dim pictures on the walls. Multi-level lighting will create maximum light. For simple forms of furniture it is better to choose a single-tone upholstery from velor, suede, flax, leather.







A girl closely associated with art will feel harmonious in an environment that reflects her thoughts, moods, dreams. At the same time it is important not to lose the middle ground - it is necessary that guests in an unusual setting do not feel lost.

  • Boho style saturates the room with bold and bright colors, and it is not necessary to stop at only 2-3 shades. Just similar colors should be found in textiles, upholstery, paintings or floor coverings. For the glamorous girl is selected a bright gamut with pastel tones. The decor of the room creates an atmosphere of relaxation, creativity, so comfortable and soft armchairs / wide squat sofa, cozy bed with a soft headboard are installed. Fur capes and silk pillows look appropriate.
  • Neutral natural shades are sure to suit the classic boho, and bright textile elements will become refreshing accents. In the working area, simple ungrateful furniture made of natural wood or painted in light muted colors is installed.
  • Eco-style creates a harmonious and natural atmosphere in a small area. The use of knitted things and wicker furniture in design has become a fashion trend. A large knit may be present in many things: a blanket, pillow covers for pillows, soft rugs by the bed and in the living area. The texture of knitted fabrics will favorably emphasize smooth, dense textile upholstery (linen, cotton).

For eco-style inherent neutral colors of natural shades. And small things of bright thread (lampshade, rug on the chair) can become catchy accents, enlivening the interior. Wicker chairs provide guests a comfortable stay. Knitted poufs will give the interior a playful youth look. In the decoration of surfaces the use of materials of light tones is welcomed: smoky gray, sand, coffee with milk.

When creating any interior, it is important to build on the wishes of a teenager, not forgetting the functionality and practicality. In order to take into account the possible change of tastes of a girl, it is desirable to form a neutral environment, the character of which will be set by the decor and accessories.