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Ceiling spots: the advantages and application (23 photos)


Ceiling spotlights - spotlights directional, which allow you to independently adjust the direction of light. Some of them resemble ordinary spotlights, sconces or chandeliers, but structurally they are very different from other types of lighting fixtures. A feature of the spot is the presence of a movable bracket, which is used to change the direction of illumination. Spotlights are different types, design and use in the interior.



Advantages and disadvantages of ceiling spots

Ceiling spots in the interior have a lot of advantages, the main of which is the ability to redirect the flow of light at any time. It is worth noting other advantages of using such lighting in the interior. These include:

  • Easy installation. Mounted as easily as ordinary spotlights. You can install them yourself without having any special education or special tools.
  • Visual expansion of space. Stylish lamps do not clutter up the space, and the lighting from them is not worse than from classical chandeliers.
  • No need to make pens. The advantages of ceiling spots also include the ability to install them anywhere in the suspended ceiling. To do this, do not have to lay pens. It is enough to make a small hole in the ceiling through which to connect the lamp with a hard wire.
  • Versatility. Can be used for suspended ceilings and suspended structures. They are perfect for any design direction. A wide selection of rotary spots of various shapes, colors and designs will allow you to choose the optimal design in each particular case.

Other advantages of rotary spots include the ability to connect them in groups that are controlled by separate switches.



Despite the obvious advantages of ceiling spots, they also have several disadvantages. These include:

  • Difficulties in the organization of general lighting. With the help of ceiling spots, it is more difficult to organize lighting, which can be achieved using a suspended classical chandelier.
  • Higher cost. In order to obtain the required level of illumination, you should immediately use several lighting fixtures, which makes their installation more costly.

However, with the proper organization of lighting and the choice of high-quality spots, you can solve all the problems with lighting in a room of any size.



Types and features

There are three main types of spots that differ in construction and installation method. These include overhead swivel, recessed and complex structures.


Recessed structures are known to many as adjustable spotlights. In this case, the direction of light can be slightly changed. Recessed spot spots are used to illuminate small functional areas. In order to achieve uniform illumination, you can slightly adjust the flow of light.

The dimensions of the point devices are small, and for installation it is only required to make a small hole in the false ceiling. Ceiling recessed fixtures are installed using spring clips.


Overhead swivel designs differ from built-in lights only in the way of installation. According to the installation method, they most resemble sconces. For their mounting a special bracket is used. It is attached to the ceiling, and a lamp clings to it with screws.

Their advantage is the absence of the need to cut a hole in the ceiling. This will allow at any time to change designs for others.



Kinds of lamps for ceiling spots

Wall and ceiling spots can be equipped with various types of lighting elements. Depending on this indicator, the properties of the equipment also differ.

Incandescent lamps

If classic chandeliers still use incandescent bulbs, most modern lighting fixtures use energy-saving lighting elements. In addition, the use of incandescent lamps in spots is not recommended for a number of reasons:

  • Spot lights require a reflector that will reflect both light and heat. In addition, suspended spots are most often made of plastic, which is damaged by constant heating. In this case, it is recommended to use glass structures, the cost of which is higher.
  • Modern technologies are aimed at maximum energy efficiency, so most often diode spots are produced, which allow to get even lighting and save electricity.
  • Incandescent bulbs are warm light. To create certain design options, it is important to vary the shades, and incandescent lamps do not provide such an opportunity.
  • Heat emitted by incandescent bulbs may damage some surfaces. For example, for suspended ceilings such lamps are prohibited. With prolonged contact, they can damage even plastic structures.



Halogen bulbs

Such lighting elements visually resemble classic incandescent lamps, but in terms of their characteristics they are much better than ordinary lamps. Their light is much brighter and not inferior to the sun. In addition, their use makes it possible to allocate certain objects of the interior.

Halogen lamps are durable, energy efficient and high in brightness. However, due to the fact that such bulbs are also heated, it is prohibited to use them for suspended ceilings.

Depending on the goals, you can buy street spots and designs for the design of residential and office space. The ability to direct lighting allows the use of lamps of lower power. In this case, you can focus the light on certain details of the interior or scatter it throughout the room.

Modern spots are easily replaced by classic chandeliers and can be home or street. They are used for decorating various rooms.




For the design of the bedroom, you can use crystal and metal spots, as well as designs with glass. In this case, you can independently set the direction of light. For example, you can light only a bed or a dressing table. If you set the spot around the perimeter of the room, you can get even diffused light.


Spot can be used to beautifully illuminate bookshelves or desks. Unlike the classic type of lighting, the spots make it possible to direct the light. Can be used in conjunction with floor lamps or table lamps. In the office can use white or black design options, square or round designs, as well as wooden ceiling spots or crystal lights.



Living room

You can use the spots individually or in combination with the main lighting for the high-tech style. In this case, you can turn off the main light and leave the suspended ceiling spot to illuminate the sofa, table or other interior elements. For the design of the living room, you can use loft spots, lamps with crystal, as well as original black and white spots in high-tech style. In addition, when using led elements, they can be used for suspended ceilings and suspended structures.