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Brown ceiling - a stylish idea for your home (25 photos)


White is considered a versatile option for the ceiling, while brown is an interior extreme. Chocolate color attracts the attention of confident and active people. Decorated with such a touch of color, the rooms look original and noble, but many are afraid that their apartment will visually decrease significantly. Let's analyze how to install and with what to combine the stretch ceiling brown, so that it does not change the size of the room.



Living room

Brown ceiling will look great in the living room. Especially this decision is appropriate in a room decorated in a classic style. Beige or ivory walls in combination with a dark floor and ceiling cover will look noble. You can add luxury to this interior with gilded finishes.




Brown has a calming effect on people and makes the room more warm and cozy, so the ceiling in the bedroom of this color will help to create a comfortable, relaxing atmosphere. Residents will feel protected. For the bedroom, it is important to use warm shades. For example, coffee or cinnamon in combination with beige or milky will create a romantic mood.

The floor can be made to match the ceiling, but it is more interesting to play on the contrast. As a decor you can use wicker baskets, lamps with fabric shades, photos in light brown frames. On the window should hang curtains of some delicate shade (baked milk, cream, cocoa).

Brown stretch ceiling in the kitchen is a very good choice. The main reason for its popularity is the ability to hide the pollution that has appeared. Kitchen - a place where fatty sprays fly away during cooking. It is they who become the yellow spots that immediately catch the eye. Prefer dark brown ceiling, and you will have to wash it much less often. Just note that the tension structure should not be with a glossy surface.



The dark shade of the suspension coating looks elegant and unobtrusive. If the kitchen is small, then limit yourself to the chocolate ceiling. Make the walls and floor light, and add brightness to the room using colorful kitchen utensils. Some accessories may still echo brown. Pottery, linen or wicker napkins, flowerpots will improve the appearance of the room.




Brown ceiling in the interior - the perfect solution for the working area. This color is not only soothing, it also promotes concentration. A ceiling in shades of brown will help turn the room into a home office, where it will be easy to tune in to the business wave.



If you doubt and think that the office will turn out too gloomy, consider a variant with a two-color stretch ceiling or an option from gypsum cardboard. Then you can combine chestnut with beige or white to make the room look more spacious. Having added registration by a table from a natural tree and a leather chair, you will create a smart workplace.




The dark color scheme in the bathroom is gaining increasing popularity. Brown stretch ceiling in the bathroom will transform this room into a kind of SPA-salon, because, as we have said, this color helps to create a relaxing atmosphere. It is also a win-win for owners who do not often want to do repairs, because this neutral shade does not get tired, because it is unobtrusive.

With chocolate goes well with white. Such a duet is an unobtrusive, elegant classic. If the room is small, do not use too dark a tone, so you visually make the room even smaller. Dilute the interior with bright colors. Well suited shades of red, green and sand tones. Focus on your taste or seek advice from the designer.





Brown ceiling in the corridor is not always appropriate. The lack of windows and the small size of the room are poorly combined with a dark ceiling. Without natural light, a small room will look very tiny.

If, despite the warnings, you still decide to change, make a glossy ceiling. In a room with low ceilings, it will look better than matte texture coating. Do not forget to take care of additional light sources to smooth out the effect of reducing the walls.




Brown stretch ceilings in the interior of the nursery are rare, because this color does not cause associations with the most carefree period of life, but this does not mean that it cannot be used there. Yes, chestnut is unlikely to please the small inhabitants of the room, but no one forbids making out the nursery with its warm colors. Beige walls will be perfectly combined with a light brown canvas, and color can be added with the help of a multi-colored carpet, bright curtains and numerous toys. Then the room will be cozy and not boring.



General recommendations

A few universal tips:

  • Measure the height of the ceiling of the room. If it is less than 2.5 meters for a bathroom and 2.7 meters for a kitchen, then it is better not to opt for a brown ceiling. Due to the dark color of the ceiling will fall, creating the effect of "pressure". Owners of housing with high rooms (3-3.5 m) can not worry about this problem.
  • Raise the ceiling using the ceiling frame. The dark part is a light border around the perimeter of the ceiling. The walls in this case should match in color with the light part. Reverse reception is also valid if it is necessary to lower the room too high.
  • With the help of a two-color ceiling, you can do zoning. For example, brown fragments on a light ceiling canvas can easily distinguish the bed area in the bedroom or dining in the kitchen. This can be done with wallpaper of contrasting colors, stretch inserts or painted areas.
  • The ceiling should be part of the interior. This does not mean that its color should match the walls, floor, furniture. On the contrary, contrasts are necessary! Universal set - dark floor and ceiling, light walls and pieces of furniture. You can change something depending on your room. For example, in a spacious, well-lit room, you can trim the walls with bright shades.
  • A brown ceiling will make the room more gloomy if there are not enough light sources in it. Decorate the window so that the curtains do not obstruct the flow of the sun. Install additional lighting on remote areas.

Brown has a wide range of shades, which allows you to create unique interiors. The dark ceiling is a bold, extraordinary choice, which can be made only by a courageous person. If you decide to take this step, then use our recommendations to create a truly spectacular interior.