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Modern curtains: what designers say about it (29 photos)


Your renovation is still quite fresh, the furniture has not yet served its purpose and did not manage to go out of fashion, but you already want to change something in the room? In such cases, psychologists are strongly advised to update the interior, considering that it has a beneficial effect on health. You can make a permutation, change the picture on the wall or cute trinkets on the shelf or change the textile design - bedspreads, blankets, rugs and, of course, curtains. This is usually done with pleasure by women, because curtains are a dress for windows, and any clothes should be in harmony with the whole look, in this case with the interior of the room. It is desirable that they also meet all the fashion trends of the season. What should be modern curtains, designers say.



What to focus on when choosing: fashionable styles and directions

Modern fashion for textiles in the interior of a democratic and allows the use of a variety of styles of window openings. Nevertheless, leading designers adhere to the tendencies of minimalism, reinforcing the feeling of freedom and spaciousness. You also need to comply with the basic requirement of style - the curtains should be combined with the interior design of the entire room in color, shape and texture of the fabric. In order for the design of the windows to look modern and fashionable, the curtains must visually increase the size of the room, the height of the ceilings and cause the feeling that the entire room is filled with light and air.



Modern window decoration is distinguished by the absence of flounces, ruches, sparkles and small details in the decorations. Fittings are relatively large and original form. Lambrequins, yielding to the general direction, turned into a laconic box, behind which fasteners hide. In the absence of lambrequins, large massive eyelets are used. Modern curtains on the grommets at the same time descend to the floor in large even folds.

If it is decided to use holders, choose stylish metal ones that attach to the wall. Holders should be made in the same style with grommets and cornice.

Minimalism this season is combined with eco-style, which adds its own limitations on the choice of shapes and colors of window outfits. The fashion is also high-tech - as a calling card of big cities. Staying in the trend of minimalism, he adds to the interior a hint of gloss and understatement. Japanese style remains popular as the brightest representative of minimalism. He brought in the modern interior roller blinds and their variety - Japanese, consisting of sliding cloths or mats.






Curtains in the living room in a modern style: we are looking for your option

Curtains in the living room to a greater extent play a decorative role than utilitarian. Although in any case they carry out their direct duties by regulating the flow of light and hiding all family secrets from prying eyes. In order to create a spiritual homely atmosphere that is conducive to unhurried conversations with tea parties, modern curtains should be a cozy addition to the existing atmosphere.

To meet this condition and stay in a fashion trend, designers recommend using soft pastel colors that are in harmony in color with the entire interior. For a large living room you can pick up dark curtains in chocolate or chestnut tones. The overall color scheme will be complete if the palette is complemented with cream-colored walls, furniture a little darker or lighter — walnut or white, and two or three strokes to match the curtains. This can be a picture in a frame of natural dark wood, a ceramic vase or a carpet on the floor.



Designers are advised to revitalize the situation to dilute plain accessories with a pattern. It can be on curtains, wallpaper or carpet, but not on all elements of the situation at once. Completely monochromatic solution makes the interior frozen and inanimate. Prints on the curtains this season are concise, resembling Japanese prints. Abstraction or stylized flowers and objects reminiscent of works by impressionist artists are perfect for hi-tech.

The curtains in the modern living room are fastened almost under the ceiling. Their even deep folds should touch the floor, resembling antique clothes or columns. Modern curtain rails should fit into the interior in color and style, or hide behind the pelmet, which this season resembles a rectangular box.

In the traditions of minimalism, roller blinds and their versions, Roman and day-night blinds, have become very popular. They can be mounted on a wall, ceiling or sash, have a closing box or be open, pull tight on a window opening, or hang loosely down. There is a lot of kinds, in this season rolled curtains replace tulle. They can be supplemented with thick curtains or leave to solo. Rolshtora "day-night" with success replace all other types, finely adjusting the degree of illumination of the room and visibility outside. They can be equipped with a control panel and a light sensor, leaving all the concerns of opening and closing the automation.



Modern short curtains to the kitchen

The above-described roller blinds are ideal for a kitchen of any size, compactly closing the window opening and not taking up extra space. It should be noted that from the point of view of fire safety, shutters are also the best choice for a room with an open fire or a hot electric stove. A frequent cause of fires - curtains fluttering over the fire, so modern curtains should look that way in a small kitchen or in a kitchen with a balcony.



If the mistress of the kitchen to a more romantic atmosphere, you should pay attention to the curtains in the style of "cafe". They are two strips of cloth, gathered on the drawstring. One at eye level, the other at the top of the window. Bright colors are appropriate for this type of curtain: cell, peas, flowers or fruit. These blinds are able to charge a cheerful and joyful mood in the morning.



Choosing curtains in the bedroom in a modern style.

For curtains in the bedroom, you should choose only natural fabrics calm colors. Muffled natural tones will help to relax and leave all the day cares behind the bedroom threshold. All furnishings, including textiles on the windows, should have to calm and rest. If you definitely want to decorate the windows with tulle, it is better to do it in the bedroom.




When the room is not rectangular

Interesting design options for windows can be thought up for attic rooms with sloping ceilings. Windows in such rooms are often located not vertically, but at an angle. Rolstora with fastening on all perimeter of a shutter perfectly will be suitable for this type of windows. They will not allow the fabric to move away from the window opening. If the windows are standard, and the room differs only with beveled ceilings, light thin draperies, framing and elegantly framing the windows, will help to balance the disharmonious asymmetry. The soft folds gathered by the tonal pickups will smooth out uneven lines.




Curtains not for windows

Studio apartments are very popular, but need zoning. And the curtains, screens here come in very handy. This season the screen looks like a Japanese sliding partition. It can block the alcove, work area or kitchen corner. Choose for her a dense light fabric that transmits light.

As we can see, modern trends in the design of windows leave a lot of room for creativity and self-expression, allowing you to design them in an original and inimitable way, and without going beyond fashion trends. With a modern wide choice of fabrics, this will not be a big deal, but it will bring a lot of joy from the cozy interior, created with your own hands.