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Purple wallpapers: how to plunge into the magical world (26 photos)


Violet is fraught with many mysteries and is associated with something great. The noble shade is successfully used while creating a cozy and sublime atmosphere in the room. Purple wallpapers are appropriate in combination with any furniture - the main thing is to correctly highlight accents.



Features of the application in the interior

According to psychologists, wallpaper with a purple pattern favorably affects the mental state of a person. This color calms and enhances self-esteem. Designers are also favorably disposed towards the choice of purple wallpapers, as many creative people like this color to their liking. They note a number of features in this type of material.


  • rich palette;
  • possibility of use in all styles of interior;
  • a great combination of all shades of purple among themselves;
  • the ability to put on a bright accent;
  • the right shade has a positive effect on the psyche.



Choice of shades

Violet has a wide and varied palette. There are both warm and cold shades. The most common tones are:

  • purple;
  • lavender;
  • purple;
  • purple
  • amethyst;
  • plum;
  • bilberry;
  • fuchsia;
  • blackberry;
  • ink.

It is important not only to choose the right colors, but also, correctly combining patterns and textures, to get the desired result. The larger the room, the deeper the shade can be preferred. Wallpaper with purple color usually reduces the room visually. Reflective surfaces are used to dilute the effect.

If all the elements in the room are purple hues, then the people there will experience constant fatigue. An interesting solution is purple wallpapers of rich color on only one wall. It will be the main focus in the room.

All the richness and dignity of color can show beautiful vinyl and non-woven wallpapers. They have a pleasant texture, a rich assortment of shades and are easy to use. If you want to in the kitchen or in the bathroom not only everything fits well, but looks great under the influence of temperature drops, then it is better to buy these kinds of wallpapers.

For rooms with uneven walls fit purple liquid wallpaper. They create an attractive surface without much labor. In case of damage the surface is easy to repair.

3D-wallpapers can enhance the fantastic effect of purple. They are relevant only in the room in which the reception takes place. They are fashionable material in combination with bold color will make a strong impression.




Combination with other colors

Purple wallpapers need to be carefully combined with other colors. Enough to follow the advice of designers to create the desired effect:

  • monochrome - matching colors are chosen from less vivid representatives belonging to neutral shades;
  • contrast - if the choice fell on bright purple wallpapers, then the companion should be no less intense shade;
  • neutrality - it is achieved by combining the base color with gray, white and black.



The most successful combinations can be created with the following colors:

  • white;
  • Gray;
  • beige;
  • pink;
  • yellow;
  • Orange;
  • green;
  • the black.

A special charm to the room will give the wallpaper a gray-purple color. The combination with green is a classic, so it is boldly used in room design even by beginners. Pink and purple are well combined and create a sense of celebration and positive.



Ideally white elements look favorable against a purple background, but they create a cool atmosphere. For warmth in the room, the white color can be changed to cream or milky.

Wallpaper with abstract images gained popularity in modern interiors. Material for walls with stripes or with a pattern will be the ideal basis for classics. Striped wallpaper is appropriate for the design office. The pattern is usually a few tones darker or lighter than the main background.



Interior styles

There are several styles in the interior, which look the most advantageous with purple wallpaper. They show themselves in the following styles:

  • Minimalism. Violet color in this case is used only by fragments. The lead will be any neutral shade. The use of dark purple monochromatic wallpaper is allowed.
  • Pop Art. The orientation of the style allows the most courageous decisions and experiments. Full creative freedom is allowed. This design is suitable for original personalities of any age.
  • East style. Purple goes well with velvet, silk fabrics and bamboo. Ornament, carving and relief surfaces will complement the style.
  • Provence. It is characterized by the use of natural materials. Wood, stone, ceramic tiles and purple wallpaper in the interior of the kitchen look very harmonious.
  • High tech. Plain wallpaper should have a perfectly smooth, seamless surface. Indoors in this style there are usually only elements made of shiny metals, glass or plastic.

It is not necessary to follow any interior style. The main thing is to use wallpaper with violet shades so that the room was comfortable to be.



Use in various rooms

In each room, purple wallpapers perform certain functions and have their own characteristics. This is not surprising, because the shade has to adapt to the direct purpose of the room.

Design of different rooms look like this:

  • Living room. The hall creates an atmosphere of maximum comfort. There is usually a lot of furniture, so you need to focus on its color. For a dark and gloomy headset, only light walls are appropriate. The interior will complement the textiles of bright purple hues: decorative pillows, carpets and curtains.
  • Bedroom. Saturated color is allowed in the lounge only for the headboard, in other cases it contributes to anxious sleep. Only gentle and pale cold tones of violet are allowed, which will be diluted by warmth with green, yellow or pink.
  • Children's Violet color in the nursery contributes to the inspiration and creativity. It is suitable for decorating a child’s room of any gender and age. Leisure space is usually in lavender tones.
  • Kitchen. Wallpaper for the purple kitchen in the cooking area should be of a dark shade to mask possible stains. Lunch area can be done in bright colors. Furniture for such a kitchen is better to buy wooden. On the free wall will look favorably photo wallpaper with a natural plot with elements of lilac color.
  • The hallway. Light and dark lilac tones diluted with a beige shade are allowed in it. The main focus is usually on cabinets or mirrors.
  • Bathroom. In a small bathroom allowed lilac moisture-proof wallpaper. If the choice was a lilac room for water treatments, then to emphasize the depth of color is recommended to completely abandon the tiles on the walls.

Properly placed priorities in the room can create a delightful and regal interior.




Curtain selection

Curtains are selected when the wallpapering is finished. This will give an idea of ​​the resulting image of the room and help you choose the best variant of textiles that will be combined with the walls:

  • light fabric will dilute the dark room;
  • for the small square the unobtrusive style of curtains will approach;
  • the room in the south side of the house is decorated with curtains in cold colors, and on the north - warm;
  • the texture and density of the fabric should be in perfect harmony with the wallpaper.

Using purple wallpaper in the interior, you need to remember about the proper use of companion colors. They can be present in a variety of decorative elements. Maintaining balance is an important nuance in finishing with purple.