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Wallpaper with inscriptions in the interior: how does it look? (21 pictures)


In modern realities, there are so many ways to bring the walls into the proper form. For walls, you can choose a simple whitewash or paint, but still the main way to decorate them is wallpaper. The most popular now wallpaper with letters. The execution of this type of wallpaper can be very different, which allows the selection of a suitable design option depending on the style of the room.



It is worth picking up such wallpapers not only on the basis of the final result of the work, but also from the meaning that you want to invest.

Typically, wallpaper with fonts are accent material when decorating rooms, as they look rather cumbersome. That is why it is better to glue over not the whole room, but only a part of it, for example, one of the most free wall. From the excess of text and letters, the interior can become too colorful, which in the end will become annoying and quickly tired.

If the wallpaper comes with large parts and letters, then they better make out separate walls or openings. For example, in the form of panels or other compositional techniques.

In general, in various wallpaper catalogs or in stores you can find these wallpaper options:

  • individual bright letters that fill the whole area;
  • black and white inscriptions in a rather strict style exposure;
  • texts or single letters randomly scattered on the canvas;
  • letters with monograms or bright drawings;
  • motivation inscriptions;
  • excerpts and quotes from famous works;
  • newspaper clippings;
  • stamps and numbers.

You can find printing not only on plain paper wallpapers, but also painting on plaster or wood, which also looks very original.





Despite the established stereotypes, wallpapers with text fit well not only into modern home interiors. Wallpapers in a similar design were known in the second half of the 20th century in the direction of lettrism. Now they are often used in modern and retro interiors. For example:

  • Art Deco;
  • Provence;
  • Chebbi chic;
  • Rustik;
  • Country music;
  • Baroque;
  • Rococo;
  • Loft;
  • Modern;
  • Minimalism.

A very original solution is the calligraphic French alphabet, wallpapers similar to aged or burned paper, parchment with places of erased lines, with white letters on a black background.
Inscriptions and fonts are not only hard, sweeping and "square", but sometimes they have a delicate and sensual appearance. Wallpapers in this style will fit into a glamorous, feminine interior, for example, a bedroom.



The loft-style design will perfectly suit wallpapers with large coarse fonts. Black text on a white background or gray and white text is the best fit for minimalist room design.

Bright wallpaper of bed tones in a romantic style will easily decorate the bedroom or add visual space to the room.




It is important to remember that wallpapers with inscriptions and letters do not always carry meaning. However, if you decide to decorate, for example, a children's room in this way, it is better to think about which wallpapers to choose, because for a child even this can serve as educational material and a way to learn to perceive and understand the world around. Children love bright colors, so wallpapers with large colored letters or texts on a bright background will fit perfectly here. You can also find or make custom-made wallpaper with illustrations and quotes from your favorite fairy tales. Remember that in addition to factory drawings on canvases, over time, children's drawings may also appear.




In the assortment of many stores with wallpaper, you can easily select wallpaper for the kitchen. They are also thematic: with inscriptions in different languages, different fonts, and even with hieroglyphs for tea / coffee themes. It looks atmospheric, but you should not glue them next to the stove, as they quickly become useless. Or immediately choose a washable wallpaper, so that you can remove dirt and residues of fat and soot from them without harm.

When choosing it is important to remember that a light background with a dark pattern visually expands the space, but if the font is too large or frequent, this effect will disappear. As with the use of wallpaper with a dark background, the room will appear smaller and somewhat darker than it actually is.





Sticker of this type of wallpaper is almost no different from ordinary stickers. Use simple wallpaper glue for walls and other tools. The only point worth considering is that the correct layout of the wallpaper strips, so that they look harmonious, and there is no repetition of words or picture overlays, so you should take into account the additional consumption of materials.
If you doubt your abilities, then it is better to invite a specialist who will help you to choose the right texture, color and font for the design of the room, to choose the correspondence between price and quality, to deal with the sticker of wallpaper.

Imagine, make bold decisions, and your home will bring joy not only to you, but also to your guests.