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Wallpapers under the tree - the best choice for lovers of comfort and natural beauty (26 photos)


Natural wood is not one century successfully used to decorate the walls. The interiors, decorated with this material, look very solid and presentable, strictly and elegantly, cozy and warm. Such versatility can not fail to attract the attention of people. However, to create such a design, you have to spend a lot of money, since this natural finishing material is not cheap.



Wallpapers under the tree in the interior - an affordable alternative to expensive material. Paper sheets, stylized as natural surfaces, can afford any owner. Wallpaper of this type can be used in different ways, but in any case, they enliven the situation. Proper application requires thorough preliminary preparation. So if you decide to arrange a room in this way, we will tell you how to do it best.

This seemingly attractive wall covering material has won the confidence of many. Let's see what is so good wallpaper for imitation of a tree:

  • Most often, wall coverings with wood pattern are produced in natural brown shades. This natural color helps to relax and fully relax. Warm colors have a calming effect. The design of the room in this color is suitable for those who are accustomed to the rapid pace of life. After a hard day's work, spending time in such an environment will be very comfortable.
  • Using this type of wallpaper, you can easily refine the interior of your home. Previously, only wealthy people could afford to buy wooden finishing materials. Since then, the tree and began to be associated with a good sense of style, luxury and wealth. Modern paper analog is not worth much, but it also looks elegant and elegant.
  • Not only the price scares some lovers of natural materials. Some types of wood are quite difficult to process, and in everyday life require careful maintenance. Not everyone is ready to polish the surface with natural raw materials for hours. Experts recommend finding a more easy-to-use replacement. Wallpaper - just such an option. They also look attractive, but do not need special maintenance.
  • Such wallpapers are universal, as they harmoniously fit into any stylistic direction. They can be used in both modern and classical styles. You only need to make the right choice: it can be worn logs or just plain boards. Wooden motifs are exquisitely combined with simple wallpaper, brick and masonry and other finishing materials.
  • Wallpapers under the tree are made not only in the usual beige and brown tones. They may have gray, white, black, red, yellow and even pink. Such a rich choice of colors allows you to create an original design. However, it is better to adhere to the calm classical colors, which is fully consistent with natural motifs.
  • Wallpaper for walls with imitation of wood allow you to bring your ideas to life in the shortest possible time. Wooden finishing would have to be done under the order, and then wait a long time until the natural material is manufactured and delivered, and you can buy and stick a paper sheet, which looks almost no different, in one day.

As you can see, this decorative coating has many advantages.



Imitation of wood in the interior

Woodwork wallpapers can fit into virtually any style in the interior, since many of them allow the use of natural materials. Let's see what rooms and how you can use this finishing material.

In the living room

Wallpaper under the tree is often used in the design of this room. Popularity is associated with the original appearance of wood trim. If at the cottage or in a country house such a design is familiar and looks natural, then in the condition of a city apartment such a solution looks bold and unexpected.




Styled wood can be used for wallpaper zoning space. In the lower part of the walls you can use darker colors, and, starting from the middle, light shades. This design is typical for country, Provence and classical styles. In rooms with insufficiently high ceilings, use the vertical arrangement of the pattern, so you can visually increase the height of the living room.

It does not have to be limited to soothing natural shades. You can use wood wallpaper of non-standard colors. Such an unusual design will appeal to creative nature. Coverings with images of exotic trees will surprise your guests, especially this choice would be appropriate for Japanese-style rooms.




In the bedroom

For walls in the bedroom is usually used light wood. This is due to the fact that most often this room is small in size, and dark shades will visually reduce it even more. So white and beige materials will be appropriate here. Wallpaper under the imitation of a tree of this color can be glued over the entire area of ​​the room, but it will look quite dull and inexpressive, so do not forget to add bright elements of decor.



Dark shades of wood can also be used in the design of the bedroom, but it should be done carefully. They can not completely cover the walls. But they can be a great accent. An ideal place for such wallpaper is the area behind the bed. You can make an accent wall, pasting the entire width of the wall, and you can make a small area in size (width as 2 rolls) exclusively behind the bed.

Especially effectively this option of decoration will look if the furniture in the bedroom is of a contrasting color (for example, white). It is also allowed to use such wallpaper as imitation of a panel, in this case, usually used wallpaper. A fashionable solution - a mosaic of wood materials, it is also able to add elegance to a relaxed atmosphere.

You can emphasize the natural beauty and comfort of the bedroom, the walls of which are decorated with such wallpaper, using details. These can be wooden photo frames on the bedside table or flowers on the windowsill growing in brown pots. And, of course, linen or curtains of natural colors.



On the kitchen

Wallpaper for kitchen under the tree - a great solution for fans of this natural material. Real wood or wallpaper sheets of sawdust react poorly to moisture, so it is undesirable to place them in a room where fumes are often formed. Prefer wallpaper. However, paper wallpaper is also quickly deformed, so they must be abandoned. The most appropriate here will be washable wallpaper on non-woven base. Such a durable coating can be used even in the cooking zone: it can replace a traditional ceramic apron.




In the work area will look good wallpaper for the kitchen, depicting not a solid coating, but only the elements of the tree. They are easy to combine with kitchen set or dining furniture set. For the dining area, you can choose several design options. It can be wall coverings for kitchen under a tree, painted white. Or you can paste over the wall at the table with realistic photo wallpapers. Self-adhesive film with the image of the boards will be most welcome. Even better, it will overlap with the floor covering.




Such wallpapers are often used in various interiors due to their diversity. Many shades and textures allow you to choose such a coating for rooms in any style. If you are close to natural motifs, and when you return home you want to plunge into a pleasant atmosphere of tranquility and to find peace of mind, feel free to make a choice in favor of wallpaper with a pattern under a tree.