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Pink wallpapers: create a romantic atmosphere (24 photos)


You should not assume that the wallpaper of pink color is used only to create an interior in the nursery for the girl. Pink color is one of the most delicate colors that are used to create romantic and harmonious interiors. Due to the fact that the color in question has many shades and can be combined with many tones, pink wallpapers can be applied in different rooms.



First, consider the types of wallpaper:

  • Paper. This category of wallpaper is the most famous, low cost. Paper wallpapers are breathable and environmentally friendly. However, they do not tolerate high humidity, are not very durable and quickly fade in the sun. Subdivided into single-layer, multi-layered and waterproof. The term of operation is about 3-5 years.
  • Non-woven wallpaper have increased durability and vapor permeability. Slightly helps to reduce thermal conductivity and sound permeability of walls.
  • Vinyl. There are based on non-woven and paper. These wallpapers are quite durable, waterproof, do not fade. Vinyl wallpaper can be washed, some even with a brush. The only drawback is poor breathability.
  • Acrylic. This is a breathable acrylic-coated paper wallpaper, waterproof, not as heavy as vinyl. Possess average resistance to fading.
  • Textile. Produced on the basis of non-woven and paper. Fabric wallpaper well breathable, but not suitable for rooms with high humidity, fade, have a high cost. To clean these wallpapers is possible only in a dry way.
  • Glass fiber Available for painting, able to withstand repeated repainting, as well as air, steam and water permeable. Not afraid of moisture. Service life reaches 20-30 years.
  • Liquid. Produced in powder form. Differ in high maintainability.
  • Bamboo. A rather rare type of wallpaper. Bamboo strips are glued to the textile base.
  • Cork. Also included in the undisclosed type of finish. Wallpapers are natural, strong, do not absorb odors.
  • Metallic. This type of finish is water resistant.

The number of such wallpapers in the interior must be approached carefully, since an excessive amount of pink color can supplant a touch of kindness and tenderness. Unlike red, pinkish tones create a special atmosphere for others.

The color range of the color and its use:

  • Pink wallpaper in the room can saturate the body with positive emotions.
  • Wallpaper pink tones contribute to calm and relaxation.
  • Pearl and some other pastel colors give the room an atmosphere of comfort and warmth.
  • Coral-pink and salmon-pink shades promote good rest.
  • Intense purple and crimson tones energize. These colors are perfectly combined.
  • Cold pink shades perfectly cool the room, supersaturated with sunlight.



When a person chooses pink wallpaper for walls, he should present the desired result. Based on this, you can experiment. For example:

  • Make an emphasis in the interior of the bedroom on the main wall, niches or shelves, highlighting their contrasting pink shades.
  • Apply the transition from one color to another as a distribution of zones in the design of the bedroom.
  • You can visually increase the area of ​​the room with the help of pastel shades of pink colors.
  • On the wall at the head of the bed you can place wallpaper with roses or other pink wallpaper with a pattern.
  • Pink wallpaper for the bedroom can go well with many of the main colors that are used for finishing.



Monochrome interior

Nowadays, the use of the dominant color and all its shades is gaining popularity in creating interiors. When combining different tones and shadows, it is possible to create the most advantageous and harmonious atmosphere than using bright acid colors.

To get the ideal desired result you need to know some features of creating a monochrome interior. One option is to design the walls as the most voluminous "details" of the room, in light pink shades (coral, salmon, apricot), and furniture in dark colors (in the color of flamingo or classic pink). This interior can be supplemented with bright red accessories.

If the palette of the room is dominated by a light pink color, then the background on the wallpaper in the living room should be chosen in a darker color scheme. A distinctive important feature will be a light carpet on the wall or on the floor, which will contribute to the muting of dark wallpaper.

Even as an example of a monochrome interior, you can highlight the use of uniform light shades of pink. This option will be beneficial to small rooms, which receives a little bit of sunlight.



Pink color is generally considered more feminine and childish. However, few people think about how rich the color range of a given color is. For example, the color combination of pearl gray with pale pink is an aristocratic option. And also the combination of green and pink shades creates a feeling of comfort and freshness of the room. The choice of wallpaper in the hall in such shades will help to elevate the mood.




Wallpapers can be found not only monophonic, but also with a variety of patterns and ornaments: wallpaper with polka dots, striped, with flowers or plants.

What are the curtains come up to pink wallpaper?

Curtains, as well as wallpaper, are a defining link in the color palette of the interior. Therefore, a competent combination of these elements will lead to an excellent result. The main feature of the correct design is a harmonious combination of shades of curtains and color solutions for wallpaper or furniture.



Curtains are actively involved in the perception of the room. Below are some rules for selecting textiles for a room with pink shades:

  • In a bright room, curtains will help to create a color accent, if you pick them up in dark or saturated colors. You can also give your preference to light textiles with a bright ornament.
  • Curtains of light shades (beige, blue, white, cream, peach) will successfully fit into the room with saturated wallpaper, where furniture in dark colors is selected.
  • Curtains in the same color as the furniture will fit dark walls and light pieces of furniture.

Curtains made of tulle, organza or any other lightweight fabric will be a good addition to the wall decoration in a pink color palette.




Based on the above, we can conclude that the pink color has a range of different shades, ranging from light tones and ending with a dirty pink. All the colors can be used in creating a cozy interior living room or bedroom. Decorating a room with pink wallpaper will create a unique atmosphere of tenderness and romance. Bright pink wallpaper suitable for areas where people need energy.