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Layout of the nursery: we arrange the room correctly (104 photos)


The layout of the nursery should take into account the interests and needs of children, which, of course, will change as they get older. There should be enough space in the room for toddlers for safe outdoor games, and a full-fledged and convenient training place should be organized for the schoolchild or teenager.






Division of the nursery into zones

If you set up different zones in your personal room, it will be easier to develop a habit of order for the child, when it is clear where and what should lie. It is especially important to highlight the working area for the student, because it creates a comfortable environment not only for doing the lessons, but also helps to get used to the mode of the day.

Sleeping place

At arrangement of a recreation area the age of the child is of great importance. It is not recommended for children to purchase a bed for growth. The fashion is changing, new materials appear, and the child will get tired of sleeping all the time on the same bed.

For kids, game models are purchased, which are designed in the form of cars or elegant four-poster beds. The sleeping area is recommended to equip in a well-lit place (near the window), but away from the batteries. It is dangerous if there are power outlets or electrical appliances near the bed (electric heaters). It is considered that it is impossible to install a bed opposite the door (or near). However, it is desirable that the child saw entering the room.

For schoolchildren, you can install multifunctional beds (sofa bed, loft bed). Since the child has to pay more attention to the occupations, the work area is settled near the window opening, and the bed moves into the interior of the room. In compact rooms, it is advisable to install functional furniture-transformer. Such products can save space by combining several zones in a small space. Bed-table is better to put near the window, so that the working surface is well lit during the daytime.

















Game Zone

This area is of great importance in the arrangement of the room where young children live. You can select a zone with a bright carpet or low boxes for storing toys. When you make a game area, it is important to distinguish the territory for active games and for practicing creativity (a small round or square table and high chair). Near the walls it is advisable to put small open shelves with bright boxes. Children will be easy and interesting to get fancy boxes and put there toys, sets for creativity.

The kids like to separate the playing area from the room with small screens. Such designs are made of lightweight panels, and they can serve as a house or hut.

As the child grows up, the playing field becomes less important. Children have new interests and hobbies. For moving children, it is necessary to provide a place for arranging a sports corner:

  • Standard set includes wall bars, rings, rope. For the nursery in Khrushchev fit the L-shaped complex, which is fixed to the wall. Such designs do not take up much space and are most often mounted in the corners of the room. Such a corner does not occupy an area of ​​more than one square meter;
  • It is recommended to install a U-shaped sports structure in the children's room for two or three children. Such complexes take a little more space, but their advantages are increased functionality and the opportunity for all children to play sports at the same time.

When installing sports equipment, it is important to ensure that the design does not interfere with the free movement of other occupants or the placement of other furniture in the room.









Storage systems

When arranging storage systems in a small children's room, do not use large bulky closets. Low racks or dressers with drawers will do:

  • for storage of clothes shallow cabinets are installed (up to 50 cm). For a children's room of 10 square meters, you can choose models with perpendicular racks and then narrow furniture will fit perfectly into a small room;
  • racks or open cabinets with shelves 15-20 cm in depth are suitable for storing books and toys.

For smaller rooms, it is better to order individual models of furniture, since the modest depth of cabinets or racks will significantly increase the free space in the nursery. A great option is low angular structures that use the "dead" corner zone and minimize the useful area of ​​the nursery.

It is already possible to put a wardrobe in the student’s room. If the room has an elongated shape, it is advisable to install the design on the entire width of the narrow wall. At the same time, it will be visually somewhat correct the length of the room. If the door leaves are decorated to the color of the walls, the storage system will become visually imperceptible.

A great way to arrange hidden storage systems - installation podiums. Options for the location of structures and their sizes can be individualized. The parameters of the podiums are determined by the size and shape of the room, the number of children and their preferences. Most often, the podium is mounted near the window. At the same time on the site equip working area or play area, bedroom.






Zoning techniques

When arranging a child’s room, it is important to remember that it is sometimes difficult for children to concentrate on any one lesson, therefore the main planning task: when zoning a room, children should have objects directly related to one field of activity (only studies / games, sport).

The most common principle of the location of furniture - around the perimeter of the room. If children of about the same age live in the children's room, it is recommended to visually divide the room into parts. Highlight the needs and wishes of children can be color, furniture:

  • for the maiden territory, warm colors are selected in the interior (peach, light green, sandy, pale lilac). Near the bed you can install a small soft chair, neat bedside table or chest of drawers;
  • colder shades (blue, grayish) will highlight the boy's half. For a boy, you can pick up a chair bag, in the corner to fix the sports wall.

If children have a big age difference, then when planning a children's room for two, it is already necessary to take into account differences in the daily routine. It is better for schoolchildren to single out a section of the room located by the window in order to organize a full-fledged workplace. High narrow shelves for books installed near the table or hanging shelves above the table top will help to save room space. The zone of small children can be distinguished by low dressers for toys.

The layout of the children's room with a balcony allows you to use the balcony for various purposes for toddlers and teenagers. Most often, a play or sports zone, an educational corner. A mandatory requirement for this is that the balcony must be safe and warmed.







Sometimes when arranging a children's room, parents use old furniture - a bulky chest of drawers from the living room or a large old bookcase, an armchair of impressive dimensions. And at the same time they forget that all these objects take a very valuable area, which the child needs for free movement. At each stage of the child's life, different variants of the children's layout are applied, which take into account a certain minimum set of furniture, correctly located in the room.






Baby room

In rooms for small children should not be extra furniture. The room itself must be planned in such a way that during games or with active movements there are no serious obstacles that you can stumble or turn over.

Young children need a lot of time for a good night’s sleep. Since the light is very important for kids, it is better to have a sleeping place near the window, but not close to the battery. It is also not recommended to put the bed on the window-door line in order to avoid drafts when airing the room. The rest of the furniture can be arranged in a free order - at the discretion of the parents. Most often in the corners put a comfortable chair / small sofas, and the walls - chests for things and toys.









The child grows up and the bed becomes a rest area only for the night, so the bed can be placed away from the window. Depending on the number of children and the shape of the room, you can choose different beds and arrange them in several ways:

  • In the children's room with two same-sex children a two-story bed will fit perfectly. Usually, the older child sleeps on the upper bed, but this question is already decided individually;
  • if a boy and a girl live in a room, it is preferable to arrange detached sleeping places. In a narrow, elongated room, beds can be placed against one wall, and in a square-shaped room they will fit perfectly next to adjacent walls;
  • sometimes sleeping places are installed nearby. In this case, small bedside tables, set between the beds, will help visually zoning children's sleeping places.

The game area and work area of ​​the child move closer to the window opening. Kids become more assiduous and devote more and more time to assembling constructors, folding puzzles or coloring magazines, so good natural lighting is required in order to have less strain on vision. The child does not need a full-fledged desk yet, but for classes it is advisable to choose comfortable furniture. A small rack or shelves for books will take up little space in the room. This additional furniture is installed in the work area so that the child can quickly and conveniently get books.

Storage already takes more space. For compact rooms, it is better to select modular furniture systems, hidden drawers that are embedded in the bed or in wall openings. In a room with two children it is more expedient to put two compact wardrobes than one bulky.










Room for a teenager

Children spend more time at the table, so they pay special attention to the arrangement of the workplace. For study, it is desirable to allocate space by the window so that the working surface is lit to the maximum with natural light. In a narrow long room the role of the desktop can be performed by a tabletop built into the window opening. If on the sides of the window to equip hinged or built-in shelves, you will not have to install a special bookcase.

In a room with two children, it is not always possible to equip full-fledged workplaces for both schoolchildren directly in front of the window (narrow window opening). In such cases, it makes sense to install structures that combine a table and a shelving unit. Such furniture is placed along one wall or opposite, adjacent. Sometimes for one child it is possible to equip a traditional set (bed and table), and for the other to choose transforming furniture (table / bed).

The layout of the children's room of 9 sq. M makes it possible to rationally use the area if you choose a loft bed to furnish the room (the bed is located above the workplace). Such furniture allows for a small area to combine two zones - working and sleeping. The vacated area is used to install a sports corner or to organize a recreation area.

Increasingly, the room for teenagers is designed in the style of minimalism, which is distinguished by its functionality and simplicity. For the decoration of the walls, they use light neutral shades that visually increase the space. Due to the small amount of furniture, it is easy to do in the room permutation. For a convenient layout, a minimum of items are used: a table with an armchair, a bed, a small tall wardrobe. Additional storage areas (books, equipment) are mounted shelves.






For boy

When planning a room, it is important to take into account the interests of each child and his preferences. The baby definitely needs a lot of space for active games, and therefore the room should have a sports corner. The place for games is arranged taking into account the wishes of the child. For lovers of designers and puzzle gatherers, you need to put a comfortable table near the window, so that the tabletop is covered with natural daylight as much as possible. Next to the table, it is advisable to place a rack on the shelves of which it will be convenient to lay out the boxes and arrange the assembled models.










In the room of a teenager, the place of honor is usually given to the computer desk. The game zone successfully turns into a recreation area where a sofa for guests is installed. In order not to lose a full-fledged sleeping place, you can install a loft bed or arrange a podium by the window. In the nursery for two boys is better to put a bunk bed. To save on the tables, it makes sense to fix a long tabletop near the window, on which there is enough space for arranging two workplaces.







When choosing the layout of the room for the baby, all the principles of the design of the children's room are observed. Many parents associate a room for a girly with a canopy bed, a variety of pink bows and pillows. Indeed, some girls dream of a room for a princess, the style of which involves a pink palette and elegant furniture. These dreams are most often embodied through the use of elegant finishing materials, bright decor.