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Combined curtains in the interior: the possibility of combinations (25 photos)


Fashionable direction in the design of windows in the room is the use of fabrics differing in texture and color. Only with properly selected tandem canvases will it be possible to combine curtains so that they will decorate and complement the interior. Original products harmoniously fit into the setting of the living room, bedroom, hall, nursery, and even in the kitchen they create comfort, they can completely transform the room.



Features of the combined curtains

It is easy to create a unique image of curtains, due to the presence of a rich assortment of modern fabrics and special accessories, acting not only as decoration, but also used for convenient control. You can always choose the options of thick two or three-color curtains and light tulle that will satisfy all tastes and requests of the owners, will bring a special highlight to the present style of the interior and will become the dominant subject attracting everyone’s attention.

There are different ways of combining textile fabrics:

  • By color and ornament. You can use various options, but always the main focus is on the tonality or pattern. Combined curtains with colors can be supported by one of the shades present, which enhances the effect and gives expressiveness to the canvases.
  • According to different textures. Well combined with each other dense and lighter tissue. This is a very profitable option, since the curtain consisting of different canvases is convenient for controlling the lighting in a room at different times of the day. For example, on a sunny day, dense curtains will protect the room from direct rays, and in cloudy weather they will not become an obstacle to the entry of street light. In addition, this combination has high aesthetics, and the combined curtains in the interior will dominate.
  • By lenght. There are short curtains with long. The short upper part serves only a decorative function.

The most common combination are curtains of two colors, this tandem is suitable for double curtains, which are easy to change according to the season. The peculiarity of such a model is that the fabrics of different density are sewn to each other, due to which they are integral and form double-sided curtains. This option can not do without special accessories that will not only be beneficial to complement, but also help to manage the curtains - to open the "wrong" side.




Ways of joining cloths

The combined curtains are created in different ways:

  • Vertically - the fabrics are arranged and sewn parallel to each other (often used in curtains on grommets).
  • Horizontally, it is mainly used when combining color cloths and ornamental, sometimes with textured.

Depending on the location of the canvases, you can hide or increase the height of the ceiling. For low rooms, two colors should be connected vertically; for high rooms, a variant of horizontal arrangement of fabric strips can be used. Original looks wide horizontal finish, located on top. This option consists of two fabrics of different colors and is ideal for curtains on the grommet. If you use light colors, then the surrounding space is visually expanding, darker shades will reduce the height of the ceiling.

Coziness and comfort in the room are created by curtains of two colors of fabric in which the border of a different shade is located along the perimeter. This option allows you to use contrasting and dim monochromatic fabrics or to combine them with patterned ones. You can also choose the right small pattern, combining it with a large not bright print, or combine fabrics with ornaments of different shades. Any of these options is suitable for curtains on the grommet.



Colors and material: combine the curtains in two colors

Combining portieres on windows it is necessary to observe a harmonious combination of palettes. Successful transition create:

  • Brown with beige. This is the most compatible tandem that harmonizes well with high-tech and classic furniture. Dense beige curtains with brown tulle or, on the contrary, organza curtains may be light and curtains brown in color. Such curtains in the hall, a bedroom, a hall, a study room approach. For decoration of windows in a room with a high ceiling, you can use curtains on brown grommets with a light stripe on top. In darkened rooms it is rational to combine canvases from white to beige shades with a minimal amount of dark colors.
  • Green curtains and light white curtains made of organza or a veil, which do not interfere with the penetration of fresh air with an open window and street light, harmonize well. Design solutions provide for the use of pelmets in different versions - puff, de-jabot, swag, tie, metal mold or bell.

There are a lot of variants of color combinations, but you should be especially careful when selecting them, when Roman curtains with curtains or tulle are used to decorate the window. The choice largely depends on the model of Roman curtains, which can be installed above the window opening or directly on the frame, because it depends on what function the Roman curtains will perform the main or secondary.




Gentle and light curtains should be for the bedroom. Most often for such rooms are made of organza curtains, which can be decorated with guipure lace, which gives the product charm and piquancy.

An excellent solution for emphasizing the elegance and giving weightlessness will be curtains of two colors of the veil. Contrasting shades, such as bright red and white, are fascinating. This is the perfect solution for the living room. In the curtains for the bedroom, it is desirable to use a softer and more delicate palette.



They are used for decorating window openings and various fabrics, of which a special place is occupied by organza curtains, characterized by lightness, unusual beauty and the ability to give any interior luxury and sophistication. The color scheme of organza curtains is quite diverse, but mainly pastel shades are used. For very bright rooms, a transparent weave is chosen to be darker.






The main condition for the use of two curtains in the design of the window is not only their combination with each other, but also harmony with the environment - the style of the interior, furniture and decorative objects.

The combined version - tulle and roller blinds are offered in different design solutions. It can be both long and cropped curtains with frills. These are the curtains in the kitchen - what you need!