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Orange curtains - non-trivial color of textiles in the interior (20 photos)


Everyone would like to have an individual and stylish interior. However, few are willing to accept dramatic design changes and dilute the traditional setting with truly creative elements. So that the design of the room at the same time did not become defiant, but acquired a harmonious look and a bright character, it is necessary to adhere to certain rules, including the combination of colors. It is the orange color of the curtains that makes the room bright and non-standard.



Advantages of the orange scale:

  • ideal option for decoration of the window openings of the children's room. Orange energy will always be a source of children's cheerful mood. When choosing textiles, it is necessary to give preference to somewhat muted shades so that the curtains in the evening do not become a source of excitability, which is not the norm, especially for children;
  • creates a visual expansion of space, which is very popular in small rooms on the north side. Also, this effect will not be superfluous in spacious rooms;
  • orange shades fit perfectly into the interiors of any style. Moreover, this color harmonizes well with both dark furniture and light. Curtains of red-orange color will elegantly complement the austere high-tech style or minimalism. If the interior of the apartment is made in Baroque or Empire style, then it is appropriate to use textiles of saturated yellow-orange color. Amber-colored drapes also look luxurious;
  • Orange gamma is associated with fun, optimism and enthusiasm. At the same time, the color is interestingly combined with various other shades, starting with pale green and ending with black.

Orange curtains in the living room

The hall is the centerpiece of the apartment / house, so orange textiles on the windows look more than appropriate, as it creates a sunny atmosphere in the room every day.

Sometimes it happens that the design of the room gets a cold mood, and small elegant elements of the decor do not correct the situation. In such a case, orange drapes on the grommets will easily and simply bring a positive note into the room and fill the atmosphere with warmth.



The combination of white and orange can be attributed to the classic design. It is easy to create an exquisite cozy interior with minimal effort - it is enough to add orange Roman curtains with a light curtain of tulle, batista, organza.

The combination of orange textiles on the windows with pale blue wall decoration in the room design looks decent and unusual. This combination creates an atmosphere in the room at the same time fresh-cool and sunny-warming. To link textiles with wall decoration, it is recommended to choose a fabric with a blue ornament or a small strip of blurry blue.






Designers consider the carpet a friendly subject in relation to the textile decoration of windows. When choosing a decent product, you should take into account that the floor carpet should have a brighter palette than curtains. An excellent design technique to give the room a homely and habitable appearance - to lay a carpet of yellow-brown tones.




Orange curtains in the bedroom interior

The use of orange fabrics in the design of bedroom windows can cause controversy, because this bright shade does not contribute to relaxation and pacification in the evening. A little trick to bypass this prejudice - to decorate a bedroom with orange curtains during the autumn-winter period in order to compensate for the lack of sunlight. It is in cloudy and rainy weather that any shades of orange will bring warmth and comfort to the room. If in a window opening still to establish light rolled curtains, then seasonal replacement of curtains on the eaves is not difficult.

No one will doubt their relevance in the kitchen, because it is so natural: to drink freshly brewed morning tea in a sunny, positive atmosphere. Moreover, the orange curtains look great in models that use different mounting options. First of all, it refers to roller blinds. The uniqueness of these designs lies in adaptability to any purpose of the room. These products look great on the windows of classrooms and in children's rooms, in living rooms and especially in kitchens.

An interesting idea for a spacious kitchen is to hang curtains with orange flowers. It is desirable to choose textiles with a white canvas basis. Such curtains in the floor will look great with a roman curtain of amber color. A good option - transparent orange tulle and white roller blinds.




Checkered kitchen curtains of a copper-brown shade, decorated with lambrequin, perfectly fit into the Provence style kitchen.

Orange color is quite bright and self-sufficient, so when using this shade in the interior, you should beware of its abundance. In large quantities, orange can cause irritation, if you want to bring notes of optimism and vigor into your home, it is advisable to start with small elements. As an option, you can decorate window openings not with plain textiles, but with patterned soft colors, because individuality in design is always created through experiments.