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Velcro curtains on a plastic window - a novelty of design ideas (20 photos)


There are situations when it is not possible to decorate a window with ordinary curtains or you want to add something unconventional and new to the interior. Velcro curtains can be a suitable option; textiles are fastened to a plastic window quite simply and do not create problems with constant care (they are easily and quickly removed when it is necessary to wash).



The universal fastening is a velkro textile Velcro, with which many are familiar thanks to the presence of such an accessory on clothes and shoes, where it performs the function of a reliable zipper. Such a tape consists of two parts, where one has a soft pile, and the second is equipped with small hooks with high stickiness. This clutch works exclusively on breaking.

Not so long ago, self-adhesive velcro was used as a fastener for fabric curtains. Undoubtedly, there is the convenience of such an option, and the hostess appreciated it - you do not have to suffer with putting numerous eyelets on the small hooks of the cornice. Velcro tape can be installed on the eaves in different ways:

  • using glue and metal staples of a construction stapler;
  • directly mounted on a plastic frame and screwed with screws.

In order to hang the curtains on the windows or remove, you need to do a simple manipulation. To secure the canvas, you need its upper edge, on which one part of the tape is sewn, to press Velcro to the second part, after which they are securely connected to each other. It is even easier to remove the curtain, for this you need to pull over one edge and gradually detach the upper part of the canvas from the strip with a self-adhesive strip.




Varieties of curtain designs with velcro

The most practical are the Roman blinds, which are a straight piece of fabric according to the size of the window opening. Textiles are versatile and, if necessary, can quickly rise and fall through the cord, forming neat horizontal folds in the upper part of the window. The classic Roman velvet curtain fits perfectly into the interior of the room with different styles and directions.



A variation of roller blinds is self-adhesive blinds, consisting of pleated corrugated thick paper, which can be of different widths. It is impossible to collapse the paper web in the usual way, so it folds up in the form of an "accordion". Products fit all types and sizes of windows. Installation is carried out without drilling with adhesive tape. It will take very little time to do this work. A wide variety of palettes is offered - “Pleated” curtain paper can be white, beige, blue, turquoise, pink, cream and other shades, which makes it possible to select an option according to the color of the interior and profile.




Velcro is also used for traditional curtains, thanks to which, to replace deaf textile loops covering the eaves, they began to be made detachable. This type of hinges allows you to easily and quickly remove the curtains, if you need to wash them or before repair, and there is no need to disassemble the eaves. One side of the loop is firmly sewn to the canvas, and the second is equipped with a piece of adhesive tape - when connecting the two fragments creates a secure mount.




Choosing textile curtains with velcro is not accidental, since the main reason lies in their many advantages. Products:

  • distinguished by practicality, relevance and ease of use;
  • harmoniously fit into the interior with any style;
  • do not interfere with the opening of the window and do not occupy space on the windowsill;
  • They are a modern element of decor and decorate the window opening in an original way.

Lightweight material for curtains holds adhesive tape well glued to the frame, so sometimes it is not necessary to fix it with screws, which violate the integrity of the frame and aesthetics.

Roller blinds and roman blinds are the ideal solution for decorating living rooms, kitchens, balconies and balconies. For the manufacture of such products are used textiles, and is the fastening of curtains with velcro to the window frame, on the wall, on a wooden block, separate strips or a special bracket. If it is not possible to install a traditional cornice for curtains, then this is the most optimal option to help quickly resolve the problem of the design of a window opening. Fastening curtains without problems and carried out on the profile of plastic.