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Double curtains - beautiful comfort in the interior (24 photos)


The basis for any design idea for the design of housing - the preferences of the owners of the premises, so the modern style is, above all, comfort, conciseness, naturalness and functionality. These qualities are inherent in the models of curtains consisting of several webs.

Popular types of double curtains

Designers offer numerous options for the design of window openings using textiles. Two types of window decoration with curtains can be considered very fashionable: Roman and rolled. Such models allow you to combine different forms of canvases, types of materials (differing in texture, color).



Double roman blinds

Structurally, the Roman curtain is a canvas of textiles, with the rise of which even smooth folds are formed. A feature of double curtains is the possibility of separate control of canvases. Moreover, manufacturers offer two options for control: manual and remote. Automatic control is especially justified in rooms where there are many window openings or when installing a model on a balcony (you can control the device from the room).

Usually the installation of double curtains involves the use of different types of fabrics: dense textiles and lightweight (of different transparency). Such models are very popular when decorating the window openings of the bedroom, children's, living room, kitchen.

The design of these curtains consists of a textile fabric, a chain mechanism and a clamp. By controlling the lifting of the fabric, you can fix the curtain at any level. When installing double curtains, a special fabric is used, which consists of alternating dense and transparent stripes. When lifting the curtains upwards, an alternation of transparent and dense sections of fabric is obtained. You can control the product manually (chain) or with the help of an electric drive. Models are suitable for decorating windows in the kitchen, bedroom, office, bathroom.



Double curtains in the living room

Living room has always been and will be the center of attention of the apartment / house, so any piece of furniture is important for creating a harmonious atmosphere. Curtains not only effectively decorate the windows, but also protect the room from bright sunlight. Dual models do an excellent job with these responsibilities. When choosing the optimal combination of fabrics consider several options:

  • textiles of the same quality, different shades;
  • combining dense materials with transparent / translucent;
  • double curtain of transparent fabrics;
  • combination of curtains with decorative elements (curtains with lambrequin, cotton curtains in the form of muslin).

You can create a stylish interior, if you choose the nature of the room, its style.

The furnishings of a classic style will be elegantly complemented by curtains decorated in the form of smooth cloths. For an interesting window design use double curtain rods for curtains. In the rooms on the north side, double curtains made of tulle or light fabrics will look comfortable. Southern rooms will protect sets of thick curtains (linen, wool) and light curtains (organza, fine silk).



In the design of interiors in minimalism, high-tech styles, attention is paid not to decorations or to the cut of the canvas, the quality of textiles plays the main role - using iridescent material of neutral colors (blue / light blue, gray / pearl). The best option is double curtains in the hall on the grommets (metal / plastic rings framing the holes in the textile and threaded to the eaves). Due to the uniform installation of fasteners, the curtains are formed into uniform folds. When installing double eaves, it is advisable to fix eyelets at small distances. Then the thick curtains will not interfere with the movement of light decorative curtains.



Double curtains to the kitchen

When choosing a decor, first of all, they are oriented to the practicality of the fabric, therefore, preferences give textiles to easy care, which allows sunlight to pass through. Kitchen curtains can be perfectly combined from materials: cotton, linen, coarse calico, chiffon, tulle.

When choosing a design style curtains repel the style of the apartment, the location of the room (north or south side), the number of windows and their sizes.




For the shaded northern kitchens suitable Roman curtains, sewn from cotton of light shades (sand, yellow). Double rolled curtains saturated colors - the best option for decorating windows on the south side.

For interiors in the styles of modern, hi-tech, minimalism suitable monochromatic materials. Provence style will complement beige-colored textiles with a small floral pattern. Cotton curtains with checkered patterns, decorated with a straight lambrequin, bring rustic coziness and serenity to country-style kitchens. For a luxurious classic setting, you can use the material with patterns or ornaments.

A non-standard option would be the simultaneous installation of Roman blinds (linen, cotton) in the window dressing and curtains on the grommet (tulle, chiffon, organza) over the window.



Perhaps, these models of curtains can be considered the most demanded precisely for window openings in the room for sleeping. The ideal option would be a combination of curtains of lightweight and thick fabric. When choosing a material you should pay attention to natural fabrics: wool, silk, linen, batis. Of the colors it is desirable to prefer a calm, pastel shades.




Baroque furnishings will add pompous curtains with a soft lambrequin, decorated with large folds. Classic bedrooms tint traditional curtains with hooks. A strict minimalist style emphasizes double roman blinds.




When choosing a decor in the bedroom, models are preferred, which, above all, allow you to quickly and easily create an environment for a good rest:

  • eyelet curtains;
  • Roman or roller blinds.

Today there are no hard and fast rules defining a set of elements for the embodiment of a certain style in the room. In a large room window openings can be decorated with different models of double curtains. So that the windows do not look motley, they use unifying details: an ornament, companion fabrics, material color, therefore an interesting window decor is created thanks to a non-standard combination of shades and materials for curtains, different versions of cut fabrics.