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How to put a bed to leave free space


The most important item in the bedroom is the bed. And from what material it will be made, and how well it will stand, depends on your health. Choose its perfect location is not so easy. It must be placed at the same time ergonomically and feng shui. The task is not easy, but it is doable. The bed can be correctly placed even in a small room.

The first rule is security

Skeptics first of all recommend to have a bed in the bedroom safely, and only then pay attention to the rules of Feng Shui. It is especially important to worry about the safe arrangement of the bed in the child's room.



We put a bed on Feng Shui

Ancient Eastern teachings give an exact answer to the question: how to put the bed in the room correctly. There are a lot of difficulties and nuances, but if you follow them thoroughly, the masters of Feng Shui promise, you will not only sleep well, but in all other spheres of life order and harmony will appear.

By feng shui bed put in the farthest corner, but so that the door was visible. For a good sleep you need a lot of air, so the space above it should not be cluttered with anything. In Feng Shui, it is important to keep proportions, so the bed should be proportional to the room. For a narrow bedroom you need to buy an elongated bed. If the room is large and spacious, then a double bed will fit well into it.

There should not be a bathroom or toilet on the top floor above the bed, so in the house plan the location of the rooms so that the bathrooms on each floor are located one below the other and that there is no bedroom under them.



What prohibits feng shui?

Not everyone knows how to put a bed on Feng Shui, because it is really a complex science that makes clear requirements for the location of furniture in an apartment. In general, Feng Shui encourages not to have extra items in the bedroom, because every thing has its own energy, which may not coincide with yours. For Feng Shui next to or above the bed should not be:

  • outlets;
  • chandeliers;
  • large fixtures;
  • paintings;
  • shelves;
  • fireplaces;
  • aquariums;
  • many indoor plants.



Also the bed should not stand:

  • in the center of the room;
  • head to the door;
  • feet to the door;
  • between the entrance and the window.

According to Eastern teachings, a person gets enough sleep and rests if he feels protected on a bed. The necessary security can be created if the bed stands near the blank wall. Also, the sharp corners of the cabinets and walls should not be aimed at the sleeper. People who live in Khrushchev, put so the bed seems to be something impossible. In a narrow room, where every square centimeter is counted, and there is little space, only a bed cannot stand near a wall. Life makes its own adjustments, but no one is forbidden to dream of improving living conditions and striving for it.

It is undesirable to have a bed under the ceiling beams - especially across. They will "push" on the head and "pull" energy out of you. The correct interior solution would be to use a stretch ceiling.

It will be uncomfortable to sleep on a bed located under a sloping ceiling - a feature of the attic space. It will not be possible to close it, but you can draw a scarlet ribbon from the bottom corner - the Feng Shui masters claim that this will help to cope with the problem.



It may be that your personal directions and the directions of the spouse do not match. How to determine them, you will be prompted only by an expert on Feng Shui, but whatever he says, you will have to find a compromise and put the bed in the direction in which it is comfortable for both spouses. Nobody will give accurate recommendations here - you need to listen to yourself and look for a "middle ground". The only thing, even if you have shifted two beds, experts recommend putting one double mattress on them. Then between husband and wife in a relationship there will be no barriers and boundaries.



Determine the direction of the world

Another popular idea is to place the bed in the bedroom relative to the cardinal points. There is not even need to contact the experts: just take a compass or determine the direction of the world. By the way, the idea that a person’s life success is largely influenced by the direction in which his legs and head are directed in a dream belongs to Oriental sages. Right or not, it is easy to check.

If you can't find a loved one, put the headboard bed to the south. If you have not decided how to put the bed in a small bedroom, direct the headboard to the south-east. It is believed that the bed set in this way helps a person to become more assertive in his desires and to succeed in the chosen field. Couples who want a child, the bed should be put "head" to the west, and those who need a good reputation - to the south.

On the cardinal points you can put a bed in the nursery. If the child has anxious sleep, you can put the bed in the nursery headboard to the east. Thanks to this dream will be strong and calm. Those parents who do not know how best to put the bed, but want their child to learn successfully, you can put the bed to the northeast.



Bed - island of safety

In a dream, a person spends a significant part of his life, so it is important to choose a good bed and place it correctly. If you want to sleep well, choose a bed with a comfortable mattress. On the bed, which was made in the middle of the last century and falling apart from time, it will definitely be awkward to sleep, so there is a reason to save money and buy yourself a modern bed. It is also better for couples not to sleep in two shifted beds - this is inconvenient and can bring discord in family relationships.

A bed in a one-room apartment or in a Khrushchev must not turn into a warehouse of things. Someone keeps shoeboxes under it, old magazines or rolled-up carpets. Rarely under the bed are things that are needed daily. And what you do not use for more than a year will most likely never be needed, so if you are tormented by insomnia, look at what is under your bed. If there is trash, you need to get rid of it. The less space is occupied under the bed, the more actively the energy flows move - so say the feng shui masters.