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Lobularia in the garden: fragrant "carpet" with their own hands (25 photos)


A groundcover plant lobularia conquered the hearts of many gardeners. It is unpretentious, blooms to the very frost, reproduces by gem and has a pleasant aroma. The modest, but exquisite beauty of the flowers is perfectly combined with the vivid representatives of the flora, and mixborders and borders decorated with lobularia look amazing. How to properly plant and care for these magnificent flowers?



Garden Design

Garden designers prefer to use purple, white and mixed colors of this curb culture for bordering lawns, paths and mixborders. They have a neutral coloring, so other annuals and perennial flowers on their background look amazing. Relief flower beds: rock arias and rock gardens will acquire well-groomed and complete, if they are supplemented with miniature bushes, densely showered with flowers. The duet lobularia with flowers of warm, saturated shades: marigold, zinnia and nasturtium looks impressive.

The best varieties of plants recognized the following:

  • Paletta. Plant height reaches 10 cm, differs in various color of inflorescences: crimson, pink, brown-red, lilac, white.
  • Tini-Tim. Dwarf plant with white flowers.
  • Vise Riesen. Large snow-white inflorescences.
  • Easter Deep Rose. It is characterized by abundant flowering, the color of the petals is intense pink.
  • Wilet Konigin. Large purple flowers.
  • Rosie O'Day. The height of the bush is up to 10 cm, the color of the petals is pale pink.
  • Easter Bonnet Pink. Compact bushes, covered with light purple flowers.
  • Princess in Perple. The shoots are long, reach 35 cm, the flowers are pale lilac, the variety looks great in baskets and hanging flowerpots.

At first glance, the inflorescences may seem too modest, but the incredible aroma enveloping this plant will make everyone fall in love with it.



How to grow seedlings at home?

A beautiful thick carpet of lobularia is obtained when ready seedlings are planted in the ground, and you need to use more than a dozen plants. The annual is propagated by seeds, they are sown in the spring or autumn. Why do experienced growers prefer to plant seedlings, what are the advantages of this method? So this:

  • the possibility of uniform planting, eliminating the occurrence of bald areas if the seeds did not sprout;
  • early and long flowering, the first flowers appear as early as May;
  • influence of spring frosts is excluded.

Growing seedlings from seeds is the most effective way to produce beautiful and healthy plants. What do you need to do for this?

For sowing seeds are used, which are stored no more than 3 years in suitable conditions, they are the ones that have the greatest germination. The first shoots appear after 10-15 days, if the container with the soil is stored in suitable conditions. As containers for growing seedlings, you can use plastic containers, they are mini-greenhouses, which creates the greenhouse effect. The soil is suitable light with good air exchange, these properties can give it river sand or peat. Growing lobularia from seed requires some knowledge. For example, before sowing, the soil should be moistened and a manganese solution should be introduced for disinfection.

Only after this, shallow grooves are drawn, seeds are sown on the soil surface, a small layer (no more than 0.5 mm) of sand is sprinkled over it. From above, the container is covered with a transparent lid and sent to a bright warm place. Caring for seedlings is a daily airing, spraying the soil with a spray in the event that it has dried. Waterlogging should be avoided.

The best moment of sowing is the first half of March, since it is at this time that the light day increases and it is likely that the seedlings will grow healthy and strong.

You can sow the seeds on the surface of the snow, he, melting, will draw the seeds into the soil to the desired depth, and as a result of short-term cooling stratification will occur, which ensures rapid growth of the seed.



Seedlings care

After the first shoots, seedlings need constant care. If there are too many shoots, it is possible to thin them, leaving 2-3 pieces. The distance between seedlings is about 10 cm. Another way is a dive - transplanting each seedling into a separate cup or pot, you can take a few pieces in case one does not take root. Well, and in order to cultivate perennial plants brought pleasure, it is better to plant them in open ground after May 10, when the risk of occurrence of morning spring frosts is minimal.

Landing in the ground

Planting lobiliariya carried out in groups to create a uniform flower cover; caring for a perennial plant will bring only pleasure, if you choose a sunny plot, not shaded by the canopy of trees, with dry fertilized soil. Flowers respond well to heat emanating from heated bricks and stones, so they grow well near a paved path or curb.




Before planting, dig up the soil, bring peat or compost into it, then follow the following procedure:

  1. We dig holes, observing an interval of 40-50 cm. The flower grows well, so you should not plant it more closely.
  2. We take out every plant from the cup, trying not to damage the earthy clod, and plant one in each well.
  3. We cover it with earth and water it abundantly.
  4. We mulch with peat or humus. Mulch prevents the growth of weeds and protects the soil from excessive drying.

After 6-7 weeks after planting, with careful care, the first flowers will appear on the plant.



Some growers prefer to sow the seeds in the ground. This method of growing a perennial plant is more simple, but the bushes in this case may suffer from various diseases. Seeds are sown at the end of April or in November. Before this, the earth digs up, loosens, fertilizers are introduced into it.

Care of lobularia

The plant is not very picky, so growing and caring for it does not cause much trouble. Caring for perennial beauty is reduced to the most common measures.


Water the plant as needed, abundant watering is necessary for him only during the drought period. The culture does not tolerate excess moisture in the soil, so you need to moisten the area if the top layer is 3-4 cm dry. This is easy to check by prying a clod of earth with a shovel.

Loosening and dressing

For the best penetration of air and moisture into the soil, you need to take care of systematically loosening. Caring for a plant is unthinkable without fertilizer. During the period of growth nitrogen fertilizer is applied, and before flowering - complex. The optimal number of feedings - 2-3 times per season.




A haircut

Cutting off shoots 5-6 cm follows the first wave of flowering. It will provide not only a well-groomed look, but also the further formation of new buds. This is one of the rules of care, which can not be applied to all cultures, well, and lobularia after shortening the shoots will delight in lush flowering until frost.


Even in the case of proper care, lobularia will not survive the harsh winter in regions where the air temperature drops below -15 ° C, therefore, in order to preserve the crop, it is advisable to gather seed in the fall. Tearing off dry inflorescences, they should be rubbed over a cloth or paper and the seeds should be separated from coarse dust. They are kept for several days in a dry ventilated room, then they are packed in paper bags and stored until spring.

If in the region the temperature in winter does not fall below the limit, then in the fall the bushes are covered with a layer of dry leaves, and in winter - a snow drift is covered over the leaves. Before wintering the bush is not cut, as this can lead to the death of the plant. From the dried leaves and last year's inflorescences, fragile shoots get rid of in the spring.




What is sick with lobularia?

Cruciferous flea is the most insidious enemy, which is dangerous for the whole Cabbage family and, in particular, for lobuluria. To lime it is very difficult, and after processing only healthy adult plants will survive. Insect repellent is made of vinegar essence and water in the proportion of 1 spoon per 10 liters.

Florists often encounter another nuisance: eating foliage and flowers with a caterpillar. Against it, use tobacco infusion, which is added soap or broth pharmacy chamomile.

The following drugs are effective against whitefish, cabbage moles: Lepidotsid, Entobakterin.

Diseases such as brown rot, powdery mildew, or viral mosaic can occur due to excessive watering. The development of fungal infections will prevent the following remedies:

  • Ordan;
  • Topaz;
  • Oxy;
  • copper oxychloride.

It should be noted that if the plant is infected with a virus mosaic, it should be disposed of immediately, as this disease is incurable.

Lobularia grows lush carpet and forms an unusual globular bushes. Flower growers appreciate not only the decorative qualities of the plant, sea loburia, for example, is used in folk medicine as a means of having a laxative and diuretic effect. Bouquets of dried flowers can be used as an air freshener, and a pad filled with petals will relieve insomnia. Well, in order to grow this charming flower in your flower bed, you should learn from the flower growers and take advantage of their valuable tips.