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Choosing a gate to give (24 photos)


At the dacha is not enough just to put a fence and a wicket. Here you will also need to install the gate, because it is very functional and beautiful. On the installation is not recommended to save. Their production can be ordered from professionals, and you can do it yourself, but the main thing is that they are solid and protect your dacha.

What material to choose?

Gates at the dacha can be made of:

  • metal;
  • wood;
  • plastic;
  • metal mesh;
  • polycarbonate;
  • sheeting.

Each of these materials has its own characteristics. They have a different service life, suffer sharp changes in temperature and wet weather in different ways, so before buying a material, study the characteristics of each of them. You can dwell on one of the options, or you can combine several materials in a project. For example, to make a gate for a garden plot of metal, and a gate - wooden.



We install metal gates

Metal gates are one of the most popular and sought-after options, because it is metal that has always been considered the most reliable material. If you decide that the garden gate and the gate should be made of metal, you cannot do without the help of welders. Metal doors are a prefabricated structure, which consists of:

  • fittings;
  • metal sheets;
  • pipes;
  • corners;
  • rods.

First comes the measurer, and you tell him what kind of country gates should be installed. Then in the workshop all the parts are cut to the size, and in place they are already assembled by welding. If you can make a gate from a tree with the help of improvised tools, then you need experience and a set of special tools from metal.

Metal elements are fixed by welding or bolts, then the whole structure is covered with a primer that prevents the formation of corrosion and metal paint. If the gate is originally made of high-quality metal, and you will properly care for them, then this design will stand on the dacha for many years. From the owner of the metal gates, one is required - as necessary, remove the old paint with sandpaper and cover it with a new one. If any elements of rust pass through, they can be welded or replaced with new ones. Depending on the budget, you can install the gate, made of solid metal sheets or choose more expensive options - with openwork forging and complex patterns.

If you do not afford metal gates, stop your choice on a tree. It is a wooden gate, too, can be budget and "elite". The first are assembled from inexpensive boards and timber: aspen, pine, birch. It’s very easy to do this garden gate yourself. You only need to correctly calculate the size of the gate, buy the required amount of lumber and do everything with a hammer and saw. Previously, the gap between the picket fence was left, today people are less and less willing to flaunt their personal lives, and therefore the boards are set close to each other.

If you make a country gate with your own hands from wood, be sure to cover them with paint or varnish. The chemical composition will protect the wood from moisture and pests.

In the second case, the gate is made of expensive wood and decorated with elements of forging, and here you can not do without the help of experts in mahogany. From whatever type of wood the gates are made, the tree remains a tree, which, unlike metal, is afraid of fire and water, deformed and swells. If all the same you want country gate which will precisely serve many years, get iron.




Gates from other materials

At production of gate today such materials as polycarbonate and a professional flooring are still actively used. These materials are inexpensive, easy to install, and most importantly, they have a long service life. So, polycarbonate or polymer plastic is used for the manufacture of greenhouses, canopies, stops. It is very durable, absolutely resistant to temperature extremes and weighs little. Two people can easily handle the installation of polycarbonate entrance gates.

First installed on the sides of the bearing pillars. They must be cut out of the profile pipe. Such pillars are buried as deep as possible into the ground and, if necessary, concreted. If you do not do this, your sliding gate can fall from a strong gust of wind. Then rectangular doors are hung on the pillars, to which polycarbonate is fastened with the help of screws. If the sash is too long, approximately in the middle you can install an additional stiffener - the metal guide is bolted or welded.




Gates from a professional flooring become also, as well as from polycarbonate. First, a metal frame is assembled, and sheets of corrugated board are lit with it. Recently, this roofing material, which is a steel sheet coated with a polymer anti-corrosion composition, has become particularly popular, and it is actively used in construction. Gate from a professional flooring - ideal option for giving. This material is not afraid of sudden changes in temperature, high humidity and direct sunlight. Gates from a professional flooring over the years do not rust, and this is very important.

However, this material has its drawback: it is thinner than wood, therefore, with strong gusts of wind, it bends and “plays”. To prevent corrugated doors from rattling, additional stiffening ribs are welded to the frame, as is the case with polycarbonate. The professional flooring heats up quickly in the bright sun, therefore wooden or plastic handles are attached to such entrance gates.




Types of gates

Gates are of four types:

  • swing;
  • recoiling;
  • roll;
  • sectional.

At cottages most often install swing and sliding gates. Installation of two other types of entrance gates is more complicated and expensive.

Oar garden doors are used especially actively. They are installed at the entrances to the base, in private yards, any industrial facilities. They are inexpensive, easy to install, and with a good choice of lock have a high resistance to burglary.

It is very convenient to install swing gates with a wicket. If you do not come to the country by car every day, it will be more convenient to use the gate than throwing two heavy heavy-duty pillars daily. The disadvantage of this type of gate is that it takes a lot of space to open it. They must be opened so as not to interfere with the passage of other cars on the street and not take up space in the yard.



If you live on a narrow street, and you have a small country house, you can install a sliding gate. They consist of a metal sheet or wooden frame into which the boards are inserted. A cantilever beam is fastened to the support, on which this canvas moves with the help of rollers. If the mechanism is new and of high quality, then the sliding door can be moved by applying minimal effort.

If necessary, the gate itself can be cut through the gate. It is more convenient than in the case of hinged, to install for the gate another extra column and to allocate additional space. To open the sliding gates do not need a place: the canvas moves easily along the fence. Such gate can be made any size. They can be very narrow or wide, very high or vice versa low - any non-standard problem can be solved. However, such gates have drawbacks: they are more expensive than swing gates and require additional space on one side.




Rolling gates are more suitable for installation in rooms. They are placed at the entrance to the garage, warehouse, hangar. They also separate warehouses in stores and large enterprises. For installation on the street, as an entrance group, such gates are not suitable, because the mechanism where the horizontal strips will be raised must be mounted into the ceiling. Sectional doors are also installed in the premises, and when opened, the canvas rises up. These gates are expensive, and installing them on the budget cottage is impractical.




Gate decoration

The appearance of the gate can say a lot about the owner. If you want to make a good impression on your neighbors, order the gate not only reliable, but also beautiful. Today, metal or wooden gates are often decorated with forged elements: curved branches, leaves, and grapevine. If this decoration is too expensive for you, wooden or metal gates can be painted. It is not necessary to buy black or brown paint. It can be any: from green and blue to lilac and olive. The main thing is that the paint protects the material from external influences. Metal forged elements can be painted in gold or silver color, then the entrance to the cottage will look really rich.




Installing the gate at the dacha is as important as building a house. You should not save on the gate, because they perform a decorative and protective function. Sliding or swing gates made of wood, metal or polycarbonate are suitable for the garden. The good news is that in modern stores there is a huge assortment of building materials perfectly for any wallet, which means that even owners of low-income cottages can install inexpensive but reliable gates.