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High pressure washer: quality service in a compact package


Mini-car wash for some time outgrown relate exclusively to professional equipment. The release of a variety of models facilitates the choice of high-pressure washing for home use, because the range of application of the device is wide: in everyday life, in garden plots, in garages and in small manufacturing plants.

The high-pressure washing device is simple and consists of several elements: a housing, an engine, a pump, a detergent container, a hose with a set of nozzles. The principle of washing is reduced to the following processes: water from the container / tap is fed to a special tank, where the pump raises the pressure and directs the jet to the spray pump. Using the output nozzle, you can adjust the type of jets, the pressure and determine the area of ​​the treated surface. Thanks to the special nozzles, hard-to-reach places are easy to clean.



Types of sinks

When classifying equipment, various signs can be used.

Appointment of technology

Depending on the technical parameters, there are classes of equipment that are optimally suited for everyday life or for use in the enterprise.

  • Household pressure washer - a compact model has a low cost and is used at home (in the garage, in the garden). For technical specifications, you can use the device several times a week. Plastic pump parts allow continuous operation for less than 30 minutes. Approximate indicators: water pressure - up to 120 bar, performance - from 350 to 429 liters per hour, average engine power - 1.8 kW.
  • Semi-professional models are determined by the optimal price / quality ratio. Important parts of the pump are made of metal alloys, so the devices can work almost every day for several hours. These are the best models for operation in small enterprises or at home (if there are several cars and a lot of garden equipment). Main characteristics: water pressure - about 140 bar, capacity - about 460 liters per hour, engine power - on average 2.1 kW.
  • Professional equipment is assembled from high quality and expensive parts. Designed to service large areas. The continuous period of operation is about 4-4.5 hours. These models are better, as some can heat up the water, they are equipped with autonomous gasoline engines, therefore they are used in large enterprises, in car-care centers, on construction sites. A high pressure cleaner is sold with the following technical specifications: water pressure is about 160 bar, capacity is 600 liters per hour, power is up to 3 kW.

There are no clear restrictions on which model to purchase, but it is unlikely to be rational to buy a powerful unit for washing one machine a couple of times a week.

Mobile models are powered by electricity and are easy to move thanks to the wheels. Most often, this technique is produced for use in everyday life.

Stationary units are placed in a strictly defined place and used on car washes. There are models that are mounted on the wall or mounted on a special frame (you can put on each other). The high pressure wall washer is characterized by a high level of water pressure at the outlet, which makes it possible to quickly clean the surface from any contamination.

Stand-alone models (gasoline high pressure washer) are suitable for home and garden care.

Main technical parameters of washing

When choosing a device, one should be aware of which indicators should be given more attention and how they can change.

Wash Resource

This characteristic means the period of uninterrupted operation of equipment or the number of cars that are recommended to be washed during the day in order to maintain good working quality for a long time.

This parameter is usually described in the operation manual (for example, 1, 3 or 5 cars per day). Subject to this recommendation, manufacturers guarantee high-quality washing for a certain period (usually from 3 to 5 years). Lifetime is also significantly affected by the compliance with the time of continuous use of technology. For expensive models it is about 1 hour, for a simple class - no more than 20-25 minutes.




The indicator characterizes the cost of water in working condition (one minute or one hour). Domestic models for an hour spend about 370 liters of water per hour, and professional minisink spends 2-3 times more (from 720 liters per hour).

The higher the performance, the less time is used to wash the machine. It also depends on the parameters of the pump.



Pump casing material

The pump in the sink is the main part (the value of its value in the price of the device is about 70%), so the reliability of this particular component determines the quality of the product as a whole.

In household models, plastic is most commonly used. The advantages of the material are obvious: reasonable cost, low weight, moisture resistance (no corrosion is formed). The main disadvantages are the instability to high temperatures (water should not be hotter than 40-50 ˚C) and brittleness. If a crack appears, the equipment cannot be repaired. Most manufacturers use durable plastic, which ensures a long service life of equipment with proper operation and quality care.

Of course, the use of brass and aluminum is a guarantee of reliable operation, but significantly increases the cost of the device. Most often metal cases are used in professional equipment.

And also matters the material of which the pistons are made. The best options are metal ceramics and steel.

Folding pumps allow you to find faults and repair them yourself (and it turns out very cheap).


All devices are necessarily equipped with a fine filter. This part softens the water and prevents damage to the internal mechanisms of the device by debris or small abrasive particles.

Sold mini-sinks with replaceable or permanent filters. Of course, the best is considered a permanent filter, since it does not need to be changed, but you just need to periodically rinse under running water.



Detergent container

Manufacturers produce models in which cleaning compositions are added to the water in three ways: there is a built-in tank, a special connection through the nozzle, with the help of an external nozzle - frother.
If the use of funds is not provided, the washing process will be longer, and the result will not be of such quality.

Hose length

This characteristic is important because it defines a comfortable environment for cleaning. To make it convenient to wash cars, a 4 m long hose is enough, but for working in the garden or washing the facade it is advisable to purchase models with a hose no shorter than 7 m.

Ways of winding the hose (drum, holders on the sleeve) determine the ease of use and storage technology.

Water intake

Such a function is required in the absence of the possibility of connecting to the central water supply. For operation, it is necessary to lower the hose into the tank (special tank, well) and the water will be pumped automatically. A high pressure washer with water intake may have a lower capacity, as part of the power will be spent on pumping fluid. But such models do not need a centralized water supply.

Professional models are equipped with water heating systems. This mode allows you to save water and detergents. With hot water it turns out better and faster to wash the surface. However, we must bear in mind that such sinks are significantly more expensive.



Set of nozzles

Standard equipment includes a conventional nozzle and a "mud cutter". Some additional elements can be purchased separately, and the range from different manufacturers differs significantly (from 5 to 20 types of nozzles).

These devices are used to facilitate the washing of individual parts of the machine - the bottom or arches, facades / windows of houses. Some models are used for cleaning sewer pipes, garden equipment or inventory.

additional characteristics

First of all, washing with a gun, equipped with a total stop function, deserves attention. In this case, only when the trigger is pressed, water is supplied and the engine is running. This option helps to reduce water consumption and prevents premature wear of washing components.

Devices that provide water cooling of the motor, are able to work for a longer period and better remove difficult to remove dirt.



Device operation rules

Such equipment should be used with care, because a jet of high pressure water can easily break glass objects and damage eyes. Observance of safety precautions will allow to avoid troubles:

  • it is necessary to exclude the possibility of using the sink by children;
  • Do not allow a jet of water to hit people, animals, working mechanisms;
  • should be firmly held in the hands of the washing gun;
  • safety goggles are recommended to prevent dirt from getting into your eyes;
  • Do not use the device at air temperatures below 0 ° C;
  • before winter storage, leftover water and detergent are poured from the tank. High pressure gas wash is free of fuel;
  • residual pressure from the pistol is released (it is necessary to follow the outflow of all the water from the nozzle head).

What kind of pressure washer to choose each owner decides on their own. First of all, it is necessary to determine the frequency of its use. If you plan to occasionally wash one car, then a device with a pressure of 100-120 bar is enough, but if you need to maintain several cars or different garden equipment, you need to pay attention to more powerful models.

The best choice for the cottager is a high-pressure gasoline car wash, since it is easier to care for the walkways / facade of the house and you can easily pick up a washing area anywhere in the area.



Also, in order to understand which high pressure washer is better, it is necessary to compare the characteristics of similar models from different manufacturers. The high pressure washer rating is headed by Bosch. The top 5 also includes the following manufacturers: Karcher, Huter, Patriot, Champion. This is explained not only by the quality of the equipment, but also by the developed network of warranty service.

Regular use of the car wash will not only allow you to quickly and easily take care of the car, but also extend the service life of its coverage, therefore, the majority of car owners recognize the reasonableness of purchasing a suitable model.