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Siding under the beam - an incredibly beautiful design of the facades of houses (25 photos)


Recently, a wide range of building materials has been presented on the building materials market. Each of them has its own aesthetic and technical characteristics, but siding is especially popular today. We will talk about it in this article.

You knew, for example, that there are several varieties, the most popular of which is vinyl and metal siding under a bar, but this is only a small part of what will be covered today.



Types and varieties

Siding - steady, durable and beautiful material. And as mentioned earlier, its appearance imitates a wooden beam. Today there are a large number of varieties.

Vinyl siding under a bar

Recently, he is considered the most popular in the market of building materials for lining. Especially often this choice is made by the owners of large country houses. Reliability, unsurpassed quality, low cost and resistance to the negative effects of the environment - this is only a small list of the positive characteristics of this plating.

Vinyl siding under a bar in addition to its immediate function will also fulfill the role of insulation. In addition, using it can significantly improve the appearance. The material imitating a wooden bar looks very respectable and status. And, despite the large number of obvious advantages, finishing the house with siding will cost very little. Having done all the necessary work and having made the installation once, you will forget about the replacement of the finish for decades.




As for the installation, installation of siding under the timber differs quite simple technology. You just have to watch a few videos and read articles that give full information, and see for yourself how easy the whole process of decorating the exterior of the house goes. By the way, it is possible to carry out such work at any time of the year, and it doesn’t matter at all whether you create a facade for an old country house or a newly built high-rise cottage.

If you understand that siding will not be enough, you can buy additional materials for home insulation. It should also be noted that it is quite unpretentious and practical. It does not require special care, because any contamination can be easily removed with a wet cloth soaked in soapy water.

Summarizing all of the above, vinyl siding for imitation timber has virtually no drawbacks. Perhaps this is the secret of the popularity of this type of materials for exterior decoration.




Metal siding (metal siding)

As you have already guessed, this type is a metal sheet, imitating a log wall or timber timber. It is an excellent alternative to the wall paneling that has already become familiar to us, or to such an expensive wooden finish.

Finishing siding under a bar of metal has several advantages with the almost complete absence of flaws. For example, it is characterized by high rates of resistance to changes in ambient temperature. This kind of plating is highly durable and reliable. Some manufacturers give a guarantee that the metal siding under the timber can serve the owners of the house for more than fifty years. Indeed, after 20-30 years it is impossible to find defects on the facade, and the color during this time does not fade.

Many buyers, giving preference to this species, are worried that it will be eaten up by corrosion after several seasons. It's a delusion. Manufacturers always put on the surface of sheets a special tool that prevents the negative effects of prolonged interaction with moisture.




Wood siding is capable of self-cleaning. Due to the rounded surface of the logs, the moisture, along with the dirt, flows to the ground, leaving the veneer clean and well-groomed. By the way, some people use this material for interior decoration. Particularly spectacular look separate areas, decorated with white siding.

As for the installation, there are several features. If you want to do all the work with your own hands, do not be afraid and do not worry about ruining several panels. The fastening system is simple and clear even to those who are far from construction. It does not even need helpers. Sheets are lightweight and easy to handle. Small pieces of wood can be used as a batten, but with skillful use of the material, knocks may not need additional protection.

All work must be carried out from top to bottom. Secure the start bar and start the process. Using self-tapping screws, fix the first panel and install the reflux.






Siding L-timber

The production of such a finishing material was launched on the territory of Russia quite recently, so most of our compatriots don't even know about it. In most cases, it is used for filing the roof overhang and facade insulation. This veneer perfectly imitates a timber wall and creates a unique look for a country cottage.




Which is better: a tree or its imitation?

Many property owners often ask themselves: to trim a house with natural wood or to use materials that imitate timber externally? The specialists, who have been engaged in construction for a long time, have a simple answer: if the house is built of wood, then it is best to use thin boards that imitate timber, but for buildings made of stone, it is better to present a veneer of high-quality siding.

Summarizing all the above, I would like to say that the exterior cladding of housing from siding is perhaps the best solution for those who prefer to do everything necessary for a long time. And be sure that such a skin will not a single dozen years to maintain the original bright shade.