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Siding block house: technological innovations (23 photos)


Registration of facades of residential premises in recent years involves the use of practical, convenient and diverse materials. One of the most optimal solutions - to finish the walls with siding, like a block house. In the original, these panels are made of rounded logs or profiled timber. Siding block house allows you to get a great result of finishing, because it simulates natural wood. Installation of such panels is in accordance with the installation technology siding.



Varieties of siding block house

Every person at least once saw houses built of natural logs. The basis of this construction is a wooden blockhouse. It is quite expensive. Sometimes the construction of a log house becomes impossible for some technical reasons. In such cases, the optimal material for finishing is a nut-colored block house siding, which will help to give the house an interesting look and protect it from weathering.

It is necessary to distinguish siding from this blockhouse. This is a natural board, which is shaped like a profiled bar or rounded log. In fact, it is wooden lining, intended for external and internal facing of rooms. Environmental friendliness and durability of such a material can be blocked by the need for thorough care: such a material needs regular painting. This is not always easy, especially if the house is very large.



Siding, imitating the block-house panels, are panels mounted on the principle of a ventilated facade. The ability to install insulation, lower price, lack of special care, high fire safety make this material more and more popular.

Siding blockhouse imitation can be different according to several criteria: according to external parameters, according to the material of manufacture. The panels made of iron or polyvinyl chloride, better known as PVC, gained the greatest popularity.

The issue of choice is decided by each owner individually, including taking into account the financial possibilities for the purchase and care. Provided that iron panels or plastic trim are an excellent alternative to wood, there is often no need to overpay.






Vinyl block house

Such a variant of the manufacture of panels is also very common. Vinyl components are used for production. Make and acrylic siding block house. In the production can be used as a secondary raw material, and the primary vinyl powder, as well as acrylic.

Vinyl siding under the block house, made from primary raw materials, is very resistant to external influences. Recycled material is less stable, less durable. Determining the use of recycled materials in the production is simple: when looking at the inside and the front of the panel in detail, you can notice significant differences. To trim the facades with such panels, imitating wood, is not recommended.




Tips for calculating

Siding panel sizes may vary. Average parameters - 3660 * 232 * 11 mm. In one box from 15 to 20 panels. Packaging options are determined by the manufacturer. When buying materials for finishing should follow a certain sequence:

  • calculation of the quantity must be done carefully: the perimeter of the building is multiplied by its height;
  • the area of ​​the openings is subtracted from the resulting figure;
  • separately is the area of ​​the gable;
  • if the architecture of the building includes arches, mezzanine, extension, balconies, the area of ​​each wall is calculated separately;
  • the result obtained should be divided into the area of ​​one panel, which can be subtracted by multiplying the panel length by its width;
  • the resulting number of panels is divided by the number of pieces in a package declared by each specific manufacturer;
  • when calculating the amount of material should be rounded up, piece siding is not recommended to buy;
  • it is better to count the number of accessories in the store by contacting the sales assistants for help.

Boxes with panels can not be opened, it can adversely affect the quality of the material.



Advantages and disadvantages

Each type of siding has its advantages and disadvantages. They are due to both the initial characteristics of the material and the quality of the equipment used. Metal siding log block house has the following advantages:

  • fire safety;
  • resistance to ultraviolet rays;
  • resistance to too high and too low temperatures;
  • no need for updating and processing;
  • environmental friendliness and safety for health;
  • durability;
  • ventilability;
  • ease of installation;
  • variety of colors: walnut color or mahogany, tender lime or light pine;
  • low cost

The disadvantages of this type of material is to include only low thermal insulation properties. When using metal panels, the choice of insulation for a dwelling house should be considered with special attention.




Vinyl block house siding also has many advantages:

  • color as close to real as possible, for example, walnut;
  • compatibility with various types of materials;
  • ease of care;
  • practicality, long time of use;
  • fire safety, resistance to rotting;
  • resistance to mechanical stress;
  • resistance to weathering;
  • availability;
  • easy installation

The disadvantage that can stop the block house from buying vinyl siding is the fragility of the panels, as well as the possibility of deformation in the case of strong blows.




Panel mounting

The main advantage of a block-house under a tree is the ease of installation, the implementation of which is feasible for everyone. The most difficult and labor-intensive stage of this process is the preparation of the walls for the installation of the pavement and the construction of the framework. Before you attach the panel, you need to examine the sequence of actions. She's next:

  1. Preparation of the base. The walls must be freed from the scenery, unnecessary structural elements.
  2. Alignment of the walls. If the irregularities are not very pronounced, the walls can be left in their original form. If the radius of curvature of the wall can complicate the installation of the frame, the surface is better to align.
  3. Mounting frame. If the house is made of wood, you can mount the siding directly on the walls. Stone walls need it. The frame under the insulation is made of galvanized profile. Mounting step - 0.59 m, since the width of the sheet of insulation - 0.6 m.
  4. Warming The choice of insulation remains for the owner. This may be mineral wool, glass wool, and foam. Sheets of material are inserted into the skin, in the cells formed after mounting the profile. Outside insulation must be closed with a vapor barrier film.
  5. Contra-grill making. It should be mounted siding block house of pine. The installation principle is simple: with respect to the launch frame, this structure is mounted perpendicularly.
  6. Installation of panels. Occurs with the use of mounting strips, fastened around the perimeter of the corners, in the openings of windows and doors. If dvukhmeritomnye panels are used, installation is carried out from below, if siding is single-fracture, then fastening occurs at the expense of the return lock. This means that the mount must start from the top.

Siding is gradually replacing obsolete materials from the construction market. The ease and practicality, the possibility of choosing the color, durability make it an excellent solution for every owner who aspires not only to give his house an aesthetic appearance, but also to make it warm, comfortable and convenient for living.